Origami anything | MIT News
New algorithm generates practical paper-folding patterns to produce any 3-D structure.
mit  research  news  algorithm  origami 
5 days ago
Mining Bitcoin with pencil and paper: 0.67 hashes per day
I decided to see how practical it would be to mine Bitcoin with pencil and paper. It turns out that the SHA-256 algorithm used for mining is pretty simple and can in fact be done by hand. Not surprisingly, the process is extremely slow compared to hardware mining and is entirely impractical. But performing the algorithm manually is a good way to understand exactly how it works.
cryptography  hash  mining  bitcoin  crypto  math 
18 days ago
The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World
map  history  maps  roman  rome  GIS  reference  travel 
19 days ago
Cracking GSM with RTL-SDR for Thirty Dollars | Hackaday
Theoretically, GSM has been broken since 2003, but the limitations of hardware at the time meant cell phone calls and texts were secure from the prying ears of digital eavesdroppers and all but the most secret government agencies. Since then, the costs of hardware have gone down, two terabytes of rainbow tables have been published, and all the techniques and knowledge required to listen in on cell phone calls have been available. The only thing missing was the hardware. Now, with a super low-cos...
radio  gsm  crack  frequency  sdr  cell  phone 
27 days ago
Humans Accidentally Made a Space Cocoon For Ourselves Out of Radio Waves - Motherboard
Humans have accidentally created a protective bubble around Earth by using very low frequency (VLF) radio transmissions to contact submarines in the ocean.
submarine  vlf  low  frequency  space  bubble  protective  weather  radio 
5 weeks ago
Emburse - Take Control of Business Expenses
Share virtual cards or distribute physical cards to organize expenses ahead of time and manage spending across your team.
credit-cards  expenses  accounts  card  limit  spending 
5 weeks ago
Using React is a Business Descision, not a Technology Choice | Formidable Javascript Development Consulting
React has become very popular among developers and there are lots of resources that speak to its technical merits. However, migrating to (or choosing) a new framework ultimately comes down to selling it to everybody at the table — including non-developers.
react  decision  business  advocacy 
5 weeks ago
A Story of Slavery in Modern America - The Atlantic
She lived with us for 56 years. She raised me and my siblings without pay. I was 11, a typical American kid, before I realized who she was.
6 weeks ago
Maru packs a complete desktop experience on your smartphone. Your phone runs independently of your desktop so you can take a call and work on your big screen at the same time. Personal computing couldn't be simpler.
android  os  phone  keyboard  mouse  desktop 
6 weeks ago
If carpenters were hired like we hire developers
Interviewer: First of all, we're working in a subdivision building a lot of brown houses. Have you built a lot of brown houses before?
Carpenter: Well, I'm a carpenter, so I build houses, and people pretty much paint them the way they want.

Interviewer: Yes, I understand that, but can you give me an idea of how much experience you have with brown? Roughly.
humor  programming  carpenter  developer  hiring  jobs 
6 weeks ago
Lightmap Compression in The Witness | Ignacio Castaño
he RGBM color transform seemed to be a popular way to encode lightmaps. I gave that a try and the results weren't perfect, but it was a clear improvement and I could already think of several ways of improving the encoder. Over time I tested some of these ideas and managed to improve the quality significantly and also reduce the size of the lightmap data. In this post I'll describe some of these ideas and support them with examples showing my results.
lightmaps  game  texture-compression  programming 
6 weeks ago
A Lot of What Is Known about Pirates Is Not True, and a Lot of What Is True Is Not Known. | Humanities
In 1701, in Middletown, New Jersey, Moses Butterworth languished in a jail, accused of piracy. Like many young men based in England or her colonies, he had joined a crew that sailed the Indian Ocean intent on plundering ships of the Muslim Mughal Empire. Throughout the 1690s, these pirates marauded vessels laden with gold, jewels, silk, and calico on pilgrimage toward Mecca.
