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[live action movie] Shiori/Rin + loyalty kink
I just saw the live action movie and the chemistry between Shiori and Rin blew me away. I'd love to see some femslash exploring Rin's devotion to Shiori and the Genpou family.
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:shiori/rin  prompt:femslash 
october 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Non-Con Lap dance Alois/restrainedCiel
Claude manages to snatch Ciel right under Sebastian's nose for Alois to "play" with. Ciel wakes up, tied to a chair with Alois wearing black sexy booty shorts. And Alois gives Ciel one hell of a lap dance, whether Ciel likes it or not... Bonus if Anon wants to take it a bit further of Alois topping Ciel from the bottom then that's okay!
unfilled  kuroshitsuji-kink#1  prompt:Alois/Ciel  prompt:slash 
september 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Ciel Topping Sebastian First Time Sex Power Play
That's basically it! I feel that Ciel is a utter seme trapped in a short, scrawny, useless 13 year old body and wants to be in charge and on top of everything... Sebastian dropping flirtatious hints on Ciel wanting to take him and which backfires at him when Ciel wants to make him his bitch, and Sebastian humors him! I just want a small human boy besting an all powerful sexy epitome entity of evil on his back. ( don't let Sebastian ride him, he'll probably crush him lol) Giving Ciel's past with the cultist he would flat out refuse to take it up the ass.
unfilled  kuroshitsuji-kink#1  prompt:ciel/sebastian  prompt:slash 
september 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Sebastian/Ciel + domesticity
When Ciel and Sebastian went to London to investigate Jack the Ripper, Sebastian said something like, "At least we'll have a few days of peace and quiet." I got the feeling that Sebastian, especially, was looking forward to a few uninterrupted days of Ciel's company (or maybe just of not having to pretend to be human for the other servants). I would love to see what a quiet stretch of domesticity might look like for the two of them, with no servants or unexpected visitors.
unfilled  kuroshitsuji-kink#1  prompt:ciel/sebastian  prompt:slash 
september 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Ciel dies as he completes his revenge and Sebastian gets his soul. Sebastian being sophisticated with his meal he likes to savor his food and eats remnants of Ciels soul from time to time and keeps the rest in his flask. So Ciel's not completely gone his soul has been torn and ripped between hell and earth. So Ciel comes back as a shade or shadow person and haunts a Sebastian. He's a kind of derange and insane of being a ghost.
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:Ciel/Sebastian  prompt:slash 
september 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Alois/Elizabeth/Ciel Non-con
Remember when Alois snagged Elizabeth from the dance floor away from Ciel? Alois seduces her and leads her to his bed chambers. Elizabeth is extremely uncomfortable and desperately wants to be away from this creep. Ciel finds them and tries to save his beloved fiancé/cousin away from this creepy fucker. Alois being gay was just using Elizabeth to lure Ciel to have a taste of that Phantomhive ass, and poor Elizabeth gets tangle in this mess and ends up getting abuse because Alois hates women. Threeway sex pls! Bonus if Elizabeth gets to be more bruised up than Ciel and her body handled roughly. She's pretty defenseless without her swords!
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:Alois/Elizabeth/Ciel  prompt:threesome 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Ciel needs to get laid! SebaCiel
Ciel is now 17, hormonal and bitchier than ever. It's grating on the Phantomhive staff and Sebastian almost close to pulling his hair out. He stumbles on Bardroy quipping about the young master needs to get laid and Sebastian comes up with a solution! Sebastian fucks his brains out and the aftermath is Ciel all nice and pleasant, and it's freaking everyone out! Lol
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:Ciel/Sebastian  prompt:slash 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Ciel topping Sebastian has consequences mpreg
Ciel wants to top Sebastian for the first time and Sebastian agrees. This leads to an unexpecting demonic hell spawn bun cooking inside Sebastians oven and it's Ciels child! Becuase there isn't enough mpregSebastian! :( I would looove to see Ciel's reaction!!! ^.^
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:Ciel/Sebastian  prompt:slash 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Soma/Agni + Hand of God
Because I can think of about a dozen sexy uses for Agni's Hand of God right off the top of my head, and I'm guessing you can too.
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:Agni/Soma  prompt:slash 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Ciel/Doll lemon, side pairing Sebastian/Ciel
Doll feels guilty for dowsing Ciel in water which led him getting an asthma attack, so she decides to repay him with her body. Doll is force to prostitute herself in and out of circus and it's the first time Doll choses a sexual partner and willing to offer herself to Ciel. Ciel is a virgin when it comes to girls and ends up sleeping with Doll.
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:Ciel/Doll  prompt:het 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Grell + The Color Red
I don't even know why, but I think it would be hilarious to see Grell finding other ways to decorate with pretty red now that the Jack the Ripper gig is over. It could be as mundane as Grell knitting a red scarf for Will or Sebastian, or as out there as Grell literally painting the town red. I don't care if it's gen or part of a pairing. I don't care how you interpret Grell's gender identity. Mostly, I just want to see more Grell.
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:Grell  prompt:unspecified 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Ciel + Lying
In the anime, I love the moments when Ciel admits that he lies. I would love to see a story explore this a little further. I know that he lies in the course of his work as the Queen's Guard Dog, but I'd love to see how it manifests in his personal life. Does he lie to Sebastian? To Lizzy? To himself? There are all sorts of things you could do with it: 5 times Ciel lied and one time he told the truth, 2 truths and a lie, a first-person story with an unreliable narrator . . . really, the sky's the limit.

I prefer Sebastian/Ciel, but I would also be happy with Ciel/Lizzy or gen.
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:Ciel/Sebastian  prompt:Ciel/Lizzy  prompt:gen 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Sebastian/Agni - butler aesthetics
However prospective writer wants to run with it (exploration? clash? rivalry? play?)
kuroshitsuji-kink#1  unfilled  prompt:Agni/Sebastian  prompt:slash 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Sebastian Torture
Ever since that time in s1 I've been longing for some more explicit Sebastian being subjected to thorough medieval-style sexual torture involving various implements (pillory, branks, Judas cradle, choke pear, etc.).
unfilled  kuroshitsuji-kink#1  prompt:Sebastian  prompt:unspecified 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Ran Mao/Mey-rin/Nina Hopkins, threesome
Unbeknownst to one another, Ran Mao and Nina Hopkins have both been flirting with Mey-rin for ages, but Mey-rin has nervously turned them down every time--and not because she's not interested. When they suddenly team up, how can she keep denying herself?
unfilled  kuroshitsuji-kink#1  prompt:Ran-Mao/Mey-rin/Nina  prompt:femslash  prompt:threesome 
july 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Agni/Soma, body worship
Because you can't deny that Agni is 110% devoted to Soma and would be all about thoroughly exploring him and telling him how beautiful and perfect he is.

Or maybe Soma wants to take his time making Agni feel good and catalogs how he has used every part of his body to fulfill Soma's every desire.
unfilled  kuroshitsuji-kink#1 
july 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Sebastian/Ciel/Lizzy - sex tutor
Ciel and Lizzy get married, but their first few attempts at sex are painful and embarrassing for both of them. Finally, Ciel enlists Sebastian to tutor them both in the delicate art of lovemaking.
unfilled  kuroshitsuji-kink#1  prompt:Ciel/Lizzy/Sebastian  prompt:threesome 
july 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Sebastian/Ciel - experimentation
something post s2 with Ciel experimenting with his new demon powers (if he has any).
unfilled  kuroshitsuji-kink#1  prompt:Ciel/Sebastian  prompt:slash 
july 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink

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