Re: partition does not exist (but it is there).
"One of the reasons for this error is that the broker hasn't received the first LeaderAndIsr request from the controller yet. When a broker starts up, the only way it knows what partitions it owns is through the first LeaderAndIsr request."
september 2018
Restarted brokers are kept with a broken connection (producer) · Issue #665 · Shopify/sarama
"On certain older versions we have seen bugs where one of the brokers caches incorrect metadata from zookeeper."
september 2018
Go Maps Don't Appear to be O(1) : golang
The claims in the original post are incorrect, but the discussion in this Reddit thread is useful.
august 2018
Warning at vagrant up - can't check for updates · Issue #816 · laravel/homestead
Replace "atlas.hashicorp" with "vagrantcloud" using this command.
july 2018
How to reverse a string in Go? - Stack Overflow
Also an excellent example of how to do a for-loop with two iterators.
june 2018
Slice pass as value or pointer? - Getting Help - Go Forum
"When you pass a slice by value, your called function modifySlice gets a copy of the slice structure (a pointer and two ints), but that copy points to the same (possibly large) underlying array of storage as the slice in the calling code."
june 2018
Python Classes
Short and quick Python reference.
june 2018
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