Eversync (the alternative to Xmarks)
Enjoy access to your favorite sites, bookmarks, and tabs from any computer and any browser - with perfect ease! Eversync will keep your favorite content within your immediate reach at all times!
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19 hours ago
24 Instagram Metrics You Need To Know
A good Instagram marketing strategy is made up from having a clear goal, actionable tactics, and measurable performance metrics. If one piece of the chain is missing, the whole chain will break.
So in today’s article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Instagram metrics. What they mean, where to find them, and, most importantly, what you can do with them to boost your Instagram marketing. We’ll cover General, Stories’, and Instagram Ads metrics.
Instagram  marketing  how-to  metrics  tutorials  business 
19 hours ago
Bannersnack - Online Banner Maker, Design & Create banners
The Original Online Banner Maker

Start from a custom size or grab a standard-size layout from our gallery. Add a background, animate your text and shapes, experiment with different colors and push our banner creator to the limits.
banner  maker  advertising  marketing  tool 
19 hours ago
Engineering Managers Slack Group
You are welcome to join Engineering Managers chat if you’re currently working as an Engineering Manager, Team Lead, or any other role which involves managing people working in technology.
management  tech  engineering 
20 hours ago
Project Jupyter | Home
Project Jupyter exists to develop open-source software, open-standards, and services for interactive computing across dozens of programming languages.
development  python  visualization  programming 
21 hours ago
Bring an Old Mac to Life with OS X Server | The Mac Security Blog
OS X Server runs on any Mac that runs El Capitan, even an old Mac. Most users don't need a server, but I'm going to explain a few reasons why you might want to bring an old Mac to life with OS X Server. You don't need a fast Mac for these tasks; I use a five-year old Mac mini as my server (the only requirement is that it be able to run El Capitan and have at least 2 GB RAM). It's inexpensive, easy to set up, and offers a lot of advantages.
server  mac  OSX-server  sysadmin  Apple 
22 hours ago
Create invoices in a flash, automate your cash flow, and reduce your exposure to risk with the first invoicing software to be powered by credit score data.
invoice  tools  freelance  template 
2 days ago
Data Tables
In this article, I'll be exploring how to create inclusive data tables: ones that are screen reader accessible, responsive, and as ergonomic as possible for everyone.
javascript  react  a11y  data-tables 
2 days ago
GDPR event London 2017 - with Tim Walters - YouTube
The GDPR has been called “a revolution,” “a paradigm change,” and “a ticking time bomb.” Such language suggests that it’s going to have a forceful impact and, for the unprepared, a potentially destructive outcome – indeed, the highest level of fines are €20 million or 4% of the firm’s global gross revenue. In this presentation, we’ll provide the essential foundation for planning a response before the regulation takes effect in May of 2018.
You will get an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation and how it differs from existing EU Data Protection Directive, its requirements, and potential fines. Tim will analyze the key provisions and workloads, including controllers and processors, consent, legitimate interest, profiling/targeting, data transfers, the “right to be forgotten,” and data portability. And of course, you will get recommendations for next steps.
After this session you will know just how to adapt to the GDPR-era, how not only to survive but thrive, and how to transform your organization from a wolf (personal data predator) into a shepherd (trusted personal data steward).
Tim Walters is a principal strategist and the privacy lead at The Content Advisory, as well as a founding partner of Digital Clarity Group and a contributing analyst for the Content Marketing Institute.
In this writing, advising, and public speaking, Tim aims to help both enterprises and solution providers come to terms with customer experience management (CEM) – while also respecting the privacy and personal data of consumers. In particular, Tim focuses on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the challenges and opportunities it poses for marketers and other customer experience professionals.
GDPR  privacy  Tim-Walters  resources 
5 days ago
Keybase (an open source Slack alternative)
Keybase is a new and free security app for mobile phones and computers. For the geeks among us: it's open source and powered by public-key cryptography.

Keybase is for anyone. Imagine a Slack for the whole world, except end-to-end encrypted across all your devices. Or a Team Dropbox where the server can't leak your files or be hacked.
tools  collaboration  chat  instant-messaging 
6 days ago
Design Systems Repo | A Collection of Design System Resources
A frequently updated collection of Design System examples, articles, tools and talks.
design  design-system  examples  articles  tools  talks  resources 
8 days ago
Webtype ~ high-end fonts for online typography
Webtype provides high-end fonts for online typography. We offer web designers the resources they need to bring professional branding and style to their websites.
fonts  typography  design  webdesign 
9 days ago
A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios

The Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines are provided as a means to create more accessible interfaces for all, especially those with visual impairment.
accessibility  app  webdesign  color  WCAG  MacOS 
9 days ago
Gutenberg — A Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit
Gutenberg is a work-in-progress project by Matej Latin that brings meaning and craftsmanship to web typography.
typography  css  opensource  webdesign  Gutenberg 
9 days ago
Simplll – wpmagg
Simplll is a really simple but functional WordPress theme. It is minimalistic, bloat-free and blazing fast!
wordpress  wp-themes  minimal 
9 days ago
Gentics Mesh - The open source headless CMS for developers
Gentics Mesh is an open source headless CMS, complete with multi-language support, versioning and roles & permissions
cms  Gentics-Mesh 
9 days ago
Fragmenta – A Golang CMS
Fragmenta CMS lets you build websites quickly because it takes care of all the scut work which is common to every website - user login, pages, blog posts, etc, and lets you get on with the bits which are unique to your app (or just use the basics provided). You can get started in seconds:

