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2 days ago
Andrew Cherlin: Marriage Has Become a Trophy - The Atlantic
For many people, regardless of sexual orientation, a wedding is no longer the first step into adulthood that it once was, but, often, the last. It is a celebration of all that two people have already done, unlike a traditional wedding, which was a celebration of what a couple would do in the future.
marriage  culture 
6 days ago
1994 Was a Prison of My Own Making
The first thing I noticed at midnight when the clock struck 1994 was the sudden silence in the room. The second thing was the deafening volume of my inner monologue. I was getting ready for bed, performing the half-dozen mostly mindless tasks that, because they occupy my hands, normally provide a treasured window for listening to an audiobook or podcast. As I smeared surprisingly solid and burning Noxzema cream across my cheeks, however, all I could hear were my own thoughts. Tedious thoughts. Thoughts about what I was doing at that very moment, what I would do in the seconds that followed and how loud my inner monologue was. I can’t live with this woman for a week, I thought, and it reverberated through my head like a shout.
Gen-x  technology  1994  thinking  from instapaper
6 days ago
Free to Use and Reuse: Cats  |  Free to Use and Reuse Sets  |  Library of Congress
This free-to-use set features images of cats found in the Library's collections. Staff "experts" contributed their favorite photos, posters & illustrations. Enjoy! Browse more content that is free to use and reuse.
images  cats  LOC  publicdomain  remix 
7 days ago | Our home on native land
Please note: this is NOT a perfect resource! It is very likely that if you do not do any further research or verify our results, you will err in your acknowledgements. We recommend contacting the nations you get in your results directly, to learn more about how they want to be acknowledged and any other nations or peoples in the area.
language  history  map  native  indigenous  landacknowledgement  recognition 
7 days ago
Ask HN: Which books teach mental models? | Hacker News
I'm not convinced this is the right question to ask, but I love the reading list that develops in this thread.
systems  books  philosophy  readinglist  mentalmodels 
7 days ago
Actually, Gen X Did Sell Out, Invent All Things Millennial, and Cause Everything Else That’s Great and Awful
Maybe that’s the thing about being a generation without any particular identity or belief system: We are adaptable, a weedy species, like rats or cockroaches, built to survive any environment. We are hard to stamp out.

It didn’t hurt that we grew up in a post-Civil Rights era, where knocking down walls — like the one in Berlin — was less a goal than an assumption.
Gen-x  politics  generations  from instapaper
8 days ago
twitter thread on history of EDI at Minnesota & regents refusal of report & tenure
23/ The erosion of tenure & disinvestment in higher ed is threatening this nationwide. Universities rely on contingent faculty who do not have financial or job security. It’s easy for those who have tenure to forget or minimize this problem. We can't. We need to fix it.
academicfreedom  EDI  tenure 
8 days ago
How badly is Google Books search broken, and why?
Partly this is the story that we all know: Google Books has failed to live up to its promise as the company has moved away from its original mission of organizing information for people. But the particular ways that it has actually eroded, including this one, are worth documenting, because it's easy to think that search tools that worked perfectly well a few years ago won't have been consciously degraded.
Googlebooks  google  ngram  digitalservices  from instapaper
8 days ago
#ThanksForTyping Spotlights Unnamed Women In Literary Acknowledgments
Everybody has seen a book with a preface or acknowledgments that contain something along these lines, you know, ‘Thanks to my wife for doing the typing, doing the editing or doing the indexing for doing this kind of work,’ ” she says. “But to see them all put together like that, it really did create a picture for me of 20th century scholarship. It was very striking for me.
WGS  academic  labor  from instapaper
8 days ago
Dear Scholars, Delete Your Account At Academia.Edu
That web address is more than a little deceptive. As Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Associate Executive Director and Director of Scholarly Communication at the Modern Language Association (MLA) remarked on her blog, "the first thing to note is that, despite its misleading top level domain (which was registered by a subsidiary prior to the 2001 restrictions), is not an educationally-affiliated organization, but a dot-com, which has raised millions in multiple rounds of venture capital funding."
