7 Principles of Rich Web Applications
This is great. I would say an application that implements any, let alone all, of these principles is a step above the average
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20 hours ago
Valuable Lessons from Pointless Machines + Subtraction.com
“Indeed, looking at any successful Rube Goldberg machine offers a lesson in how we might appraise design. In design, we often emphasize the simple metric of whether a something works or not. Some people argue—some designers among them—if it accomplishes its goal then it’s hardly important whether it looked great or not, whether it offered any kind of ineffable aesthetic qualities. I think that’s a false dichotomy though; I think it’s important that a design solution should work and that it’s beautiful. Given the choice between an ugly solution that works and a beautiful solution that also works, most would choose the latter.”
design  art  science!  interesting  video 
2 days ago
Self-Care: A Working Definition - The New York Times
“If you don’t know what kind of dog you are you don’t know how to take care of yourself.”
life  advice 
2 days ago
Designing Systematic Colors – UX Planet
This is the system with the luminosity-equal color ramps
color  css  design  webdesign 
2 days ago
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Tumblr by Dinamo and In-house
Really like the "lining" (links, underlines) variant on their custom typeface
design  typography  inspiration 
3 days ago
Let's serve everyone good-looking content
“I don’t think we owe it to any users to make it all exactly the same. Therefore we can get away with keeping fallbacks very simple. My hypothesis: users don’t mind, they’ve come for the content.

If users don’t mind, that leaves us with team members, bosses and clients. In my ideal world we should convince each other, and with that I mean visual designers, product owners, brand people, developers, that it is ok for our lay-out not to look the same everywhere. Because serving good-looking content everywhere is more important than same grids everywhere. We already do this across devices of different sizes. For responsive design, we’ve already accepted this inevitability. This whole thing is a communication issue, more than a technical issue.”
webdesign  css  browsers  layout  grid 
4 days ago
Sticky, Smooth, Active Nav | CSS-Tricks
Good considerations for sticky nav panels
css  webdesign  javascript 
8 days ago
Mavo: A new, approachable way to create Web applications
Adds editing capability to static HTML pages, basically. Can store data in dropbox or GitHub, and load/edit on the fly
cms  framework  html  webdev 
8 days ago
Securing Web Sites Made Them Less Accessible – Eric’s Archived Thoughts
I think HTTPS is probably a net positive overall, and I don’t know what we could have done better.  All I know is that I saw, first-hand, the negative externality that was pushed onto people far, far away from our data centers and our thoughts.
internet  security  performance 
8 days ago
Smart kids eventually grow up | A Candle in Sunshine
“Remember: you’re not alone, and you’re not a failure. Forgive yourself, every day if you have to. Being smart is great, but it isn’t everything. It never was, you just didn’t know it until now.”
work  advice 
10 days ago
Generative Artistry
Classic digital designs, on JavaScript canvas
programming  javascript  tutorials  design 
10 days ago
What Happened When I Tried Talking to Twitter Abusers – The Everywhereist
“I spent days trying to talk to the people in my mentions who insulted and attacked me. I’d have been better off just remembering that when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first tweet.”
assholes  internet  culture 
12 days ago
Neodymium – Popula
The “why” of magnets, such as it can be
science!  history 
14 days ago
Sometimes `sizes` is quite important. | CSS-Tricks
Good roundup of browser behavior with changing viewports as well
webdesign  performance  browsers  images 
20 days ago
PWACompat: the Web App Manifest for all browsers  |  Web  |  Google Developers
A script that will read your one manifest, and add all the other link/meta tags from that to avoid duplication
ios  google  webdesign 
21 days ago
Laid-Off New York Daily News Staff Are Victims Of Class Warfare
“It’s legal, if you’re rich enough, or carefully enough obscured behind the legal fiction of a hedge fund or corporation, to borrow vast sums of money, purchase a company with it, and then simply pass that debt along to the people who do the company’s work and make its products, by stripping their jobs so you can redirect their salaries toward debt payment.”
money  journalism  culture  law 
21 days ago
Should I try to use the IE version of Grid Layout? Revisited for 2018
Should I use Autoprefixer with Grid?
I would strongly suggest not.
css  ie  webdesign  browsers  layout 
22 days ago
CSS-in-JS, Kindness and Evolution | foobartel
Remember: Everyone is free to choose the technology they like. Using only the latest and greatest things does not make you a better person. Nor does it make you a better or worse developer. But being kind, creative and open for constructive, creative and challenging conversations to push things forward will.
programming  trends 
22 days ago
as days pass by — Inside out
“So, is it best to be an avout or a Muggle? Either are, I think, fine. But I don’t like it when the avout try to take away Muggle tools, and I don’t like it when the Muggles try to limit how creative the avout can be”
tools  webdesign 
23 days ago
The conventional wisdom about not feeding trolls makes online abuse worse - The Verge
But any solution needs to start with honesty and identifying the given problem as it exists: we are simply too permissive of “troll culture,” and we always have been.
internet  history  culture  socialnetworking 
24 days ago
Understanding Post-Mutation Data Updates in Apollo – VulcanJS
update api lives with the mutation