history  pirates  piracy 
6 weeks ago
JavaScript B+ Tree
Description of a B+Tree implementation
b+tree  datastructure  tree  javascript 
6 weeks ago
Rust Optimization.md
here's an optimization guide, aimed at those who know how to program but maybe don't know how it maps to real ones and zeroes on the bare metal of your CPU. I'll try to weave practical tips about optimizing Rust code with explanations of the reason why it's faster than the alternative, and we'll end with a case study from the Rust standard library.
optimization  performance  programming  rust 
6 weeks ago
A Defense of the Reality of Time
He defends a homey and unfashionable view of time. It has a built-in arrow. It is fundamental rather than derived from some deeper reality. Change is real, as opposed to an illusion or an artifact of perspective. The laws of physics act within time to generate each moment. Mixing mathematics, physics and philosophy, Maudlin bats away the reasons that scientists and philosophers commonly give for denying this folk wisdom.
geometry  time  physics  philosophy 
6 weeks ago
How I used maths to beat the bookies | 1843
decided to set myself one final challenge before I sent my draft to the publishers. I was going to take everything I had learnt about the mathematics of football and apply it to a real-life situation. I was determined to use maths to beat the bookies.
math  sports  gambling  betting  football 
6 weeks ago
Prepack · Partial evaluator for JavaScript
Prepack is a tool that optimizes JavaScript source code: Computations that can be done at compile-time instead of run-time get eliminated. Prepack replaces the global code of a JavaScript bundle with equivalent code that is a simple sequence of assignments. This gets rid of most intermediate computations and object allocations.
javascript  compiler  js  optimization  tool  performance  build 
7 weeks ago
Six programming paradigms that will change how you think about coding
Every now and then, I stumble across a programming language that does something so different that it changes how I think about coding. In this post, I want to share some of my favorite finds.
language  programming  paradigm 
8 weeks ago
The Universe of Discourse : I found the best anagram in English
The key technique is to reduce each word to a normal form so that two words have the same normal form if and only if they are anagrams of one another. In this case we do this by sorting the letters into alphabetical order, so that both megalodon and moonglade become adeglmnoo.
anagram  scoring 
8 weeks ago
Teller Reveals His Secrets | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian
The smaller, quieter half of the magician duo Penn and Teller talks about how magicians manipulate the human mind.
perception  magic  illusions  misdirection 
8 weeks ago
Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection | TED Talk | TED.com
Hailed as the greatest pickpocket in the world, Apollo Robbins studies the quirks of human behavior as he steals your watch.
video  pickpocket  attention  misdirection 
8 weeks ago
A Pickpocket’s Tale - The New Yorker
Robbins, who is thirty-eight and lives in Las Vegas, is a peculiar variety-arts hybrid, known in the trade as a theatrical pickpocket. Among his peers, he is widely considered the best in the world at what he does, which is taking things from people’s jackets, pants, purses, wrists, fingers, and necks, then returning them in amusing and mind-boggling ways. Robbins works smoothly and invisibly, with a diffident charm that belies his talent for larceny.
apollo  psychology  pickpocket  magic  attention  theft  con  neuroscience 
8 weeks ago
The Day of The Tentacle: Dependency Graph Analysis | The Website is Down Dev Blog
While cartoonish on the surface this game is highly polished with an elaborate design and complex puzzle structure. This post will focus on the puzzle dependency graph and the way in which the puzzles are integrated into the narrative.
game  design  graph  analysis  story  puzzle 
10 weeks ago
Ignition of the atmosphere with nuclear bombs
A document from August 1946 showing that nuclear bombs would not ignite the atmosphere.
atmosphere  ignite  nuclear  bomb  oxygen  burn 
12 weeks ago
mixu/electroshot: Capture website screenshots with optional device and network emulation as jpg, png or pdf (with web fonts!) using Electron / Chrome.
