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Have you ever been involved in the creation of a toilet for a videogame? Did you -
RT @ultrabrilliant: Look, this is weird, but have you ever created a toilet for a videogame? I want to talk to you. Details:
september 2016 by laze
CES 2016 Coway - YouTube
A smart bidet that gives you "healthy lifestyle suggestions."
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january 2016 by laze
World's Best Toilet Seat and Electronic Bidet
... and their 7th-ever featured site (from Nov 1996) is still up! #toilets #bidets @paulmcaleer

— Ryan MacMichael (@supalaze) July 10, 2015
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july 2015 by laze
Company: Toilets Might Catch Fire | Chicago Tribune
"The fire would have been just under your buttocks." [via pottypaul]
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april 2007 by laze

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