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Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library for InVIsion Studio and Sketch.
illustration  resources  Free 
4 weeks ago by kopfbunt
Fresh Folk
An illustration library of people and objects
illustration  resources  Free 
4 weeks ago by kopfbunt
Free Illustrations
and Icons for everyone. Use them for anything you like. Free for commercial and personal use.
icons  illustration  free  resources 
4 weeks ago by kopfbunt
Vector Illustrations
Ouch helps creators who don’t draw overcome the lack of quality graphics. Download the free illustrations from top Dribbble artists to class up your product.
illustration  resources  Free 
4 weeks ago by kopfbunt
Download surrealist illustrations. Use free vector art for your landing pages, presentations and apps. These artworks combine the absurdity and childishness.
illustration  free  resources 
4 weeks ago by kopfbunt
Open-source illustrations for every project you can imagine and create.
illustration  free  resources 
4 weeks ago by kopfbunt
Open source illustrations kit
Large set of opensource illustrations. You can use completely free and without attribution.
illustration  free 
4 weeks ago by kopfbunt
Open Doodles
A library of sketchy illustrations of people free for personal and commercial use.
illustration  graphics  Free 
4 weeks ago by kopfbunt
»Free simple icons for your next project.«
ifttt  resources  free  icons 
august 2012 by kopfbunt
Fontfabric™ Type Foundry
Hier bekommt ihr ein paar richtig schöne Displayschriften - for free!
typo  typography  type  fonts  KlickEmpfehlung  free 
april 2009 by kopfbunt
SEO eBook
Free SEO For Wordpress 2.5 eBook
wordpress  ebook  seo  free  KlickEmpfehlung 
march 2009 by kopfbunt
Design Resource
Die 25 besten Seiten zum Download von kostenlosen Vektordateien
linksammlung  download  free  vector  KlickEmpfehlung  vektor 
march 2009 by kopfbunt
40 Quellen für Lizenzfreie Bilder und Fotos
40+ Sources To Download High-Quality Royalty Free Stock Images
linksammlung  free  photos  KlickEmpfehlung  stock  photography  bilder  Fotos 
march 2009 by kopfbunt
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