Front-end Developer Handbook 2019 - Learn the entire JavaScript, CSS and HTML development practice!
This is a guide that everyone can use to learn about the practice of front-end development.
front-end  frontend  css  javascript  resources  learning 
5 days ago
Finally, a CSS only solution to :hover on touchscreens
There have been problems with the :hover pseudo-class ever since the first web browser was installed on a touchscreen device. Of course there were solutions, but none of those were the solution. With…
css  touch  mobile  hover  web  dev  webdev 
6 days ago
Why the “Sandwich Feedback” Doesn’t Work and What to Do Instead.
Stop patronizing people by giving them compliments before criticism, says best-selling author Adam Grant. Read to find out what you should do instead.
10 days ago
The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life - Shawn Achor - Google Books
Our most commonly held formula for success is broken. Conventional wisdom holds that if we work hard we will be more successful, and if we are more successful, then we’ll be happy. If we can just find that great job, win that next promotion, lose those five pounds, happiness will follow. But recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology have shown that this formula is actually backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brains becom...
3-to-1  5-to-1  critical-ratio  losada-line 
10 days ago
Statistician proves that statistics are boring – Towards Data Science
I’m about to show you a logical proof that statistics are boring... to help you appreciate the point of all those fancy calculations that statisticians like myself get up to. As an added bonus, this…
statistics  stats  boring 
12 days ago
From Javascript to Typescript to Elm – ITNEXT
In this article, I will cover my migration progress between all three languages and explain why and what brought me to move over. I hope I will shed some light and convince some of you to try out a…
elm  elm-lang  typescript  javascript 
13 days ago
You Are Not Google – Bradfield
Software engineers go crazy for the most ridiculous things. We like to think that we’re hyper-rational, but when we have to choose a technology, we end up in a kind of frenzy — bouncing from one…
bigdata  technology  architecture  programming  cargocult 
14 days ago
Richard Hamming: "Learning to Learn" - YouTube
The Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn" was the capstone course by Dr. Richard W. Hamming (1915-1998) for graduate students at the Naval...
hamming  science  engineering  learning  lecture  education  videos 
14 days ago
Learn the fundamentals of a good developer mindset in 15 minutes
Learn the fundamentals of successful developer mindset to avoid being a victim of common programming horror stories.
programming  mindset  career  good-software-is 
14 days ago
intellij-elm | Elm language support for IntelliJ, WebStorm, PhpStorm and PyCharm (JetBrains)
Elm language support for IntelliJ, WebStorm, PhpStorm and PyCharm (JetBrains)
elm  elm-lang  tools  editors  IDE 
17 days ago
Elm Town 43 - It Just Goes On and On | Elm Town
Keith Lazuka and AJ Alt from Microsoft share their experience writing the amazing Elm language support package for the IntelliJ family of integrated development environments.
elm  elm-lang  tools  editors  IDE 
17 days ago
How We Used WebAssembly To Speed Up Our Web App By 20X (Case Study) — Smashing Magazine
In this article, we explore how we can speed up web applications by replacing slow JavaScript calculations with compiled WebAssembly.
javascript  webassembly  performance  wasm 
17 days ago
Stop using so many divs! An intro to semantic HTML - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Sure, divs are great and all, but they give no information about their purpose within the document structure. HTML5 has been around for a while now, and there are better options.
a11y  web  design  webdesign  webdev  html5  html 
19 days ago
Accessible Brand Colors by Use All Five
A tool that evaluates the ADA compliance of your brand’s color palette.
tools  colors  a11y  webdesign  webdev  web  design 
19 days ago
alikinvv/stepper: Animated numeric stepper component which can be used to increment or decrement a value by clicking arrows.
Animated numeric stepper component which can be used to increment or decrement a value by clicking arrows. - alikinvv/stepper
css  animations  html 
19 days ago
google webfonts helper
A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts. Get eot, ttf, svg, woff and woff2 files + CSS snippets!
css  font  fonts  font-face  typography  web  hosting 
19 days ago
NES.css - NES-style CSS Framework
NES.css is a NES-style CSS Framework.
