Joe Moorhead opens up on how he opened up Penn State's offense and why Ricky Rahne can make it work without Saquon Barkley | PennLive.com
This is segment 2 of a 3-parter on that interview, this one dealing with his time at Penn State, the players, the system and how he thinks his friend and replacement Ricky Rahne will adapt. We begin with quarterback Trace McSorley, one of the slickest read-option directors in the history of the offense and the executor of Moorhead’s vision of how the scheme could be run.
joe-moorhead  pennlive  david-jones 
Agile Contracting: Discovery, Fixed Budget, Variable Scope
Early client education is key. Convincing clients to go for a discovery workshop is the need and hence your sales team must have deep knowledge about agile too.
agile  discovery 
5 days ago
This Is What ‘Self-Care’ REALLY Means, Because It’s Not All Salt Baths And Chocolate Cake | Thought Catalog
If you find yourself having to regularly indulge in consumer self-care, it’s because you are disconnected from actual self-care, which has very little to do with “treating yourself” and a whole lot do with parenting yourself and making choices for your long-term wellness.
self-care  thought-catalog 
5 days ago
Terry Gross, In Conversation
The Fresh Air host on the art of the Q&A, the guest that most surprised her, and how she salvages a tanking interview.
terry-gross  fresh-air  vulture 
8 days ago
Dealing with surprising human emotions: desk moves | Lara Hogan
Learning about people’s core needs critically shifted my management style and approach, as I can now better-understand why someone is reacting in such a surprising way to a situation that I don’t perceive as threatening. One of the smartest people I know, Paloma Medina, developed a model to represent folks’ Core Needs: BICEPS1.

Here are humans’ core needs in the BICEPS model:

management  touring  biceps  lara-hogan 
8 days ago
How to Use Storytelling to Rock Your Portfolio Review
In your personal story as a design candidate, your central conflict is that these people don’t know you yet. Savvy designers will recognize this as an “opportunity area.” The portfolio review is a chance to establish your identity in your interviewer’s mind — who you are, and how you think.
portfolio  medium  i’d  storytelling 
9 days ago
Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful – Gabriel Weinberg – Medium
A mental model is just a concept you can use to help try to explain things. This post is my attempt to enumerate the mental models that are repeatedly useful to me. This set is clearly biased from my own experience and surely incomplete. I hope to continue to revise it as I remember and learn more.
mental-models  medium  @instapaper 
12 days ago
How Designers Turn Into Design Leaders – User Interface 22 – Medium
Management and leadership are not the same thing. Management is about making the team effective at their jobs. Good managers ensure the team has everything they need to get their jobs done. They shield the team from the distractions that might come from others, while ensuring that each team member is given a chance to do their best work.
Management is essential for a design team to succeed. But it’s not design leadership.
management  leadership  @instapaper  medium  design-leadership 
12 days ago
Net Promoter Score Considered Harmful (and What UX Professionals Can Do About It)
It turns out, NPs is neither simple nor profound. It doesn’t help businesses grow. It doesn’t even tell the management how loyal the customer is.
nps  medium  @instapaper 
12 days ago
The Way of Management – Rich Archbold – Medium
How do you teach people to be great managers? How do you teach people to teach other managers? One way I’m trying to do it is codify my experience and instincts into principles, values and tenets.
management  @instapaper  medium 
12 days ago
YouTube Has A Massive Child Exploitation Problem. How Humans Train Its Search AI Is Partly Why.
Contract workers who train YouTube’s search algorithms say the guidelines they use to evaluate content on the world’s biggest platform for internet videos are confusing and inadequate.
youtube  @instapaper  buzzfeed 
12 days ago
Design’s Fully-Baked Deliverables and Half-Baked Artifacts
The distinction between artifacts and deliverables is very important, yet something we never find ourselves discussing, just like the multiple states of cakes. If we create one when we think we’re creating the other, it will lead to confusion that wastes time and convolutes the team’s efforts. We need to understand how they work and what makes each one valuable.