OA  academia  IR  repositories  from instapaper
8 days ago
Working open: 7 recommendations from Mozillians
Working open is not an either/or, or an all-or-nothing. Mozilla is both an open source project and a brand that carries weight and needs protecting. The Mozillians we talked with are very aware of these dual priorities, and hungry to dig into this issue with greater nuance, complexity and specific detail.
Open  workingopen  Mozilla  brand  from instapaper
8 days ago
We need reasoned debate on affirmative action, not mockery | Office of the President
Over the next few months, we will likely be engaging in conversations and debates about affirmative action and if, where and how it should be practiced. I am on the record in support of repealing provisions of I-200, which would allow us to take race and gender into account, as one of many other factors, when admitting students and hiring faculty and staff. This is something that all private universities in our state do, so do public universities in many other states. Indeed, at this time when we are beginning to learn more about the advantages that legacy status, monetary donations, participation in elite sports, or being the child of a faculty member can provide in gaining admission to some of our most elite institutions, allowing some consideration for race seems benign by comparison. The intent is to level the field, not advantage one group over another.
AnaMariCauce  I200  affirmativeaction 
8 days ago
Why an ‘Affirmative-Action Bake Sale’ Prompted This President to Speak Up - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Q. If the ban had been in place then, would that have given you pause?

A. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t have. Because of the message it sends, because my research has focused on students of color, youth of color in high-risk situations, I would have wondered, How would this affect my ability to recruit and hire graduate students who would be able to carry out the work that I was doing at the time? There’s no question in my mind it would have given me pause. Can I say it would have been the deciding factor? I don’t know.
uw  I1000  I200  anamaricauce  affirmativeaction 
8 days ago
Phil Wood
One of the most pernicious aspects of stress, anxiety and burnout in education is that it often starts with individuals who work longer hours through enjoyment and an ethic of care. But at some point the organisation captures this as core work which has to be done.
burnout  highered  libraries  quote 
9 days ago
UW students face food, housing insecurity, survey shows | UW News
“As the cost of living increases, we are seeing more cases where – in addition to the normal stresses and challenges of completing a college education – some of our students are struggling to maintain stable living situations and reliable nourishment,” said Denzil Suite, UW’s vice president for Student Life. “We certainly have a role in ensuring that our students are able to maintain these basic necessities, and we have taken important steps in that direction. These findings will help us not only assess the problem, but inform how we can continue to address it.”
UW  affordability  costofliving  studentlife 
9 days ago
The 1968 sci-fi that spookily predicted today
In his 1968 novel Stand on Zanzibar, for instance, he peers ahead to imagine life in 2010, correctly forecasting wearable technology, Viagra, video calls, same-sex marriage, the legalisation of cannabis, and the proliferation of mass shootings. Equally compelling, however – and even more instructive – is the process by which Brunner constructed this society of his future and our present.
Sci-fi  trends  writing  futurism  from instapaper
9 days ago
Another Big Move Hits Higher-Ed Publishing, as Wiley Buys Knewton
Knewton’s pivot in 2018 toward tools that combine adaptive-learning technology with open educational resources was a big part of the attraction for Wiley. With its Alta digital-courseware platform, Knewton is primarily an OER company now, Wiley’s president and chief executive, Brian Napack, told The Chronicle. The product costs students about $40 per course.
Edtech  merger  oer  from instapaper
9 days ago
UB op-ed: Why a university press is a good investment - University Business Magazine
At its core, university press publishing represents impressive stewardship and amplification of initial resource allocations, an extension of the parent institution’s brand to a variety of audiences, and the global advancement of research.

In the world of university budgets, that is an awfully good return on investment.
