Chat Apps: Frontiers and Challenges for Journalism
Chat apps are quickly becoming the preferred medium for digital communication
in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets. Global monthly users of the top
four chat apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, and Viber) now exceed those of
the top four traditional social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and
LinkedIn) (Business Insider Intelligence, 2017). The most popular chat app, WeChat,
had 889 million monthly active users as of Q4 2016 (according to Tencent Penguin
Intelligence’s 2017 WeChat User Behavior Report [as cited in Brennan, 2017]).
Given these radical shifts, the Institute for the Future (IFTF), with support from the
Google News Lab, conducted an ethnographic case study of the chat app news media
ecosystem in Korea. The goal was to better understand the role chat apps will play in
the creation and propagation of news around the world, highlighting key challenges
and opportunities for newsrooms and journalists.
reports  chat  conversation  apps  journalism  south-korea  2018  google  iftf 
28 days ago
Get Your Readability Score | Flesch-Kincaid + unique readability tools - readable.io
Quickly and easily give your content a readability test.

We help you to refine, enhance and simplify. Using powerful readability algorithms like Flesch-Kincaid and the Gunning Fog index, readable.io gives you the most accurate readability scoring available.
analysis  tools  nlu 
4 weeks ago
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Inspiring Examples of Machine Learning Usage in Business via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2Df4MXc
from-instapaper  archive 
4 weeks ago
Artificial intelligence system uses transparent, human-like reasoning to solve problems | MIT News
Artificial intelligence system uses transparent, human-like reasoning to solve problems via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2MltGDU
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4 weeks ago
Facebook has built an AI called Rosetta to analyze 1B+ user images a day - SiliconANGLE
Facebook has built an AI called Rosetta to analyze 1B+ user images a day - SiliconANGLE via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2N8IMly
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4 weeks ago
Federated Learning: Strategies for Improving Communication Efficiency – Google AI
Federated Learning: Strategies for Improving Communication Efficiency – Google AI via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2Nsl8k0
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4 weeks ago
Swayable is on a mission to make America more progressive
The startup that’s quietly working to make America more progressive via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2DbXCmP
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4 weeks ago
What Is Fixed Foveated Rendering, And Why Does It Matter?
What Is Fixed Foveated Rendering, And Why Does It Matter? via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2xtxjlL
from-instapaper  archive 
4 weeks ago
Blockchain-Based AI Voice Assistant Brings Data Privacy To Smart Homes
Blockchain-Based AI Voice Assistant Brings Data Privacy To Smart Homes via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2CVfgLa
from-instapaper  archive 
4 weeks ago
Amazon should split its retail and cloud computing businesses: Citi
Amazon should split into two companies to avoid antitrust scrutiny from Trump administration: Citi via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2QGpXnW
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4 weeks ago
Alphabet says its Loon balloons could beam internet to more people than before - CNET
The project, called Loon, would send giant, high-flying balloons into the stratosphere to deliver LTE signals to the ground. On Tuesday, Loon said it sent a signal farther than it has before: 1,000 kilometers, or more than 621 miles, across seven balloons.

The feat means the balloons can create a web of internet connectivity spread across multiple balloons. The wider the signal, the more people can be connected from the ground without having to install wireless infrastructure, such as cell towers.
google  loon  connectivity  balloons  networking  lte 
4 weeks ago
WCP Releases Mobile Depth Imaging Report
The first sections of this report include the mobile depth imaging technologies and applications, as well as the Depth Imaging Market Map and Mobile Depth Imaging Mobile Forecast. Later sections include “What’s Next?” regarding the increasing need for Active (IR) Illumination, lists of relevant M&A and Private Placement Transactions, and some of the top private and public companies to watch.
mobile  depth-imaging  market-intelligence  2017  report 
4 weeks ago
WCP Proudly Releases the Newly Expanded Artificial Intelligence Report
In this research report, we will examine i) the broader trends in the AI industry, ii) M&A activity, iii) Private Placement financings, iv) public companies in a leadership position, and v) innovative private companies that are candidates for transactions.
ai  report  market-intelligence  2017 
4 weeks ago
What-If Tool
Built into the open-source TensorBoard web application - a standard part of the TensorFlow platform - the tool allows users to analyze an machine learning model without the need for writing any further code. Given pointers to a TensorFlow model and a dataset, the What-If Tool offers an interactive visual interface for exploring model results.
ai  machine-learning  inspection  accountability  tensorflow  google 
4 weeks ago
The 10 most popular machine learning frameworks used by data scientists - TechRepublic
Pytorch & Torch
AWS Deep Learning AMI
Google Cloud ML Engine
machine-learning  tools  python 
4 weeks ago
Verizon 5G home Internet: $70/month, 300Mbps to 1Gbps speeds, no data caps | Ars Technica
(UPDATE: A Verizon spokesperson told us the service won't have any throttling. Service at each home will rely on a router, and possibly an exterior antenna "depending on the customer's location," Verizon also told Ars.)

