Design–Oriented WordPress Themes by Pixelgrade
Pixelgrade makes WordPress themes to help you stand out and make an impact.
wordpress  wp-themes 
16 hours ago
MapSVG Plugin Review: Create Interactive Maps in WordPress - WPExplorer
MapSVG is a nifty WordPress plugin that helps you to create interactive and responsive maps on your WordPress site. Thanks to a suite of nice features, you can convert any SVG file into an interactive map. That’s not all, you can create detailed floor plans, infographics, Google maps, Chloropleth maps, image maps and so much more.

In this review, we look at the features that make MapSVG one of the best mapping plugins for WordPress on the web. We also test drive the plugin, so stick around and read all the way to the end. This is definitely a good deal, so get yourself a mug of coffee and let’s roll.
maps  wordpress  wp-plugins  reviews  SVG  MapSVG 
18 hours ago
A Map of Every Building in America - The New York Times
Most of the time, The New York Times asks you to read something. Today we are inviting you, simply, to look. On this page you will find maps showing almost every building in the United States.

Why did we make such a thing? We did it as an opportunity for you to connect with the country’s cities and explore them in detail. To find the familiar, and to discover the unfamiliar.

So … look. Every black speck on the map below is a building, reflecting the built legacy of the United States.
maps  buildings  USA 
21 hours ago
Become a Stylistic Typography Expert in Sketch – Yummygum Journal
Last month I wrote about the finer details of text rendering in Sketch. Today I want to point out some more practical tips and tricks for you to use use to improve your typographic skills within Sketch. We’ll go over a few things:
How to access hidden typographic features within Sketch
How to change the appearance of a bullet list
How to use glyphs within a font as icons.
fonts  typography  Sketch 
21 hours ago
11 great websites to find data sets | Data Interview Questions
If you're new to the data space, or if you've recently learned a new skill, or just trying to build a more robust data science/analystportfolio, a perfect way of solidifying your skills is to do some mini-projects focused on your new skills. Below we outline a few places you can find publicly available data for your next project.
database  dataset  resources  opensource 
2 days ago
Getting your theme ready for Gutenberg - Bill Erickson
If you’re building custom themes for clients, you should be adding Gutenberg support right now. Here are some quick tips to help you make the most of Gutenberg.
wordpress  Gutenberg  themes  development  tips 
5 days ago
Sans Forgetica - RMIT
Sans Forgetica is a downloadable font that is scientifically designed to help you remember your study notes.
learning  fonts  typography  design  font 
5 days ago
Io leggo da solo | Catalogo Libri | DeA Planeta Libri
Le fiabe più belle e più note presentate in una collana tutta nuova dedicata ai piccoli che si avvicinano alla lettura autonoma per la prima volta. I testi brevi, scritti in stampatello e riccamente illustrati, utilizzano un lessico semplice, arricchito di alcune parole più complesse che costituiranno una sfida per i piccoli lettori.
kids  libri  lettura  letteratura  bambini  italiano 
5 days ago
The PPCAppStore is a software distribution platform, for PowerPC macs, compatible with MacOS 10.4 Tiger, MacOS 10.5 Leopard and MacOS 10.6 SnowLeopard OS.
It allows users to download essential applications to keep their PowerPC macs alive.
The purpose of the store is to keep a copy of the applications, because lately the platform PowerPC is no longer supported and developers not provide anymore the version for PowerPC macs.
retrocomputing  mac  osx  PPC 
5 days ago
Cos'è un font? La guida completa per designer alla tipografia - Grafigata!
Cos’è un font? E come si usano i font? Come si possono creare progetti tipografici di qualità, usando nel modo migliore i caratteri?
Questo articolo vuole essere la risposta a questa e a molte altre domande che tanti giovani designer si pongono tutti i giorni.
6 days ago
Fathom Analytics
Fathom Analytics provides simple, useful websites stats without tracking or storing personal data of your users.
webdev  tools  analytics  opensource 
6 days ago
How to upgrade to macOS High Sierra - Apple Support
If you have hardware or software that isn't compatible with macOS Mojave, you might be able to upgrade to macOS High Sierra.
macOS  downloads  Apple  High-Sierra 
7 days ago
How to upgrade to macOS Sierra - Apple Support
If you have hardware or software that isn't compatible with macOS Mojave or macOS High Sierra, you might be able to upgrade to macOS Sierra.
osx  apple  download  macOS  Sierra 
7 days ago
Visual Portfolio - Gutenberg block
Visual Portfolio is a plugin that allows to make galleries of portfolio items: in your portfolio, you can show a set of images, your posts or special portfolio posts.
Visual Portfolio works with the Gutenberg plugin (it’s a new editor for WordPress 5), so you should install it too.
wordpress  wp-plugins  portfolio  Gutenberg 
8 days ago
Stackable – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress
Stackable adds the missing design blocks and options you need in the WordPress Gutenberg editor.
wordpress  wp-plugins  Gutenberg 
8 days ago
Mastodon instances
Let me help you choose an instance
I will ask you a few questions about your needs, then I will show you instances that best suit these.