9 days ago
Microsoft Word - AUPresses_SUP_final_20190430 - 20190430_AUPresses_SUP_final.pdf
Last week, the Association of University Presses was shocked to learn that one of its founding members, Stanford University Press, was facing the elimination of its annual budget allocation from Stanford University. Today, AUPresses Executive Director Peter Berkery has sent Stanford's President and Provost a letter expressing our concern over such a course of action and offering the Association's considerable resources in data and expertise as a path forward is charted.
universitypress  Stanford  AUPresses 
9 days ago
Stanford backs down -- for a year -- on ending support for university press
Stanford University provost Persis Drell late Tuesday indicated that the university was backing down -- at least for another year -- on plans to end financial support for the Stanford University Press.
UniversityPress  Stanford 
9 days ago
AirPods Are a Survival Tool for Open-Plan Offices - The Atlantic
“Ethan Bernstein, a professor at Harvard Business School who studies organizational behavior, it makes sense that this subtle tactic for avoiding constant interaction has seeped into office environments. “People are very good at creating spaces for themselves, and these days you look at everybody, and almost without exception, they’re on their phones with headphones in their ears,” he says”

Workers Love AirPods Because Employers Stole Their Walls
via Instapaper
tech  design  work  open_office  office 
16 days ago
Accountability Dashboard - Office of System Affairs | University of South Carolina
The dashboard was created to give easy access to accountability information. It supports transparency and accountability to South Carolina taxpayers and other stakeholders along with efforts to increase the University of South Carolina’s efficiency and impact. This dashboard also includes higher education performance measures that reflect the strategic priorities of the university.
assessment  accountability  USC 
16 days ago
Reductress » How I Stopped Getting Unwanted Attention From Men by Running For President
Existing as a woman in the world can be frustrating. Men hit on us at bars, make passes at us on the train, even follow us on the streets. It’s so stressful to have to constantly monitor our what we’re wearing, how much we’re drinking, and who’s around us so that we aren’t faced with unwanted male attention. But recently, I’ve noticed that there’s an emerging group of women who barely have to deal with any attention from men at all. I wanted that for my life, so I decided to be one of those women. And that’s why I’m announcing that I’m running for president of the United States.
funny  wgs  politics  bias  president 
16 days ago
Center for Connected Learning | UC Berkeley Library Giving
‘For a change, this is not a structure built to house a department or function. It is a facility built to serve an idea: a transformational vision of the purpose and potential of the library as a place of gathering, instruction, access to resources, and self-enhancement. There is nothing like it at Berkeley today.’
Bob Haas ’64
spaces  learning_commons  library  arl  ucberkeley 
16 days ago
If You Are Reading This, You Are Already Ahead - Darius Foroux - Pocket
As Steve Jobs said:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”
Goals  ambition  experience  Steve_jobs  quote  from instapaper
16 days ago
Patterns of compulsive smartphone use suggest how to kick the habit
In general, interviewees had four common triggers for starting to compulsively use their phones:

During unoccupied moments, like waiting for a friend to show up,
Before or during tedious and repetitive tasks
When in socially awkward situations
When they anticipated getting a message or notification
The group also had common triggers that ended their compulsive phone use:

Competing demands from the real world, like meeting up with a friend or needing to drive somewhere
Realizing they had been on their phone for a half an hour
Coming across content they’d already seen
Cell_phone  habits  addictive  from instapaper
19 days ago
Manifold Scholarship
manifold is an awesome open source scholarly press ( and ) #openConNYC2018 #scholarlycomm #dh
writing  app  digital.scholarship  dh  scholarlycomm  openConNYC2018 
june 2018
Should We All Just Stop Calling 2016 'The Worst'?
So, 2016. Sure. Let's call it the worst. But let's also acknowledge that saying 2016 is the worst on Twitter says more about the tweeter, and the medium, than perhaps about the year itself.
