The Present Crisis – Extra Newsfeed
Yonatan Zunger says no matter what happens, the U.S. Constitution will be changed forever after Trump.
xtw  politics  Trump 
july 2017
Microsoft Update KB4022168
Fix for Outlook search issue in Win7 with Outlook 2010. Manually apply Windows update.
xtw  Windows 
july 2017
Le Moulinet - French Revert Community - YouTube
A handful of French families living in seclusion in secular France, after having converted to Shi'a Islam.
xtw  Islam  video  YouTube 
june 2017
Mastodon instances
List of Mastodon instances from mastodon.xyz
social  Mastodon  xtw 
april 2017
Bookmarklet w/custom tags
Replace TAGS_GO_HERE with your desired tags:

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february 2017
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