Capture website screenshots with optional device and network emulation as jpg, png or pdf (with web fonts!) using Electron / Chrome.
screenshot  web  render  pdf  png  testing  grab  screen 
march 2017
A Kaggle Master Explains Gradient Boosting | No Free Hunch
If linear regression was a Toyota Camry, then gradient boosting would be a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter. A particular implementation of gradient boosting, XGBoost, is consistently used to win machine learning competitions on Kaggle. Unfortunately many practitioners (including my former self) use it as a black box. It’s also been butchered to death by a host of drive-by data scientists’ blogs. As such, the purpose of this article is to lay the groundwork for classical gradient boosting, intuitively...
mathematics  machinelearning  kaggle  DataScience 
march 2017
Generate syntax diagrams (also known as railroad diagrams) for parser grammars written in PEG.js
grammar  diagram  parser  railroad 
march 2017
ANU Quantum Random Number Server
This website offers true random numbers to anyone on the internet. The random numbers are generated in real-time in our lab by measuring the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum.
api  generator  quantum  integers  random 
march 2017
Grasp - JavaScript structural search, replace, and refactor
Grasp is a command line utility that allows you to search and replace your JavaScript code - but unlike programs such as grep or sed, it searches the structure behind your code (the abstract syntax tree), rather than simply the text you've written
javascript  regex  search  code 
march 2017
Best Webfoot Forward » programmer productivity update
Lutz Prechelt wrote a technical report way back in 1999 that did a more rigorous, mathematical analysis of the variance in the time it takes programmers to complete one task. He finds that the distribution is wickedly skewed to the left, and the difference between the top and kinda-normal programmers is about 2.
productivity  programming  10x  programmer  tasks  research 
march 2017
shagunsodhani/papers-I-read: A-Paper-A-Week
I am trying a new initiative - a-paper-a-week. This repository will hold all those papers and related summaries and notes.
research  papers 
march 2017
Jerusalem syndrome - Wikipedia
The best known, although not the most prevalent, manifestation of Jerusalem syndrome is the phenomenon whereby a person who seems previously balanced and devoid of any signs of psychopathology becomes psychotic after arriving in Jerusalem. The psychosis is characterised by an intense religious theme and typically resolves to full recovery after a few weeks or after being removed from the area.
psychology  jerusalem  syndrome  psychotic  religion 
march 2017
How many floating-point numbers are in the interval [0,1]? – Daniel Lemire's blog
One of my readers left a comment suggesting that picking an integer in [0,232) at random and dividing it by 232, was equivalent to picking a number at random in [0,1)....That’s certainly “approximately true”, but we are making an error when doing so. How much of an error?

development  programming  floatingpoint  number  random 
march 2017
Why don't more physicists subscribe to pilot wave theory? - Quora
I particularly like Paul Mainwoods answer that covers some of the conceptual awkwardnesses with Pilot wave.
physics  pilotwave  pilot  quantum  determinism  bohm  debroglie 
march 2017
Why Kakoune — The quest for a better code editor
Inspired by VI, an editor based on a rethought editing language.
edit  language  vi  vim  editor 
february 2017
Learn from your mistakes | Blog • lichess.org
Chess program that finds mistakes in the games you play and helps you learn from them.
chess  learning  mistakes  analysis 
february 2017
How to build a medieval castle | History Extra
The Norman Conquest triggered a boom in castle building, but the process of creating a fortress from scratch was far from simple, as John Goodall finds out...
castle  norman  construction  history 
february 2017
5 day fast mimicking diet, with research suggesting a variety of beneficial effects.
fast  diet  food  immune  health 
february 2017
How to Self-Publish a Novel in 2017
The process of self-publishing a paperback novel.
amazon  novel  paperback  scifi  publish  self  publishing 
february 2017
Parsers turn strings of characters into meaningful data structures (like a JSON object!). nearley is a fast, feature-rich, and modern parser toolkit for JavaScript.
javascript  js  parser  node 
january 2017
Feathers | Instant Realtime and REST APIs with Node.js
An open source REST and realtime API layer for modern applications.