2016  attitude  from instapaper
january 2017
Women Aren't Responsible for Hillary Clinton’s Defeat - The Atlantic
Anecdotal evidence supports the idea that Clinton’s candidacy resonated strongly with women who saw themselves in her, and who viewed the presidential race through a personal as well as a political lens.
gender  wgs  Clinton  election 
november 2016
America was never ready for a woman president
Never mind the feminist excitement, the enthusiastic voting in pantsuits, the stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s tomb. The possibility of a female US president was never all that close. It now it will be at least four more years before America can prove it again.
politics  election  hrc  gender  wgs  from instapaper
november 2016
Hillary Clinton’s three debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins
Clinton’s successful execution of this strategy has been, fittingly, the product of traits that she’s often criticized for: her caution, her over-preparation, her blandness. And her particular ability to goad Trump and blunt the effectiveness of his political style has been inextricable from her gender. The result has been a political achievement of awesome dimensions, but one that Clinton gets scarce credit for because it looks like something Trump is doing, rather than something she is doing — which is, of course, the point.
Wgs  hrc  politics  election  from instapaper
october 2016
Pronoun Privilege
I like the author's solution for their class: Pronoun Privilege via @Instapaper
Wgs  gender  pronouns  from instapaper
october 2016
Donald and Billy on the Bus
Mr. Trump is rape culture’s blathering id, and Sunday night Hillary Clinton (who, no doubt, has just as many man-made scars as the rest of us) has to stand next to him on a stage, and remain unflappable as she’s held to an astronomically higher standard, and pretend that he is her equal while his followers persist in howling that sexism is a feminist myth. While Mr. Trump boasts about sexual assault and vows to suppress disobedient media, cable news pundits spend their time taking a protractor to Mrs. Clinton’s smile — a constant, churning, microanalysis of nothing.
Wgs  Clinton  politics  hrc  from instapaper
october 2016
Donald Trump Is Being Outplayed by Women—and He’s Losing His Mind Over It
Or maybe they did. It’s clear that Trump is coming undone by the notion that these two women—one “fat,” the other old, both past their sell date in the eyes of Trump and men like him—are not hiding somewhere in shame, maybe laboring quietly in the back office of one of his golf clubs where no one can see them, but out in the public square trying to bring him down. One is even beating him in the race for president, though the polls remain lamentably close.
Wgs  Clinton  politics  hrc  from instapaper
october 2016
Imagine if Donald Trump was a woman. You simply can’t | Hadley Freeman
She instead, wisely, let him hang himself with his words, and restricted herself to some side-eye smiles to the camera and nudges to the fact-checkers. She was Martin Freeman’s Tim to Trump’s David Brent in The Office, staring straight into the camera while Brent comes out with another absurdity. No comment necessary. She did, however, allow herself a wiggle of delight when Trump roared that he had “a winning temperament”, and who can blame her?
Wgs  Clinton  politics  hrc  from instapaper
september 2016
Stop Pretending You Don't Know Why People Hate Hillary Clinton | Huffington Post
In fact, there is a very lengthy trail of public records all pointing in the same direction. If you can’t figure out which, maybe the problem is you.
Wgs  Clinton  politics  hrc  from instapaper
september 2016
Talking at Harvard about Libraries and Social Justice | Feral Librarian
We are smart, caring people, who are dedicated to helping students succeed; but we are some of the only adults on campus who generally have no real authoritative or evaluative role over students. We aren’t going to grade them.

This makes the library a place where students might be especially free
and comfortable asking questions, experimenting with nascent ideas and thoughts, and making mistakes.
libraries  students  faculty  safe  space  mistakes 
september 2016
Hating Donald Trump isn’t enough – we need to talk about why Hillary Clinton rules | Lindy West
So let’s try again: you’re voting for a president soon. Do you want a graduate of Yale law school who served eight years as a US senator and four as secretary of state? Or a racist landlord who moonlights as a tie salesman?
Wgs  Clinton  politics  hrc  from instapaper
september 2016
How Hillary Clinton Became a Vessel for America's Fury
She is not 'inevitable.' She has been running this race since 1992.
Wgs  Clinton  politics  hrc  from instapaper
september 2016
We are ignoring the new machine age at our peril
There will be lots of technical argument about the methodology and the algorithms used in the Oxford study, but there’s little doubt that the main thrust of the research is accurate: lots of non-routine, cognitive, white-collar as well as blue-collar jobs are going to be eliminated in the next two decades and we need to be planning for that contingency now.