Verizon said its 300Mbps to 1Gbps download speeds are achieved with "deep fiber resources throughout the network" and "a large deployment of small cells." While the home Internet service uses multiple spectrum bands, Verizon said it is heavily dependent on millimeter wave frequencies, "the only spectrum with the bandwidth to realize the full 5G potential for capacity, throughput and latency."

AT&T is also planning to launch a 5G home Internet service and has already begun trials. AT&T says its trials are providing speeds of nearly 1Gbps and latency of less than 20 milliseconds. T-Mobile US and Sprint, which are trying to merge, also say they'll offer home broadband service.
verizon  5g  fixed-5g 
4 weeks ago
WCP Augmented Reality Report
This report covers companies working on developing various technologies in the field of Augmented Reality. It also includes companies using those technologies to develop products for both the enterprise and consumer domains.
augmented-reality  market-intelligence  report  2016 
4 weeks ago
Computer Vision Report Released
Woodside Capital Partners, in collaboration with Tractica, a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology, has produced a computer vision report that covers market trends, M&A transactions, private placement financings, and public and private company profiles
computer-vision  market-intelligence  report  2016 
4 weeks ago
These companies are shrinking the voice recognition 'accent gap' | VentureBeat
y the end of 2018, the Google Assistant will support over 30 languages. Qualcomm has developed on-device models that can recognize words and phrases with 95 percent accuracy. And Microsoft’s call center solution is able to transcribe conversations more accurately than a team of humans.

[Speechmatic's] language pack — dubbed Global English — is the result of thousands of hours of speech data from over 40 countries and “tens of billions” of words. It supports “all major” English accents for speech-to-text transcription, and it’s built on the back of Speechmatic’s Automatic Linguist, an AI-powered framework that learns the linguistic foundations of new languages by drawing on patterns identified in known ones.

Nuance says it employs several methods to ensure its voice recognition models understand equally well speakers of the roughly 80 languages its products support
voice  accents  speech-recognition  speechmatics  nuance 
4 weeks ago
Global 5G regulators pit light touch against heavy hand via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2Mfw27p
from-instapaper  archive 
4 weeks ago
"Binti," "Murderbot," and the Rise of the Sci-Fi Novella | WIRED
All the Imagination, None of the Burden: The Rise of the Sci-Fi Novella via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2vpbh2M
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5 weeks ago
Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge
we're launching a nationwide challenge to find the best 5G-enabled technologies that transform middle school education.
edtech  verizon  5g  challenge  nyc-media-lab 
5 weeks ago
Google's AI to detect toxic comments can be easily fooled with 'love'
A group of researchers has found that simple changes in sentences and its structure can fool Google’s perspective AI, made for detecting toxic comments and hate speech. These methods involve inserting typos, spaces between words or add innocuous words to the original sentence.
google  ai  api  nlu 
5 weeks ago
Integrate.ai pulls in $30M to help businesses make better customer-centric decisions | TechCrunch
Integrate.ai’s early focus has been on retail banking, retail and telcos, says founder Steve Irvine, along with some startups which have data but aren’t necessarily awash with AI expertise to throw at it. (Not least because tech giants continue to hoover up talent.)