reducer api can live with the config or queries
react  javascript  webdesign 
29 days ago
Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki: what we know is damning - Vox
The big issue, at this point, isn’t what we don’t know; it’s that we have no idea what to do with what we do know.

The Trump campaign coordinated — privately or publicly or both — with Russia to steal documents from Democrats and win the election. In the aftermath, as president, Trump has pursued a pro-Putin foreign policy and fought efforts to investigate or punish Russia’s crimes in 2016. What is the remedy for that? And even if there was one, who has the incentive and credibility to impose it?
news  politics  america!  government 
4 weeks ago
Is 'Abolish ICE' a Viable Message for Democrats? - The Atlantic
”Imagine a candidate telling voters:

Trump postures as if his immigration policy is focused on stopping dangerous criminals like MS-13 members, but the truth is that under his watch ICE spends much of its scarce time and resources going after people who pose no danger. You’ve probably seen photos of elderly people, women, and young children being hauled away. Couldn’t you find better uses for the time of those ICE agents?

Trump himself avows that MS-13 is menacing American communities, and yet he persists in sending ICE after farm hands, restaurant workers, and stay-at-home moms. Does that sound like a man who is strong or whose priorities are in order?

Trump’s poseur, reality-TV approach squanders limited, expensive federal resources. Let’s reform ICE so that it better protects ordered liberty. That’s the right priority—not “looking tough” like Trump or making America white again like Stephen Miller, both of whom could be keeping American families safer but for their decision to chase those other goals. They’re spending a good bit of your tax dollars in order to chase them.

Couldn’t you think of 50 better ways to spend that money?”
politics  government  news 
5 weeks ago
How to Really Find Your Passion - The Atlantic
“If passions are things found fully formed, and your job is to look around the world for your passion—it’s a crazy thought,” Walton told me. “It doesn’t reflect the way I or my students experience school, where you go to a class and have a lecture or a conversation, and you think, That’s interesting. It’s through a process of investment and development that you develop an abiding passion in a field.”
psychology  work  advice  life 
5 weeks ago
Trump administration scandals: why it never ends - Vox
“This not only sends a signal to subordinates that bad behavior will be tolerated, it makes it essentially impossible for anyone in the broader conservative movement to attempt to insist on holding members of the Trump administration to a high standard of conduct.

Republicans hold a majority in the Senate at the moment and could easily confirm replacements for any officials who got fired in a house-cleaning. But nobody can articulate a plausible red line — on corruption, on sexual misconduct, on racism, on conspiracy theories, on honesty, or virtually anything else — that wouldn’t implicate the president and his family.

The result is a filthy White House that’s not going to be cleaned up any time soon.”
politics  government 
5 weeks ago
ASCIIFlow Infinity
I suppose if you don't want to pay for Monodraw, there's this
textures  ascii  design  drawing 
5 weeks ago
How to Use Emojis as Icons – Preethi Sam
Clever: make them transparent, and use a text shadow.
css  emoji  icons  webdesign 
5 weeks ago
Your design portfolio needs better copy
What's the angle? Tell a story. Avoid jargon
writing  portfolio  design 
5 weeks ago
The Last Conversation You’ll Need to Have About Eating Right
Bear in mind that humans evolved to eat a wide variety of diets, all over the world, from the Arctic to the tropics, desert, plains, mountains, all of which offer wildly different kinds of foods. But none of them “naturally” offer junk food or industrially produced animal products. If you bear that in mind, and eat a balanced diet of real food, you don’t have to worry about much else. It’s really quite simple.
food  advice  reference  health 
5 weeks ago
Fonty: the new way for testing web fonts
fonts  webdesign  webtools 
5 weeks ago
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