@instapaper  artifacts  deliverables  design  process 
12 days ago
You don't know Yuriy - Technical.ly Philly
Yuriy Porytko wants to be known as a street-smart tech investor. Broken promises, missing money and a lingering lawsuit say otherwise. What do you do when your community's most eager guide might be its most troubled?
@instapaper  technically 
12 days ago
Design Ops — A New Discipline | Clearleft
Design Ops is essentially the practice of reducing operational inefficiencies in the design workflow through process and technological advancements. In short it’s about getting design improvements in the hands of your users as quickly and with as little friction as possible.
design-ops  @instapaper  clearleft 
12 days ago
Documenting Design Discovery — UX Articles by UIE
In doing design discovery, you and your team produce a shared pool of knowledge to drive your work. That knowledge informs design decisions, defines what “success” means, and forms the basis for your critiques. In building a shared pool of knowledge, you’re creating a common language to talk about the design of the project.
design-discovery  discovery  uie 
12 days ago
The Hunt for (More Than) Pinktober
Beyond pink ribbons: The most effective ways to support breast cancer awareness in October — and beyond.
holly-anderson  shondaland  breast-cancer  pinkwash  nfl  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Memento Product Mori: Of Ethics in Digital Product Design - Mind the Product
Why do many of us engage in building platforms that aim capture the users time (and money) in rather unhealthy ways – despite the fact that we clearly know and feel the pain of the increasing battle for attention that we are exposed to?
@video  ethics  mind-the-product 
12 days ago
Lee Corso’s Lasting Legacy Can Be Seen Each Week On ‘College GameDay’
For 30 years, the former Louisville, Indiana, and Northern Illinois head coach has followed a simple mantra on how the show should be broadcast. It’s something that third-year GameDay host Rece Davis claims Corso repeats almost every week, and according to Corso, he’s been saying it since the very beginning of his time behind the desk.

“It’s entertainment, sweetheart,” Corso will repeat to his colleagues and just about anyone else who asks about his approach to television. “College football is the vehicle.”
lee-corso  college-gameday  uproxx  @instapaper 
12 days ago
The new UX - it’s all talk - EY-Seren
UX is changing. You may have noticed that UX designers are spending less and less time at their desks, doing UX. They’re spending their time talking to people, whether at other people's desks, in workshops or stood up in front of white boards—decorating it with post-it notes. But what are they doing? And when do they do their UX work?
ux  trash  ey  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Data organization in spreadsheets: The American Statistician: Vol 0, No ja
Spreadsheets are widely used software tools for data entry, storage, analysis, and visualization. Focusing on the data entry and storage aspects, this paper offers practical recommendations for organizing spreadsheet data to reduce errors and ease later analyses. The basic principles are: be consistent, write dates like YYYY-MM-DD, don't leave any cells empty, put just one thing in a cell, organize the data as a single rectangle (with subjects as rows and variables as columns, and with a single header row), create a data dictionary, don't include calculations in the raw data files, don't use font color or highlighting as data, choose good names for things, make backups, use data validation to avoid data entry errors, and save the data in plain text file.
12 days ago
Everybody Hates Jill - VICE
Jill Stein just wants to save the world. But no one will let her.
jill-stein  @instapaper  vice 
12 days ago
The Night The Block Burned Down: Philadelphia’s MOVE Bombing - by Steve Teare and Ryan Briggs
How the Philadelphia police leveled a whole block to take down an unlikely messiah figure.
MOVE  the-nib  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Agile Software Development: A History - The Atlantic
Agile’s acolytes seem to be everywhere, bringing with them a whole nerd lexicon of tools and tricks to make workplaces more efficient: Think daily stand-ups and sprints. Taken at face value, it may seem like another meaningless corporate buzzword used by project-management types. But it’s actually a very specific philosophy, one that is outlined in the four-bullet, 68-word document signed at Snowbird.
agile  @instapaper  the-atlantic 
12 days ago
Ignore The Bullshit: iPhones Are Not Destroying Teenagers
The same people who proclaimed a narcissism epidemic among millennials now say teens are being ruined by smartphones. They're wrong.
