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Easy to configure, lightweight, editable vector graphics in your react components.
react  viz  design  webdesign  web  webdev 
27 days ago by lenards
Rough.js is a light weight javascript library that lets you draw graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance.
svg  drawing  library  viz  visualization  javascript  js  web  webdev  style  design  webdesign 
27 days ago by lenards
Stop using so many divs! An intro to semantic HTML - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Sure, divs are great and all, but they give no information about their purpose within the document structure. HTML5 has been around for a while now, and there are better options.
a11y  web  design  webdesign  webdev  html5  html 
10 weeks ago by lenards
Accessible Brand Colors by Use All Five
A tool that evaluates the ADA compliance of your brand’s color palette.
tools  colors  a11y  webdesign  webdev  web  design 
10 weeks ago by lenards
NES.css - NES-style CSS Framework
NES.css is a NES-style CSS Framework.
8bit  design  css  retro  old-school  nes  html5  sass 
10 weeks ago by lenards
Prince - Convert HTML to PDF with CSS
Convert HTML documents to PDF. Beautiful printing with CSS. Support for JavaScript and SVG.
webdesign  css  print  css-print  design  tools 
march 2019 by lenards
How white space killed an enterprise app (and why data density matters)
Spacious. Minimalist. Clean. Bountiful white space has become the de facto design aesthetic in consumer apps. And I’m not here to hate on the trend. Used effectively, white space is attractive and…
design  ui  ux  data  viz  data-density  layout 
february 2019 by lenards
UX Design Courses & Global UX Community | Interaction Design Foundation
Online UX design courses and literature created by design experts. Don Norman: "A goldmine of information on interaction design."
ux  courses  ui  courseware  resources  design  community  ixd  learning 
february 2019 by lenards
DevTools for Designers | CSS-Tricks
This is such an interesting conversation thread that keeps popping up year after year. The idea is that there could (and perhaps should) be in-browser
web  design  tools 
december 2018 by lenards
Home | Laws of UX
Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces. It was created by <a href='http://jonyablonski.com'>Jon Yablonski</a>.
design  inspiration  principles  ux  reference  psychology  ux-laws 
december 2018 by lenards
Rhythm in Web Typography | Better Web Type
Horizontal rhythm mostly impacts the legibility, while vertical rhythm impacts the readability of the text and establishes a sense of visual hierarchy.
design  typography  css  web  font  layout-rhythm  vertical-rhythm 
october 2018 by lenards
Online Whiteboard & Visual Collaboration Platform for Teams
Scalable, secure, cross-device and enterprise-ready team collaboration solution designed for distributed organizations. Join 2M+ users from around the world.
collaboration  design  tools  ux  whiteboard  productivity 
october 2018 by lenards
Wired Elements Showcase
Common UI Elements with a sketchy hand-drawn look.
code  css  design  ui  webdev  wireframe  mockups 
august 2018 by lenards
The Web Aesthetic · An A List Apart Article
Today, when every device begs to be connected, it has become easier—almost necessary—to accept the adaptable nature of the web. Responsive web design is an emerging best practice, and our layouts are becoming more flexible. But often, innovation is focused on technical implementations while the visual aesthetic remains ignored. To put it another way, we’re embracing “responsive” but neglecting the second part: “design.” Now is the time to seek out an aesthetic that is truer to the me...
web  design  webdesign  webdev 
august 2018 by lenards
A Dao of Web Design · An A List Apart Article
Web designers often bemoan the malleable nature of the web, which seems to defy our efforts at strict control over layout and typography. But maybe the problem is not the web. Maybe the problem is us. John Allsopp looks at web design through the prism of the Tao Te Ching, and decides that designers should let the web be the web.
alistapart  web  design  webdesign  web-design 
august 2018 by lenards
Hex Naw | A color accessibility tool for designers and developers.
