Restoring respect is the first step towards a better society
Economic inequality is an urgent problem. Deeper still is our loss of mutual respect, the foundation of a fair society
2 days ago
Music and cooperation at work: Whistle While You Work
Music and cooperation at work: A new study by Cornell researchers finds that music can also have important (positive) effects on workers.
teams  teamwork  music  collaboration 
3 days ago
Are Senior Managers Out of Touch With Workers' Digital Needs?
the younger workforce is also far less forgiving of any tech failure. They’re accustomed to things that just work, so will more quickly abandon a tool after a couple of failed attempts or bad experiences
collaboration  digitaltransformation 
7 weeks ago
How China censors the net: by making sure there’s too much information | The Guardian
Flooding involves deluging the citizen with a torrent of information, with the aim of making people overwhelmed
censorship  china  information 
7 weeks ago
Forget Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is the Next Phase of Wireless Internet
With Li-Fi, the lights in your home could connect you to the internet faster and more securely than your router ever could.
wifi  lifi 
8 weeks ago
Interesting, fresh approach to email collaboration
Interesting, fresh approach to email. Unlikely to make in roads into large enterprises but ideal for small, agile innovative thinking companies.
email  app  collaboration 
12 weeks ago
Bitcoin’s energy use got studied, and you libertarian nerds look even worse than usual | Grist
If that keeps up, bitcoin would consume all the world’s electricity by January 2021.
environment  bitcoin  blockchain 
12 weeks ago
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