12 days ago
“How to Scope Work,” an article by Dan Mall
Good scoping is often a case of simple arithmetic; by the time you were 8 or 9 years old, you’ve had the skills to scope well. So why is it so difficult? You’re mostly fighting the psychology of it all.
estimation  scoping  dan-mall  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Busy to Death - Barry O'Reilly
We all love being busy. In fact, we celebrate and subtly enjoying telling our colleagues, collaborators, and competitors how “busy” we are. The question we don’t consider is this: What is the cost of all this busy-ness?
busy  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Colour management, part 2
Combining a value and a unit of measurement gives it more meaning, and removes ambiguity. Colour spaces are a bit more complex than units of length, but the analogy can be used to understand many aspects of colour management.
color  bjango  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Colour management, part 1
This article is intended to be an introduction to colour management for software designers and developers. If you understood the example above, then congratulations, you now understand the most important colour management concept — colour values alone are not enough to describe a colour. You need a colour value and a description of the space it exists in.
color  bjango  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Estonia, the Digital Republic | The New Yorker
Its government is virtual, borderless, blockchained, and secure. Has this tiny post-Soviet nation found the way of the future?
blockchain  estonia  new-yorker  @instapaper 
12 days ago
A Tiny Vermont Town Is a Big Cradle of Olympians - The New York Times
The town’s outsize success in Olympic sports has much to do with the way it rears its children, helping them succeed without causing burnout or compromising their future happiness. The town’s Olympic pipeline, perhaps incongruously, is a product of a collective mind-set that the Olympics are not the pinnacle of an athlete’s life but merely a fun stop on the way to achieving other longer-lasting dreams.
olympics  nytimes  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Snapchat's app was a mess and this leak confirms it
People just weren't using many of the non-chat features.
snapchat  engadget 
12 days ago
The 100-year capitalist experiment that keeps Appalachia poor, sick, and stuck on coal — Quartz
A deeply cynical capitalist experiment has taken place, in which coal companies are kept profitable by passing on the costs they incur to the public.
@instapaper  qz  coal 
12 days ago
Does Racial Resentment Fuel Opposition to Paying College Athletes? - VICE Sports
A new social science study has found that whites are more likely than blacks to oppose paying NCAA athletes—and that the more negative whites felt about blacks, the stronger their opposition.
pay-the-players  patrick-hruby  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Heartland Democrats to Washington: ‘You’re Killing Us’ - POLITICO Magazine
A new report blames an elitist national party for alienating vast swaths of once reliable voters. If the party doesn’t win them back, it could spell disaster in 2020.
democratic-party  @instapaper 
12 days ago
An oral history of 'A League of Their Own' on its 25th anniversary
On its 25th anniversary, an oral history of how director Penny Marshall made a "chick sports flick" that impacted the careers of Geena Davis and Tom Hanks, and created some of Hollywood's most quotable lines
@instapaper  a-league-of-their-own  espnW  oral-history 
12 days ago
Trent Reznor, In Conversation
The Nine Inch Nails’ icon on his new music, the future of streaming, and his tortured past.
@instapaper  nine-inch-nails  vulture  trent-reznor 
12 days ago
Awesome 1:1s: Bad advice about 1:1s to avoid (and what to do instead)
The beauty of 1:1s is how flexible they are; you can use them for so many different purposes. However, this flexibility is also part of the challenge: with so many approaches, you can easily be missing out on better approaches, and results.
1on1  @instapaper 
12 days ago
When your manager isn't supporting you, build a Voltron | Lara Hogan
Here’s the bad news: no one person will ever be able to manage you the way you want or need.