You may skip any step by keeping default options if you want to.
Mastodon  social-media 
10 days ago
BOUML - a free UML tool box
BOUML is a free UML 2 tool box including a modeler allowing you to specify and generate code in C++, Java, Idl, Php, Python and MySQL.
UML  tools  coding  programming  diagrams 
12 days ago
BGDMdocker: a Docker workflow for data mining and visualization of bacterial pan-genomes and biosynthetic gene clusters [PeerJ]
Recently, Docker technology has received increasing attention throughout the bioinformatics community. However, its implementation has not yet been mastered by most biologists; accordingly, its application in biological research has been limited. In order to popularize this technology in the field of bioinformatics and to promote the use of publicly available bioinformatics tools, such as Dockerfiles and Images from communities, government sources, and private owners in the Docker Hub Registry and other Docker-based resources, we introduce here a complete and accurate bioinformatics workflow based on Docker. The present workflow enables analysis and visualization of pan-genomes and biosynthetic gene clusters of bacteria. This provides a new solution for bioinformatics mining of big data from various publicly available biological databases. The present step-by-step guide creates an integrative workflow through a Dockerfile to allow researchers to build their own Image and run Container easily.
docker  bioinformatics  ITB  genomics  computational-biology 
12 days ago
TLDR pages
The TLDR pages are a community effort to simplify the beloved man pages with practical examples.
tools  documentation  linux  man-pages 
12 days ago
Adequacy of the protection of personal data in non-EU countries | European Commission
How the EU determines if a non-EU country has an adequate level of data protection.
privacy  EU  legal  GDPR  resources  European-Commission 
12 days ago
Tech Support at SupportDetails.com (system information, browser version & more)
SupportDetails.com has everything you need to know to keep tech support people happy: which computer you are using (PC or Mac), which operating system (Windows or OS X), which web browser (eg, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge), your IP address and more system information.
webdev  browser  helpdesk  resources 
13 days ago
Apulia Recovery | iRecovery Data
Recupero Dati Bari – Apulia Recovery
Recuperiamo i dati da qualunque tipo di supporto come hard disk, sistemi RAID, SSD, SD, DVR, Tablet e Smartphone
14 days ago
Visual Studio Code Can Do That? — Smashing Magazine
Why is Visual Studio Code (VS Code) so popular, and do we really need another text editor? In this article, we’ll take a look at how VS Code extends traditional text editor concepts and opens up entirely new avenues of productivity for developers. These are all the best things about VS Code that nobody ever bothered to tell you.
css  programming  editor  VisualStudioCode 
18 days ago
IGES - Instagram Enhancement Suite - Chrome Web Store
IGES is the No.1 Chrome extension to download and upload Instagram posts.

☻ →Downloading
This extension allows you to download IG photos and videos, both YOURS and OTHERS, from the browser.

★Download multiple posts of an account - just one click!!
▷Open Instagram from Chrome browser on PC, click the icon right next to the account information.
▷Adjust your download preference.

★Selective downloading
▷If you only want to download specific posts, simply click the download icon on each post. (Move your mouse on the post, the icon will show up)
Google-Chrome  extensions  plugins  Instagram 
19 days ago
Short Menu for Mac: Powerful URL Shortener
Short Menu for Mac — Powerful, intelligent & lightning fast URL shortener

• Fast + Intelligent
Short Menu automatically takes the long URL from your clipboard and copies the short URL for you.

• All your Accounts
Add all your bit.ly, Rebrandly, Google, Hive, tiny.cc, Droplr and CloudApp accounts.

• Custom Services
Create as many custom services as you want by configuring custom URL requests.

• Built for Power Users
Short Menu utilizes your Mac's power by allowing you to configure shortcuts and even automatic URL shortening.
tools  app  menubar  macOS  osx  URL-shortener 
21 days ago
Vapid: an intentionally simple CMS
Vapid is an intentionally simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML.

