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Why I Left The Major Label System — Cuepoint — Medium
Also, I am aware that my use of the word cyberspace makes me sound like a character from the movie The Lawnmower Man.
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january 2015 by lawren
Large Bitcoin mine burns to the ground, causing global disruption | LeapRate
In just half an hour, a Cowboyminers Bitcoin mine in Thailand burned to the ground, causing a vast decline in hashrate, and affecting the entire international virtual currency network.
technology  news  bitcoin  moderntimes 
november 2014 by lawren
Texting Anxiety Caused by Little Bubbles -
“Sometimes I don’t want someone — O.K., likely a boy — to know I’m taking so long to write a text that I start a brand-new blank text and then copy and paste it in the original chain,”

“But don’t you wonder if he wonders how you typed so quickly?” I asked.

“I fake type for a few seconds,” she responded.
communication  technology  moderntimes 
september 2014 by lawren
Errata Security: Can I drop a pacemaker 0day?
Can I drop a pacemaker 0day at DefCon that is capable of killing people?
security  technology  software 
june 2014 by lawren
The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk
At one point, Vertesi's husband bought a number of Amazon gift cards with cash, and the large purchase triggered a police warning. This fits a pattern where privacy-seeking behavior has become grounds for suspicion. Try to avoid the corporate tracking system, and you catch the attention of the police instead.
advertising  privacy  technology 
may 2014 by lawren
Stealth Wear Aims to Make a Tech Statement -
He also developed a purse with extra-bright LEDs that can be activated when someone is taking unwanted pictures; the effect is to reduce an intrusive photograph to a washed-out blur.
technology  privacy  surveillance  photography  moderntimes 
june 2013 by lawren
Chew on this: FabCafe lets you create a gummy replica of yourself for White Day | Spoon & Tamago
After hosting their highly successful Valentine’s Day event in which ladies were invited to create a chocolate replica of their face, FabCafe has now released details of their follow-up event for the men. They will be holding a 2-part workshop at their Shibuya location where males will use a 3D body scanner to create gummy bears humans in their own likeness. They’ll walk home with a gummy replica of themselves made from love and sweat to present to that very special someone on White Day. Put that in your mouth and chew on it!
food  technology  japan  moderntimes 
march 2013 by lawren
In Which the New York Times Suggests I Am a Pretentious Git – Whatever
Apparently being an American, I should have settled on “Dude, this tablet is bananas,” or something else equally comporting with my nation of origin.
language  technology 
october 2012 by lawren
danah boyd
My name is danah boyd and I'm a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, a Research Assistant Professor in Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University, a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School, a Fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales. I am an academic and a scholar and my research examines social media, youth practices, tensions between public and private, social network sites, and other intersections between technology and society.
research  social  identity  privacy  socialweb  technology  activism  gender 
october 2012 by lawren
Will Wiles – On the New Aesthetic
"The fascinating thing about the New Aesthetic could be that it was never new — it went from being unknown to being ubiquitous and thoroughly banal with barely a blink. The frisson of shock or wonder one experienced at seeing an aspect of the New Aesthetic out in the wild comes because that is the only time it will be noticed; afterwards it will pass unobserved. The New Aesthetic is not about seeing something new — it is about the new things we are not seeing. It is an effort to truly observe and note emergent digital visual phenomena before they become invisible." This is a really solid, careful piece from Will Wiles.
technology  art  via:infovore 
september 2012 by lawren
A Year of Rdio | Rob Weychert
I have long been skeptical of music subscription services like Spotify and Rdio. What serious music fan would pay a monthly fee to have a remote, fallible gatekeeper between himself and a woefully incomplete music catalog?
music  piracy  technology  audio 
september 2012 by lawren
A Matter of Feeling (exploring interzone materials between “inert” and “alive”)
The cosmos is composed of many different species of stardust and despite our advanced, secular knowledge we imagine these primordial substances give rise to a universe, fashioned in our own image. Meta.Morf is a reflection on a new kind of image, which is evolving in a diverse set of arts practices at the start of the twenty-first century. Intriguingly, its portrait of our universe is far more autonomous and sensitive than the one that has historically relied on human reason for instruction. All matter squirms. This is the fundamental reality that underpins our cosmic fabric.
technology  science  biology  via:therourke 
september 2012 by lawren
6 Technologies Conspicuously Absent from Sci-Fi Movies |
"...spend pretty much the whole movie walking across hostile territory and never so much as consider looking for some bikes."
scifi  technology  movies 
july 2012 by lawren

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