They’re human. They have multiple objectives and responsibilities. They probably don’t have all the relevant training or experience. They probably haven’t gotten clear feedback. And they’re still growing and learning, just like you.

But here’s the good news: there are a plethora of people out there whom you can lean on to find the variety of support you need.
management  leadership  @instapaper 
12 days ago
Why Designers Need to Start Thinking About Blockchain | ideo.com
Blockchain. You’ve heard the word. Perhaps you’ve invested in a digital currency or two. But do you really know what the technology is and why it matters? It all sounds deeply technical—and it is. But it's important to understand this new tool, as it will have a big impact on our lives—radically altering how we live, work, and play.
blockchain  idea  @instapaper 
12 days ago
The Problem with Tech Leads – Brent Baisley – Medium
Don’t worry, leading engineers is just like writing code. Just like apples and oranges are both round.
leadership  management  @instapaper  medium 
13 days ago
Is everything you think you know about depression wrong? | Society | The Guardian
In this extract from his new book, Johann Hari, who took antidepressants for 14 years, calls for a new approach
depression  @instapaper  the-guardian 
15 days ago
The Real Future of Work - POLITICO Magazine
Forget automation. The workplace is already cracking up in profound ways, and Washington is sorely behind on dealing with it.
work  politico  @instapaper 
17 days ago
Act Last, Read the Room, and Taste the Soup – Rands in Repose
This holiday break I found three lessons and they are lessons I wish I knew a long time ago:
rands  @instapaper 
18 days ago
Beginning of the end for New England Patriots? Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick internal power struggle
For almost two decades, Belichick has managed to subvert the egos of his best player, his boss and himself for the good of the team, yielding historic results. This year, though, the dynamics have been different.
tom-brady  bill-belichek  patriots  espn  @instapaper 
18 days ago
Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued | Kalzumeus Software
Your salary negotiation — which routinely takes less than 5 minutes to conclude — has an outsized influence on what your compensation is.  Compensation can include money or things which are more-or-less fungible replacements for money, but it can also include interesting things which you value from “more time with your family” to “opportunities to do tasks which you find fulfilling” to “perks which make a meaningful difference in your day-to-day quality of life.”  That makes your negotiation five very important minutes.  You generally can’t do a totally bang up job on any five minutes of work this year and have your boss give you an extra $5,000.  You can trivially pick up $5,000 in salary negotiations just by sucking less.
salary  @instapaper 
19 days ago
Running Remote Design Sprints | AUTOMATTIC DESIGN
Last year, my team ran our first design sprint together in-person at a team meetup. It was a great way to kick off a new project and we became instant fans of the format.

But Automattic is a remote company. Most of the year we work from our homes around the world (only sometimes in our pajamas).
design-sprint  automatic  @instapaper  remote 
20 days ago
“Oh My God, This Is So F---ed Up”: Inside Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side | Vanity Fair
Some of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley are regulars at exclusive, drug-fueled, sex-laced parties—gatherings they describe not as scandalous, or even secret, but as a bold, unconventional lifestyle choice. Yet, while the guys get laid, the women get screwed. In an adaptation from her new book, Brotopia, Emily Chang exposes the tired and toxic dynamic at play.
silicon-valley  @instapaper  vanity-fair 
20 days ago
Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’: Inside Trump’s White House
One year ago: the plan to lose, and the administration’s shocked first days.
trump  @instapaper  new-york-mag 
20 days ago
Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. I Found One That Isn’t. | FiveThirtyEight
Our science staff is trying to lead a more scientific life in 2018. Throughout the week, we’ll be questioning whether some of our favorite habits and hobbies are based on junk science or real evidence. Here’s the first entry, on personality quizzes.
psychology  538  @instapaper 
21 days ago
If work dominated your every moment would life be worth living? — Quartz at Work
We are on the verge of total work’s realization. Each day I speak with people for whom work has come to control their lives, making their world into a task, their thoughts an unspoken burden.