8bit  design  css  retro  old-school  nes  html5  sass 
19 days ago
rtfeldman/test-update: Convenience functions for testing update functions
Convenience functions for testing update functions - rtfeldman/test-update
elm  elm-lang  testing  unit-testing 
20 days ago
Cmder | Console Emulator
cmder is software package that provides great console experience even on Windows
tools  windows10  windows  console  shell 
21 days ago
A journey from Elm 0.18 to 0.19 – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
On November, I landed a new job at Prima Assicurazioni as a full stack developer, and I was put on a fairly medium-sized project: a webapp written in Elixir, GraphQL and Elm. In the early days I was…
elm  elm-lang  elm-0.19 
21 days ago
Comic Book UI
Inspired by the latest installment in the Spider-man movie-universe, create a couple elements themed around comic books....
inspiration  comics  look-and-feel  examples  css-framework 
28 days ago
I Used The Web For A Day On Internet Explorer 8 — Smashing Magazine
IE8 was released a decade ago today. Chris Ashton tries it out against the modern web, and considers how we can build our sites to last.
web  browser  ie  ie8 
4 weeks ago
Chapter 2: Suffering and the Contemplative Gaze in Teaching | SpringerLink
In this chapter, Steel reflects upon his experiences first as a young boy, and then later as a high school teacher in order to understand the nature of suffering in the teaching profession. Beginning...
mindfulness-teachers  mindfulness  teaching 
4 weeks ago
Hacking Custom Checkboxes And Radios – Hacker Noon
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Potential for the Elm rendering that I'll be doing
css  web  webdev  html5  examples  html-elements 
4 weeks ago
Conventional bundler? - Learn - Elm Discourse
I’m new to elm, and want to start working on my first elm project.
What is the recommended way to bundle my project (compile elm, js minification, css, etc)?
What do most people use? Webpack?
elm  elm-lang  tools 
4 weeks ago
justinmimbs (Justin Mimbs) / Repositories
justinmimbs has 26 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
elm  elm-lang  elm-hero 
4 weeks ago
billstclair/elm-websocket-client: Websockets for Elm 0.19, using ports
Websockets for Elm 0.19, using ports. Contribute to billstclair/elm-websocket-client development by creating an account on GitHub.
elm  elm-0.19  elm-js-ports  web-sockets 
4 weeks ago
Using ports to deal with files in Elm 0.18 | Paramander
Elm 0.18 has no way of dealing with files or blobs natively. This is an implementation using the JS FileReader API via ports.
elm  elm-lang  examples  javascript  elm-js-ports 
4 weeks ago
The programmer as decision maker
As a programmer, your job is to make technical decisions. Make some more.
technical  decisions  decision-making 
4 weeks ago
Digital Commons @ Olivet - Scholar Week 2016 - present: Stress Reduction: Mindful Mandalas
Mental Health is an ever-increasing topic of discussion in several sectors of today’s society. One career, law enforcement, seems to correlate job-related responsibilities with rising numbers in post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. A group of nursing students from Olivet Nazarene University sought to incorporate their understanding of stressors associated with the helping profession of law enforcement while researching cost-effective, evidence-based, self-care met...
health  mental-health  mandala  burnout  mindfulness  research  stress 
4 weeks ago
CSS Grid: Floor Plan
Lots of empty space for the dogs and cats to walk around....
css  floor-plan  example  resources 
5 weeks ago
I just don’t want to be a software developer anymore
It’s an easy story for me to tell. When I was 10 there was nothing more exciting to me than playing around with the old broken computers my dad, who worked in tech, would give me. I became a teenage…
women  tech  software 
5 weeks ago
How acquiring The Knowledge changes the brains of London cab drivers - Not Exactly Rocket Science : Not Exactly Rocket Science
Maguire, and her colleague Katherine Woollett, have done exactly that. They scanned their brains of 79 wannabe drivers who had just started their training. Three to four years later, they did the same thing. By this point, 39 of the trainees – just under half – had earned their licence. The rest had flunked out. The Knowledge is not easily won.
brain  science 
5 weeks ago
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