Test your core color palette or sass variables against accessibility and color contrast standards. Powered by colorable.js
accessibility  testing  colors  design  tools  a11y 
august 2018 by lenards
3 Essential Front-End Checklists for Web Developers
You may have heard about the “Front-End Checklist” — a project that I launched in October 2017 on GitHub. It started out as a simple project to help my team in Mauritius but transformed into huge…
web  design  webdev  front-end  checklist  UI  tools 
august 2018 by lenards
The Front-End Design Checklist - 💎 The Tool for Web Designers and Front-End Developers 💎
💎 The Front-End DESIGN Checklist is an exhaustive list of elements which Web Designers and Front-End Developers need to take into consideration to facilitate their collaboration. The following elements are a mix between known practices and new elements based on a long experience analysing web designs.
web  design  webdev  front-end  checklist  UI  tools 
august 2018 by lenards
Hacking user perception to make your websites and apps feel faster
Ever wondered why when you call up a utility company and you are put on hold, they play music? Consider how you would feel if there was no music, just dead silence. CNN ran a survey that showed 70…
webdesign  ux_patterns  usability  performance  web  design 
july 2018 by lenards
Brutalist Web Design
Guidelines for web design that adhere to the tenets and ethos of Brutalism
webdev  webdesign  brutalism  minimalism  design  guidelines 
july 2018 by lenards
How CSS works: Understanding the cascade – LogRocket
The cascade can be a powerful tool, but using it wrong can lead to brittle stylesheets that give front-end developers nightmares any time they have to make a change.
css  design 
june 2018 by lenards
Design Systems
The best resource for learning, creating, and evangelizing Design Systems.
design  design-systems  design-system 
may 2018 by lenards
Conducting an Interface Inventory | Brad Frost
Brad Frost is a Pittsburgh-based web designer, speaker, consultant, musician, and artist
design  advice  web  webdev 
april 2018 by lenards
UX & Psychology go hand in hand — Introduction to human attention
As a UX designer, we design digital products that people interact with. When we are designing these products, we spend a lot of time on different research methods to understand the behavior, habits…
design  ux  cognition 
april 2018 by lenards
Modern CSS Explained For Dinosaurs – Actualize – Medium
CSS is strangely considered both one of the easiest and one of the hardest languages to learn as a web developer. It’s certainly easy enough to get started with it — you define style properties and…
css  design  web  webdev 
april 2018 by lenards
10 Awesome Web Developer Portfolios – codeburst
Making your portfolio can be tough. Should it be simple or Complex? Single page or multiple? What should you showcase first? If you’re really feeling inspired and want to jump-start your Web…
inspiration  portfolio  programming  design  web  webdev 
april 2018 by lenards
Designing Systematic Colors – UX Planet
Mineral UI is the open source design system that CA Technologies is building for use by all of our products. Color is a core building block of any design system, and it has proven to be one of the…
web  design  webdesign  colors 
april 2018 by lenards
How to build a responsive navbar with a toggle menu using Flexbox
During a recent project, my team had to remove all traces of Bootstrap. This meant the extremely useful responsive navbar was going to have to be created from scratch. I’m relatively new to CSS, and…
html  markup  design  responsive-design  flexbox  rwd 
april 2018 by lenards
Atomic Design by Brad Frost
Learn how to create and maintain digital design systems, allowing your team to roll out higher quality, more consistent UIs faster than ever before.
css  design  webdesign  design-systems 
march 2018 by lenards
A collaborative collection of resources for creating Front-End Style Guides and Pattern Libraries
css  design  webdesign  style-guides  podcasts 
march 2018 by lenards
Front-end Style Guides
An e-book about style guides for people who build websites. Learn how to create comprehensive style guides for the web, whether you’re starting from scratch or assembling one for an existing site.
css  design  web  style-guides 
march 2018 by lenards
Why Japanese Web Design Is (Still) the Way It Is
There are linguistic and technical reasons why Japanese websites look cluttered, but behind them is the Japanese consumer culture that prefers that look.