Information  future  jobs  from instapaper
may 2016
The Information Age Is Over. Welcome to Infrastructure Age.
The information age brought us together, for better or worse. It allowed us to understand our environment and our bodies in ways we never could before. But the infrastructure age is what will prevent us from killing ourselves as we grow up into a truly global civilization. That is far more important, and exciting, than any gold watch could ever be.
Information  future  from instapaper
may 2016
The Simple Way Pinterest is Becoming More Diverse: They Challenged Their Employees
To ensure more diversity from their employee referral program, Pinterest was direct with their employees and challenged them to refer candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. They started with their engineering team, and over a six-week period they saw a 24% increase in female referrals and a 55-time increase in the percentage of referred candidates from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.
Diversity  recruiting  urm  from instapaper
may 2016
The dark side of Guardian comments
Yep: The dark side of Guardian comments via @Instapaper
Socialmedia  comments  culture  from instapaper
april 2016
Donald Trump’s attack on Heidi Cruz is a case study in the need for media diversity
it's about having staffs comprised of people with wide-ranging life experiences who notice things others might miss and who can help audiences understand complex issues in ways they might not have considered.
Wgs  news  truth  from instapaper
march 2016
Donald Trump Has One Core Philosophy: Misogyny
He’s perfectly comfortable with female underlings, his people—less so when women question him sharply, as Megyn Kelly has, or compete against him, as Carly Fiorina did. He’s perfectly blunt about this power dynamic.
Wgs  politics  from instapaper
march 2016
Does Engineering Education Breed Terrorists?
When people’s hopes for individual and social advancement are raised and then dashed, a dynamic called relative deprivation can occur. People who experience relative deprivation don’t need to be objectively disadvantaged; they must simply feel they’ve been denied their due.
Politics  economics  from instapaper
march 2016
What’s Happening at the University of Wisconsin Is a Worst-Case Scenario Come to Life
But academics don’t want tenure because they think they’re better or smarter than you. Academics, whether they have it or not, want some form of tenure to exist to protect the integrity of the knowledge that is produced, preserved, and disseminated
Tenure  from instapaper
march 2016
The white man pathology: inside the fandom of Sanders and Trump
As despair has suddenly spread like a fabulous mist over the white people of America, as the white people die off in their unprecedented numbers, the commenters are surprised, a bit, but they have no plan of action. No policy proposals aim at ameliorating the conditions of white people.
Trump  Bernie  race  white  from instapaper
march 2016
I finally figured out how to use Google Keep with Evernote | ZDNet
Many of us, in the days before such things as Keep and Evernote, used to scribble notes on index cards and sticky notes. We'd also file important documents in file folders and cabinets. These are nearly perfect analogies for Keep and Evernote.
Tech  notes  evernote  from instapaper
march 2016
The rise of American authoritarianism
And that means Donald Trump could be just the first of many Trumps in American politics, with potentially profound implications for the country.
Politics  authorianism  from instapaper
march 2016
Without Antonin Scalia on the Bench, the Supreme Court’s Liberals Spoke Up and Won Out
“I’m very surprised,” she says acidly, “that Justice Alito doesn’t know that most of these warrants are automatic. If you don’t pay your fine within a certain amount of days, they’re issued virtually automatically.”
Court  supreme  from instapaper
march 2016
The Governing Cancer of Our Time
People feel unheard, which makes them shout even louder, which further destroys conversation.
Politics  government  from instapaper
february 2016
America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality
But however bad those numbers seem, the truth, after accounting for incarceration, is even worse. So perhaps the next time the jobs report comes out, there could be an extra chart to recognize the 1.6 million prisoners in America.

They don’t show up anywhere in the government’s measurements of economic activity, but their absence is dearly felt.
Race  unemployment  from instapaper
february 2016
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