javascript  api  framework  rest  nodejs 
january 2017
Stepping into math: Open-sourcing our step-by-step solver
Our app lets you take a picture of a homework question, and we teach you how to answer it — magic!
math  recognition  step  maths  homework  photo 
january 2017
A very casual introduction to Fully Homomorphic Encryption – A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
Encrypting a document isn’t the same as putting it into a physical lockbox. And this is a good thing! Because in fact, there is a kind of encryption that allows us to bypass some of these limitations. We refer to this as homomorphic encryption, and its defining characteristic is this: you can perform useful operations on encrypted values without decrypting them first.
crypto  encryption  math  programming  homomorphic 
january 2017
The Most Effective Weapon on the Modern Battlefield is Concrete - Modern War Institute
Concrete is as symbolic to their deployments as the weapons they carried. No other weapon or technology has done more to contribute to achieving strategic goals of providing security, protecting populations, establishing stability, and eliminating terrorist threats.
concrete  warfare  weapon  war  iraq  fortification 
november 2016
Tom Smith and His Incredible Bread Machine | Mises Institute
A fairly randian poem, but here's a great stanza:

The rule of law, in complex times,
Has proved itself deficient.
We much prefer the rule of men!
It's vastly more efficient.
poem  economics  government  competition  freedom  freemarket 
november 2016
Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary | Ars Technica
It's easy to give something away when you're in last place with zero marketshare, precisely where Android started. When you're in first place though, it's a little harder to be so open and welcoming. Android has gone from being the thing that protects Google to being something worth protecting in its own right. Mobile is the future of the Internet, and controlling the world's largest mobile platform has tons of benefits. At this point, it's too difficult to stuff the open source genie back into the bottle, which begs the question: how do you control an open source project?
android  google  opensource  mobile 
november 2016
Mars Explorers Wanted Posters
NASA originally commissioned these posters for an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex in 2009. As part of our Journey to Mars, these versions are now available to everyone online.
art  nasa  space  mars  posters  recruitment 
august 2016
Generating fantasy maps
I wanted to make maps that look like something you'd find at the back of one of the cheap paperback fantasy novels of my youth. I always had a fascination with these imagined worlds, which were often much more interesting than whatever luke-warm sub-Tolkien tale they were attached to.
javascript  art  graphics  maps  programming  generative  cartography  myth  legend 
august 2016
70's Interstellar Spacecraft Project Was Huge - Project Daedalus : space
Project Daedalus was a design from the British Interplanetary Society for an interstellar spacecraft.
interstellar  spacecraft  spaceship  big 
july 2016
Quantopian inspires talented people everywhere to write investment algorithms.
Select authors may license their algorithms to us and get paid based on performance.
finance  python  trading  algorithms  fintech  backtest  investment 
july 2016
"Reverse Engineering for Beginners" free book
Dennis @Yurichev has published an impressive (and free!) book on reverse engineering
book  security  analysis  engineering 
july 2016
The Inner JSON Effect - The Daily WTF
“So you have ‘customers.json’ and ‘customers.js’. The JSON file is the metadata and the JS file has all the code. So the list of functions in the JSON file tells JDSL to look up those revisions of the JS file to find what functions are available. In this case the actual code is in revisions 568, 899, 900, 901, and so on.”
json  dsl  database  subversion  vcs  code  wtf 
july 2016
The Craziest Poker Bet of the Decade — The Ringer
Winning 3 events at a single WSOP is not easy.

"Selbst and Mercier negotiated. Eventually they shook hands on 180-to-1 odds. Mercier handed over the $10,000 that very night."
poker  bracelet  wsop  sidebet  bet 
july 2016
Model Penal Code United States of America 1962.pdf
The Model Penal Code has served as a guide for changes to laws in many states in the USA.
law  example  legal  system  punishment  guilt  framework 
july 2016
The Cabinet Manual - cabinet-manual.pdf
A guide to laws, conventions
and rules on the operation
of government
politics  uk  work  constitution  cabinet 
july 2016
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