culture  design  web  webdev 
february 2018 by lenards
Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool · An A List Apart Article
You don’t have to be a great singer to write a great song, just ask Bob Dylan. Likewise, you needn’t be a Leonardo to draw your way to more and better ideas. Sketching helps you generate concepts quickly, exploring alternatives rapidly and at no cost of resources. The looseness of a sketch removes inhibitions, granting clients and colleagues permission to consider and challenge the ideas it represents. Mike Rohde outlines the practice, surveys the tools, and shares ways to become con...
visual-learning  visual-thinking  sketching  notes  creativity  design 
january 2018 by lenards
Smartmockups - Free product mockup generator
Create stunning products screenshots without Photoshop for free!
design  tools  mockups 
january 2018 by lenards
The State of Design – Pete Lacey – Medium
Bla bla bla bla blaaa blaaa bla blaa blaaaaaa bla bla bla blaaa bla bla blaa bla? Bla bla. Bla bla blaaa bla bla blaa — blaa blaaa bla bla bla bla bla. Bla bla bla bla blaaa blaaa bla blaa blaaaaaa…
design  humor  important  article 
december 2017 by lenards
Design Leadership Handbook, your guide to becoming a strong design leader — DesignBetter.Co
Experience stories from experts, gain the confidence to transition to design leadership, and learn the skills to build a first-class design team.
design  leadership  handbook  learning 
december 2017 by lenards
How to Stop UX Research being a Blocker – Muzli -Design Inspiration
At its best, UX research surfaces insights and enables progress; at its worst it just gets in the way. There are many objections to conducting UX research, but the most common I hear is ‘We don’t…
UX  design  webdev  process  research 
december 2017 by lenards
Meet Aaron James Draplin. Thick line maker at DDC and creator of Field Notes.
Esquire. Ford Motors. Burton Snowboards. The Obama Administration. While all of these brands are vastly different, they share at least one thing in common: a teeny, little bit of Aaron James Draplin…
design  inspiration  logo  profile  interview 
november 2017 by lenards
website for grommet ux framework
reactjs  react  gatsby  design  components 
november 2017 by lenards
In defense of dispassionate designers. – Noteworthy — The Journal Blog
I have a passion problem. Not the type of passion problem where your boyfriend wants to get busy but you just want to cuddle your dog and watch Netflix. No, that problem took care of itself years ago…
life  advice  views  design 
november 2017 by lenards
50 Things You [Probably] Forgot To Design – UX Power Tools – Medium
Well, it’s not cool…but like…it’s okay. It happens. This list will make you better. Or at least more aware. Or maybe you just give it a couple claps because you recognize someone spent time curating…
webdesign  ux  design  onboarding 
september 2017 by lenards
Guide to building layouts with CSS Grid
Learn and prototype with CSS Grid. Examples, demos, explanations, showcases and more.
css  webdesign  css-grid  cssgrid  design 
september 2017 by lenards
Why Build a Design System? [Free ebook]
Know the benefits and processes for building a design system.
design  ux 
august 2017 by lenards
Design Systems Sprint 0: The Silver Bullet of Product Development.
A brief introduction: I’m Marcin: a former UX manager and now co-founder and CEO at UXPin — the full stack UX design platform. In this series of posts, I’m reporting on UXPin’s journey of creating…
design  process  design-system  collaboration 
july 2017 by lenards
Design for the feedback you want – prototypr
From presenting work at different stages in your process, to keeping conversations on track, make sure you’re doing your part to get the feedback you’re looking for.
design  ux  criticism  feedback 
july 2017 by lenards
A Mindful Design Process – Headspace Design
How integrating mindfulness techniques will help you become a stronger designer and a more engaged team member. We all have a process we follow to get us from concept to execution. Sometimes we’ll…
design  mindfulness  mindful  interesting  thought 
july 2017 by lenards
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