work  @instapaper  qz 
21 days ago
Fog Creek Compensation – Joel on Software
At Fog Creek Software, the way we make sure that people are paid fairly and rewarded for excellent work is based on a professional ladder.
compensation  fog-creek  @instapaper 
25 days ago
Penn State, six years after Jerry Sandusky scandal, remains divided - Washington Post
As school leaders try to move on, Joe Paterno loyalists, including many university trustees, continue to fight over the coach’s role in his assistant’s crimes.
penn-state  washington-post  @instapaper 
26 days ago
Bono: U2, State of the World, What He Learned From Almost Dying - Rolling Stone
U2's frontman on the state of his band, the state of the world and what he learned from almost dying
u2  bono  rolling-stone  jann-wenner  @instapaper 
26 days ago
The Year in Falling Apart | Hazlitt
This year, this prolonged unraveling, is what survival looks like.
5 weeks ago
Social and media will split » Nieman Journalism Lab
“As users migrate to these closed systems, they’re also shifting away from the type of broad-based algorithmic feeds packed with news and media content that were the hallmark of first-generation social media.”
@instapaper  nieman-lab 
5 weeks ago
Otis Redding: Remembering His Life 50 Years After His Death
Otis Redding was only 26 years old when his life was cut tragically short. Given that truncated span however, he used his God-given talents to craft a legacy that would span generations. As a singer, he could alternate from tender vulnerability to raging, volcanic fury on a dime, expressing through his voice nearly every shade of the human condition. As a showman, there was hardly anyone this side of James Brown capable of matching his flashy, eye-popping histrionics. And as a songwriter, his compositions, though seemingly simple at first glance, contained multitudes that continue to reverberate through car speakers and hi-fi units around the globe.
@instapaper  uproxx  otis-redding 
5 weeks ago
Why Write Fiction in 2017?
Writing required cord-cutting long before the computer. It’s an act of refusal, of relinquishment, and of retreat, a decision to turn away from the world and its noise of possibilities, to chase instead a signal down the quiet of a page. That work—the deep, sustained kind that yields poems and essays and fiction—can only happen in solitude, and in silence.
@instapaper  writing  the-paris-review 
5 weeks ago
PART III:Building a People Platform for Continuous Change in Technology – Medium
The goal of Directed Discovery is the opposite of authoritarianism: it is meant to unify and empower the team to work collaboratively and iteratively to the highest level of their ability.
@instapaper  discovery  medium 
5 weeks ago
Part II: Building a People Platform for Continuous Change in Technology
Continuous discovery is a self-described process. It means that teams use this process to continuously discover what our customers needs are and how well we are solving them. It assures that our solutions are ever-evolving.
@instapaper  medium  discovery 
5 weeks ago
Part I: Building a People Platform for Continuous Change in Technology
Many of you are using the word “Agile” to describe your process, but your teams are experiencing your “Agile” implementation as a tops down, sprint cycled, date driven, military drill.
@instapaper  medium  discovery  agile 
5 weeks ago
Agile Died While You Were Doing Your Standup – Medium
For your future success, pause for a minute and create some space to think differently about what you are doing right now. All of it. Culture, people, organizational design and your current process. Is it meeting the needs of your customer, team and company? Is it delivering the outcomes you desire? If you are hungry for the next leg of the journey continue reading. We are in a Post-Agile world and the terrain has changed.
@instapaper  medium  agile  discovery 
5 weeks ago
5 Reasons Why You Should Use Directed Discovery – Directed Discovery – Medium
But no matter what position we are in, it’s important to understand the “why” behind the discovery practices we employ.