Its SaaS platform targets consumer-centric businesses — offering to plug paying customers into a range of AI technologies and techniques to optimize their decision-making so they can respond more savvily to their customers.
startups  ai  saas 
5 weeks ago
Waze Uses Beacons to Untangle Chicago’s Baffling Streets | WIRED
As of this month, the multi-level streets of Chicago are studded with Waze Beacons, hockey puck-sized squares that stick to the sides of tunnel walls and broadcast an open standard signal via Bluetooth so Waze and other navigation apps can triangulate a position. A Chicago tech company called SpotHero—an app that helps you find a parking space—got tired of having to tech-support its befuddled customers to the garages along the lower roads, bought 500 of the beacons, and gave them to the Chicago Department of Transportation to install. What once was lost has now been found.
waze  spothero  gps  beacon  chicago  smart-cities 
5 weeks ago
Semantic Scholar - An academic search engine for scientific articles
Cut through the clutter
Find peer-reviewed research from the world's most trusted sources
research-tools  research-papers 
5 weeks ago
Re-imagining discovery and access to research:
grants, publications, citations, clinical trials, patents and policy documents in one place
research-tools  ai  research-papers 
5 weeks ago
Nvidia outlines inference platform, lands Japan's industrial giants as AI, robotics customers | ZDNet
Nvidia's inference platform--dubbed Nvidia TensorRT Hyperscale Inference Platform--is designed to offer more performance with lower latency within hyperscale data centers. These data centers are typically offering natural language interaction, answers to search queries and artificial intelligence tools.
nvidia  chip  machine-learning  ai  nlp  natural-language-interaction 
5 weeks ago
Apple's Latest iPhones Are Packed With AI Smarts | WIRED
new chip technology with a focus on helping the devices understand the world around them using artificial intelligence algorithms ... rich new experiences for socializing, creating art, or getting things done. Machine learning algorithms can help apps to understand and respond to what’s happening in photos and video, for example. Combined with Apple’s support for augmented reality, more AI oomph could help your iPhone transform the world around you.
apple  ai  machine-learning  chip  iphone  a12 
5 weeks ago
Amazon Urbanism: Patents and The Totalizing World of Big Tech Futures - Failed Architecture
Amazon Urbanism: Patents and The Totalizing World of Big Tech Futures - Failed Architecture via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2shcEyZ
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5 weeks ago
the economist
What if people were paid for their data? via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2lV3wwV
from-instapaper  archive 
5 weeks ago
The 4 Waves of AI: Who Will Own the Future of Technology?
The 4 Waves of AI: Who Will Own the Future of Technology? via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2oN8Bcf
from-instapaper  archive 
5 weeks ago
This beautiful map shows everything that powers an Amazon Echo, from data mines to lakes of lithium - The Verge
This beautiful map shows everything that powers an Amazon Echo, from data mines to lakes of lithium via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2McCPia
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5 weeks ago
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Maximizing Audience Revenue while Minimizing Advertising Loss via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2xotYV0
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5 weeks ago
Finding It Hard to Focus? Maybe It’s Not Your Fault
Finding It Hard to Focus? Maybe It’s Not Your Fault via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2nJatCn
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5 weeks ago
Visualizing the Meaning of Life: The Drip Coffee Model
Visualizing the Meaning of Life: The Drip Coffee Model via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2uiX0XZ
from-instapaper  archive 
5 weeks ago
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The devilishly quiet age of AI via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2oIJjfi
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5 weeks ago
Apple unveils new AR file format and ARKit 2.0
USDZ will be compatible with tools like Adobe, Autodesk, Sketchfab, PTC, and Quixel. Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis spoke briefly on stage about how the file format will have native Adobe Creative Cloud support, and described it as the first time “you’ll be able to have what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editing” for AR objects.

The ARKit 2.0 update will enable multiple people to share the same AR experience, which means folks will be able to play the same game at the same time.
apple  augmented-reality  usdz  multiplayer  ios12  arkit 
5 weeks ago
Why Apple's in no rush to sell you a 5G iPhone
Not that Apple could jump into 5G early if it wanted to. Qualcomm is supplying the modems that will go into early 5G smartphones, slated to arrive in the first half of 2019. Apple ceased using Qualcomm modems because of a legal dispute over the terms of its former relationship. Instead, it uses Intel modems.

Intel, which supplies modems for the iPhone, says its 5G modem will be ready for commercial devices in the second half of 2019, with broader deployment in 2020. The company, however, declined to talk about specific customers.

The other option is Apple taking advantage of the generational shift in network technology and bringing the modem in-house.
apple  qualcomm  intel  5g  2019 
5 weeks ago
Chart: The AI-mazing Patent Race
Amazon leverages AI technology to analyze and predict your shopping patterns. Alexa is very Artificially Intelligent indeed, and the revolutionary Amazon Go model continues to push the boundaries of AI tech on the ground.

Google uses machine learning and pattern recognition in its search and facial recognition services, as well as natural language processing for real-time language translation. The company has also released a series of smart home products, like the Nest thermostat. After acquiring more than 50 AI startups in 2015-16, this seems like only the beginning for Google’s AI upgrade.

Microsoft’s Cortana is powered by machine learning, allowing the virtual assistant to build insight and expertise over time. In 2016, the tech giant added Research and AI as their fourth silo alongside Office, Windows, and Cloud, with the stated goal of making broad-spectrum AI application more accessible and everyday machines more intelligent.

Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about their AI research, but it’s safe to say Siri is only the tip of the iceberg. The tech giant received a patent this year for augmented-reality glasses, slated for a release in 2020.