Vapid takes the best of static site builders and introduces the ability to have a dashboard with almost no extra effort.
development  tools  opensource  cms  static  Vapid 
21 days ago
Editor Blocks - Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress
Editor Blocks is a unique collection of blocks for the new WordPress Editor (Gutenberg).
wordpress  Gutenberg  wp-plugins 
21 days ago
A Simple Personal CRM App for Friends - Keep My Friends
Keep My Friends Is Useful To

- Remind me to call home every week
- Keep in contact with friends and relatives living overseas in opposite time zones
- Re-establish lost friendships and reconnect with new and consistent follow up
- Keep professional lines of communication open for future opportunities
- Manage your informal networking
- Follow up meaningfully after meeting new people at conferences or events
CRM  tools  friends 
22 days ago
Remember Me Easter Egg – Weston Ruter
Here’s a fun little easter egg to add to your WordPress login screen: make it so when you click the “Remember Me” checkbox that the song of the same name from Coco
wordpress  wp-plugins  login 
25 days ago
Free Genesis Themes - Brian Gardner
I’m Brian Gardner and those are free themes I've created for the Genesis Framework. Feel free to download and use them to build something awesome.
wordpress  wp-themes  Genesis-framework  Genesis 
28 days ago
Aqua Screenshot Library – 512 Pixels
Aqua started life on CRTs and small notebook screens. Today, it spans from 12-inch MacBooks to the 27-inch iMac. It has undergone system font changes and the Retina transition. It has had to adapt, hosting the addition of dozens and dozens of features over the years.
mac  apple  design  wallpapers 
29 days ago
In-Depth Guide on Hosting Local Fonts in WordPress
When it comes to hosting and using fonts on your WordPress site there are a lot of different options. You can host them locally, you can use Google fonts (most themes nowadays have Google fonts integrated), or utilize another 3rd party service like Adobe Typekit. Today we want to dive into a few reasons why hosting local fonts in WordPress can be advantageous. Not only can you have a larger selection of fonts, but there are sometimes performance benefits to this as well. Check out our in-depth tutorial below on how to host your premium fonts locally as well as any font family from Google fonts.
fonts  WordPress  web-typography  web-fonts 
4 weeks ago
Cool Fonts vs. Best Fonts Fonts That People Actually Use
We’ve analyzed the fonts that the greatest startups from ProductHunt use. Read our story or analyze raw data.
fonts  graphics  typography  resources  showcase 
4 weeks ago
Space Grotesk font by Florian Karsten
Space Grotesk is released under SIL Open Font License, as modified version of Space Mono (2016, Colophon Foundry & Google Fonts).
fonts  grotesque  typography 
4 weeks ago
RecuperaBit ~ A tool for forensic file system reconstruction.
A software which attempts to reconstruct file system structures and recover files. Currently it supports only NTFS.

RecuperaBit attempts reconstruction of the directory structure regardless of:

missing partition table
unknown partition boundaries
partially-overwritten metadata
quick format
NTFS  file-system  recovery  tools  forensics 
5 weeks ago
Collect and prioritize product feedback · Fider
Fider can help you collect and prioritize product feedback so that you can focus on building the right product.
customers  productivity  tools  feedback 
5 weeks ago
TCM | Twocanoes Software
TCM is the best way to manage your Macs, instantly. Take a screenshot, open an app, open a web page, reboot a computer, send a UNIX command, reboot to Windows — all without leaving your desk. TCM does all of this right from a web browser. No software to install on the administrator computer and accessible from anywhere.
macOS  tools  management 
5 weeks ago
Youdot | Riscopri il potenziale di un nome a dominio scaduto
Con Youdot, trovare un nome di dominio non è mai stato più facile. La nostra piattaforma è la migliore soluzione per recuperare e sviluppare dei nomi di dominio attrattivi
DNS  domain  registar  marketing  tools 
5 weeks ago
Rinnovo patente | mit
La patente di guida deve essere rinnovata a scadenze diverse a seconda della categoria posseduta e dell’età del conducente.

Il rinnovo consiste in una visita per l'accertamento dei requisiti fisici e psichici di idoneità alla guida da parte di medici abilitati.
patente  guide  italiano 
5 weeks ago
Custom Domains service deprecation – Medium Support
Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature. Instead, you can create a publication on Medium that will live on a medium.com/publication-name URL.
Medium  publishing  custom-domain 
5 weeks ago
Bootstrap Blog - The Bootstrap Themes
Bootstrap Blog is a free WordPress blog theme. It is perfect for lifestyle bloggers, style guides, personal bloggers, feminine, traveller, journal, photographers and is very easy to use and customize with live preview. It supports Woocommerce plugin and is SEO optimized.
wp-themes  wordpress  templates  lifestyle  magazine 
6 weeks ago
Two-Bit History
This is a blog about computer history intended primarily for computer people. While there is a lot of writing out there about the history of computing for a general audience, there is much less for a technical audience—which I think is a shame, because there are so many interesting historical questions that might only occur to somebody who designs and builds software every day,
computing  history 
6 weeks ago
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