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Why American Life is Traumatizing Americans But They Don’t Know it
Here’s a tiny observation. Americans don’t seem to know it — but they are being traumatized just by living. At this stage of collapse, the everyday life of the average American is deeply, profoundly…
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august 2018 by lenards
Why Japanese Web Design Is (Still) the Way It Is
There are linguistic and technical reasons why Japanese websites look cluttered, but behind them is the Japanese consumer culture that prefers that look.
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february 2018 by lenards
Of Course Psychological Safety…But How? – John Cutler – Medium
A huge thanks to Andrea Chiou, Jason Wolf (@jasonguywolf), Toby Maxwell-Lyte, Shahina Patel, Damien Ryan, Cory, @lmckeogh, Stacey Vetzal @svetzal, Ardita, Martin Aziz, Lynoure Braakman, Carl Tashian…
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january 2018 by lenards
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