Facebook uses artificial intelligence to suggest photo tags, populate your newsfeed, and detect bots and fake users. The social media giant has also come under fire for their widespread use of AI analytics to target users for marketing and messaging purposes.
ai  competitive-analysis 
5 weeks ago
How the Weather Channel Made That Insane Hurricane Florence Storm Surge Animation | WIRED
The studio is outfitted with a Mo-Sys camera tracking system, a physical box that attaches to a camera, and uses sensors and an IR signal to triangulate the camera’s position in a virtual space. TWC also needed specialized software to translate the Unreal Engine graphics into a broadcast-ready format.
volumetric-video  immersive  mixed-reality  broadcast  examples 
5 weeks ago
Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Our mission is to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering.
ai  organization  seattle  partner 
5 weeks ago
Deep learning for NLP - AllenNLP makes it easy to design and evaluate new deep learning models for nearly any NLP problem, along with the infrastructure to easily run them in the cloud or on your laptop.

State of the art models - AllenNLP includes reference implementations of high quality models for both core NLP problems (e.g. semantic role labeling) and NLP applications (e.g. textual entailment).
nlp  framework  research-library  python  pytorch  ai 
5 weeks ago
Iris.ai - Your Science Assistant
Explore scientific papers and
how they connect to a paper
of your choice.
ai  research  research-tools  mapping  research-papers 
5 weeks ago
Citi: Amazon Prime subscribers to double in next decade
Citi now expects Prime subscriptions to top 275 million by 2029 as roughly 80 percent of U.S. households adopt the service.
amazon  prime  subscriptions  projections 
5 weeks ago
Simple guide to Neural Arithmetic Logic Units (NALU): Explanation, Intuition and Code
Simple guide to Neural Arithmetic Logic Units (NALU): Explanation, Intuition and Code via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2MxQe4v
from-instapaper  archive 
5 weeks ago
Unsupervised machine translation: A novel approach to provide fast, accurate translations for more languages – Facebook Code
Unsupervised machine translation: A novel approach to provide fast, accurate translations for more languages via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2PW3YJp
from-instapaper  archive 
5 weeks ago
How Technology Shapes the Way We Read | WIRED
How We Read: A Survey of the Ever-Shifting Landscape via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2AqBYtp
from-instapaper  archive 
5 weeks ago
Samsung's New York AI center will focus on robotics
Samsung now has an artificial intelligence center in New York City -- its third in North America and sixth in total -- with an eye on robotics
samsung  ai  lab  collaboration  new-york  robotics 
5 weeks ago
Jaunt acquires Teleporter, Personify’s real-time 3D AR asset streamer
Teleporter is described as software to capture, process, and stream lifelike AR assets online. Jaunt has acquired both the Teleporter system and the engineers behind it, including a seven-person team led by former Personify CTO Simon Venshtain. The team and its patent portfolio will support the Jaunt XR Platform, a B2B solution designed to let customers distribute mixed reality assets through their own applications.

In an August profile of Jaunt, VentureBeat explained how the company is using an array of six Intel RealSense cameras to capture a circular video of a moving person, turning the video and depth data into a volumetric stream that represents the person’s body and motions. The person can then be inserted into an AR or VR app as a hologram-like avatar, interacting in real time with the user — including gesturing in 3D and talking.
startup  acquistion  augmented-reality  capture  jaunt  intel  xr  real-time  live 
5 weeks ago
Study Finds Consumers Are Embracing Voice Services. Here’s How
“As voice technology matures and becomes more refined, consumers are finding different ways to leverage it,” Morris told CMO.com. “Brands are now in a place where they have to integrate voice into their overall strategy. In order to deliver an experience that feels connected and seamless, they not only need data, but they also require the tools to drive action, better personalize, and polish the content the serve—all of which require a holistic, cross-channel view of the customer.”
smart-speaker  voice  voice-assistant  market-research 
5 weeks ago
Four Future Scenarios for the San Francisco Bay Area | SPUR
This report uses a scenario planning process to look at four uncertainties that the Bay Area will contend with over the next 50 years: the economy, housing, transportation and the physical form that growth takes. The four resulting scenarios serve as “myths of the future,” stories that reveal the potential long-term outcomes of today's choices.
scenario-planning  report  future  forecasting 
5 weeks ago
Welcome — UIE’s All You Can Learn Library
Over 339 seminars & more by experts in all things UX design.
design  learning  resources  ux  learning-week 
5 weeks ago
The 5-Hour Rule Used by Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk
The 5-Hour Rule Used by Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2KcLAYp
from-instapaper  archive 
5 weeks ago
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