Ambient computing is in the air | Computerworld
A massive convergence of technologies will enable us to use computers and the internet without really using them
digitalworkplace  digitaltransformation 
4 weeks ago
The attention economy is eating our brains: what if we taxed it?
Would you hate me if I said you already pay about $23 a month for the pleasure of being tracked and advertised to to on your mobile phone?
attention  economy 
11 weeks ago
Attract and Keep A-Players with Nonfinancial Rewards
two years after HSBC launched its Flexible Work Arrangement in India, productivity had shot up in 88% of the participants and not declined in the others.
talent  hbr  Research  flexibleworking  hsbc  bank 
11 weeks ago
Women in the Workplace 2018 | McKinsey
Progress on gender diversity at work has stalled. To achieve equality, companies must turn good intentions into concrete action.
women  workplace  gender  equality 
12 weeks ago
What happens when companies stop remote and flexible working arrangements
Companies that Discontinue Remote Work and
Other Forms of Flexibility Undercut Productivity
and Collaboration Gains
collaboration  flexibleworking  Research 
12 weeks ago
What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work
Why remote companies need to openly acknowledge the mental health challenges of remote work
remote  wfh  flexibleworking  Health  futureofwork 
september 2018
Human as a process: What awaits us in the coming age of bio-enhancement?
a coming wave of automation, robotics and biomedical enhancements could fundamentally alter the trajectory of our species
Society  collaboration 
september 2018
Connect - Age of Collaboration - London
Craig Decker, Managing Director EMEAR, Cisco Cloud UC
techdata  collaboration  event 
september 2018
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