@instapaper  medium  discovery  product-design 
5 weeks ago
The Three Questions You Must Ask When Running a Design Sprint
While there is a ton of content available detailing sprints, there is far less guidance on what needs to happen before and after to ensure success. In short, how you prepare and follow through is just as important as the sprint itself. Read on to learn more.
design-sprint  medium 
6 weeks ago
Thinking in Systems: A Primer: Donella H. Meadows, Diana Wright: 9781603580557: Amazon.com: Books
Thinking in Systems, is a concise and crucial book offering insight for problem solving on scales ranging from the personal to the global. Edited by the Sustainability Institute’s Diana Wright, this essential primer brings systems thinking out of the realm of computers and equations and into the tangible world, showing readers how to develop the systems-thinking skills that thought leaders across the globe consider critical for 21st-century life.
@books  amazon 
6 weeks ago
How To Start a Meditation Practice
I’ll go into more detail about establishing a routine, creating a good environment, and setting the stage for a meditation practice. I’ll also talk about meditation gear (yes, there is such a thing).
meditation  hivelogic  @instapaper 
6 weeks ago
An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
I’m using the term meditation to mean something quite different and in this case, more specific: the practice of mindfulness of breathing, a meditation practice in which one maintains attention and mindfulness on the sensations of breathing. This type of meditation, the one I practice, is called Vipassana or “Insight” meditation, which is Buddhist in origin and about 2,600 years old.
meditation  hive  logic  @instapaper 
6 weeks ago
What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People: Joe Navarro, Marvin Karlins: 9780061438295: Amazon.com: Books
Read this book and send your nonverbal intelligence soaring. Joe Navarro, a former FBI counterintelligence officer and a recognized expert on nonverbal behavior, explains how to "speed-read" people: decode sentiments and behaviors, avoid hidden pitfalls, and look for deceptive behaviors. You'll also learn how your body language can influence what your boss, family, friends, and strangers think of you.
@books  amazon 
6 weeks ago
Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It: Chris Voss, Tahl Raz: 9780062407801: Amazon.com: Books
Life is a series of negotiations you should be prepared for: buying a car, negotiating a salary, buying a home, renegotiating rent, deliberating with your partner. Taking emotional intelligence and intuition to the next level, Never Split the Difference gives you the competitive edge in any discussion.
@books  amazon 
6 weeks ago
Jazz Icon Sonny Rollins on Giving Up Playing and His Legacy
If you’ve got a heart, Sonny Rollins’s music can touch it. That’s what I think; he disagrees. “I dedicated my life to my music,” says Rollins without regret, speaking on the phone from his home in upstate New York, “and I never got it to where I wanted it be.”
sonny-rollins  jazz  vulture  @instapaper 
6 weeks ago
Tools for Conviviality: Ivan Illich: 9781842300114: Amazon.com: Books
A work of seminal importance, this book presents Ivan Illich's penetrating analysis of the industrial mode of production which characterises our contemporary world.
@books  amazon 
7 weeks ago
Jeremy Enigk’s ‘Ghosts’ Record Is A Solo Endeavor For Sunny Day Real Estate
To be honest, it’s not clear what exactly Enigk wants. The same questing, eternally lost quality that makes Sunny Day Real Estate songs so haunting still seems very much present in Enigk’s current life.
@instapaper  jeremy-enigk  sunny-day-real-estate  uproxx  steve-hyden 
8 weeks ago
The Nationalist's Delusion - The Atlantic
Trump’s supporters backed a time-honored American political tradition, disavowing racism while promising to enact a broad agenda of discrimination.
trump  the-atlantic  @instapaper 
9 weeks ago
Penn State football: Exploring the roots of safety Marcus Allen's legacy | Centre Daily Times
“I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Marcus is in the record books for tackles at Penn State. Penn State. That’s rich football tradition and history. He’s in the record books? That’s unbelievable.”
marcus-allen  centre-daily-times  penn-state  @instapaper 
9 weeks ago
The Rise and Fall of 'Rolling Stone' - The Atlantic
What happened when Jann Wenner traded the hippie dream for pop-star friends and luxury
rolling-stone  jann-wenner  @instapaper 
9 weeks ago
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