[VID] The Greatest - bironic - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Absolutely lovely multi-fandom people of colour in sci-fi vid.
music  video  beautiful 
may 2018
‘Blockchain’ is meaningless - The Verge
On the contested definitions of blockchain.
march 2018
Slings & Arrows (S. 1 Ep. 1) - Comedy - YouTube
Excellent. Watched the first series, two more available.
video  series  hilarious  slingsarrows 
february 2018
star wars || war pigs - YouTube
Intense little vid with amazing editing.
starwars  video  music 
december 2017
Why You Hate Contemporary Architecture | Current Affairs
Strong condemnation of modern architecture, making some very good points.
november 2017
We're gonna need a bigger doggy door by sadlikeknives
Very cute fic in which Fenris gets a more important role & Thor teaches him 'Get Help!'
fanfic  thor  mcu  hilarious  via:popular 
november 2017
33 things to eat when you have no food at home
Who has an avocado just sitting around?? Otherwise, useful.
november 2017
Ghost Q & A
Wonderful Anne Carson poem.
beautiful  books 
october 2017
Agnes Denes
Two acres of wheat in Manhattan.
october 2017
NUIT Clothing Atelier
Some really gorgeous pieces.
october 2017
Current and two day forecast of grid carbon intensity.
september 2017
The Death of Homo Economicus review – why does capitalism still exist? | Books | The Guardian
Reviewed well here but poorly on goodreads. I'll read it if I come across a copy.
september 2017
We Are All Very Anxious | We are Plan C
Repeats & expands on the Laurie Penny piece, re anxiety as the dominant affect of late capitalism.
september 2017
Untangling the Controversial Legacy of Sigmund Freud
Interesting piece on Freud's lasting place in popular culture.
learning  books 
september 2017
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