Why You Hate Contemporary Architecture | Current Affairs
Strong condemnation of modern architecture, making some very good points.
8 days ago
We're gonna need a bigger doggy door by sadlikeknives
Very cute fic in which Fenris gets a more important role & Thor teaches him 'Get Help!'
fanfic  thor  mcu  hilarious  via:popular 
9 days ago
33 things to eat when you have no food at home
Who has an avocado just sitting around?? Otherwise, useful.
11 days ago
Green Age Kicks
Links to ethical brands.
beautiful  useful 
25 days ago
Ghost Q & A
Wonderful Anne Carson poem.
beautiful  books 
6 weeks ago
Agnes Denes
Two acres of wheat in Manhattan.
6 weeks ago
NUIT Clothing Atelier
Some really gorgeous pieces.
7 weeks ago
Current and two day forecast of grid carbon intensity.
7 weeks ago
The Death of Homo Economicus review – why does capitalism still exist? | Books | The Guardian
Reviewed well here but poorly on goodreads. I'll read it if I come across a copy.
8 weeks ago
We Are All Very Anxious | We are Plan C
Repeats & expands on the Laurie Penny piece, re anxiety as the dominant affect of late capitalism.
9 weeks ago
Untangling the Controversial Legacy of Sigmund Freud
Interesting piece on Freud's lasting place in popular culture.
learning  books 
9 weeks ago
100 Great Dystopian Books
I've read 46 (or more?) of these, so plenty of new finds.
august 2017
Adam Greenfield on the Silicon Valley consensus
Three short videos on key themes of his book 'Radical Technologies'.
video  books  learning  siliconvalley 
august 2017
"Thor: Ragnarok" Official Trailer - YouTube
I hope this turns out to be as awesome as it looks! EDIT: It did. :)
video  thor  mcu 
july 2017
How the Mid-Victorians Worked, Ate and Died
Very interesting perspective on mid-Victorian diets.
july 2017
amazon's new echo
june 2017
A Sociology of the Smartphone
Excerpt from 'Radical Technologies' by Adam Greenfield.
future  books 
june 2017
Steven Universe AMV—Dance Apocalyptic by Janelle Monáe - YouTube
Another excellent Janelle Monae & Steven Universe combination.
music  video  stevenuniverse 
june 2017
We Wear Culture — Google Arts & Culture
This looks incredible - so much fashion history!
learning  beautiful 
june 2017
Rebecca Solnit · Diary: In Fukushima · LRB 10 May 2012
Powerful piece on 'natural disasters' and the tsunami that hit Japan.
june 2017
The philosopher prophet of the Anthropocene
Interesting interview, seems worth reading his stuff.
books  future 
june 2017
Phantom Anaconda - YouTube
I can't believe that this mashup works, but it really does!
music  video 
june 2017
Best Election Reads 30.05.17
Intriguing recs, including 'the book we should throw at Boris Johnson'.
june 2017
The Unbreakable Furiosa - YouTube
Why have I never seen this before?? Inspired crossover.
music  video  furyroad 
may 2017
TheGetDownVEVO - YouTube
Further songs from The Get Down soundtrack.
thegetdown  music  video 
may 2017
Speculating Futures
Fascinating series of reading lists on utopia.
unread  books  future 
may 2017
Style Bee -
Nicely minimalist style blog.
may 2017
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