Easy deployment - all you need is a database and fragmenta - test it locally with the built-in web server
Rich editing using the exact same styles as your website
Free and Open Source (MIT) – download a binary or compile it yourself with go get
webdev  cms  Fragmenta  Golang 
10 days ago
⁢Invisible iOS Home Screen icon Template
Adding a link to this page from your iPhone will allow you to create an invisible icon that can be used to reposition your home screen's icons exactly how your desire.
ios  customization  blank 
11 days ago
Proposed WordCamp Editorial Calendar – Make WordPress Communities
Proposed WordCamp Editorial Calendar
Having a standardized editorial calendar for WordCamps is something the Marketing team would like to help with. We’d love the Community feedback.

Here is our proposal.

Should show suggested copy for each item and two or three different examples from WordCamps across the globe.
Emphasise copy is a starting point to be tweaked: user should localise content, so not all WordCamps sound the same!
Copy should be gender neutral, ie “they/them”.
WordCamp  inspiration 
12 days ago
Higher Education - Catch Themes
Higher Education is a simple, clean and user-friendly education WordPress theme especially designed for schools and academic institutions. The responsive layout and beautiful design make your website look welcoming. The theme provides your visitors an easy access to any area they like. The Higher Education WordPress theme has powerful theme customization options as well. It has a large roster of versatile features such as custom header media, logo, custom menu, social icons, featured slider, hero content, featured slider, promotion headline, portfolio, logo slider, courses, professors, testimonials, events, news, and more. With an array of crucial features filled in it, Higher Education is perfect for schools, universities, language classes, professional courses, and all the academic institutions. Make your website more engaging and informative with Higher Education. The theme gives the perfect niche that is dynamic, multi-functional and upfront. This theme is translation ready. For more details, check out the Theme Instructions.
WordPress  wp-themes  education 
12 days ago
WP GDPR — WordPress Plugins
The plugin will create a page where users can request access to their personal data, stored on your website.
In the backend you’ll get an overview of the requests users send and you can see which plugins collect personal data and need a ‘ask for approval’ checkbox.

Users who ask to view their personal data will get an email with a unique url on which they can view, update and download their comments and ask for a removal per comment.
When they ask for a removal, the admin has the ability to delete the comment through the wp-gdpr backend.
All emails will be sent automatically.

With add-ons they can view, update and download their personal data or ask for a removal and this for Gravity Forms, Mailchimp, Woocommerce, The events calendar and Events manager.

More info about add-ons can be found on https://wp-gdpr.eu/.
WordPress  wp-plugins  GDPR 
12 days ago
Audio-Router (for Windows)
Routes audio from programs to different audio devices.
audio  Windows  utility 
15 days ago
Bulk Crap Uninstaller
Bulk Crap Uninstaller is a free (as in speech) program uninstaller. It excels at removing large amounts of applications with minimal user input. It can clean up leftovers, detect orphaned applications, run uninstallers according to premade lists, and much more!

Even though BCU was made with IT pros in mind, by default it is so straight-forward that anyone can use it effortlessly!
windows  software  uninstaller  BCUninstaller 
15 days ago
IBM Plex - the new corporate typeface
Meet IBM Plex, our new corporate typeface. It’s global, it’s versatile and it’s distinctly IBM.

We designed Plex carefully to both meet our needs as a global tech company and express who we are as people. It took two years and a lot of work to get here, but today we have a signature typeface we’re proud and excited to share with the world. Plex is an open-source project (OFL) and free to download and use. The Plex family comes in a Sans, Serif, Mono and Sans Condensed, all with roman and true italics. The fonts have been designed to work well in user interface (UI) environments as well as other mediums. This project provides all source files and file formats to support most typographical situations.

Thanks for trying Plex! We hope you like it.
IBM  fonts 
15 days ago
Sunsama | The calendar for teams
Do great work, one day at a time.
Sunsama simplifies work by bringing your team's calendars, meetings, and projects together in one place.
services  collaboration  productivity  GTD 
15 days ago
HTML5 canvas based smooth signature drawing
Signature Pad is a JavaScript library for drawing smooth signatures. It's HTML5 canvas based and uses variable width Bézier curve interpolation based on Smoother Signatures post by Square. It works in all modern desktop and mobile browsers and doesn't depend on any external libraries.
html5  canvas  signature 
21 days ago
OrthoGraph I Digital Floor Plan and Building Survey for Mobile
Forget the clumsy hand drawn sketches and outdated, unreliable floor plans: turn your tablet or smartphone into a powerful working tool with OrthoGraph I.
iOS  app  engineering  rilievo  architecture  tools 
21 days ago
Bob Pease | Electronic Design
Bob Pease was an analog engineering legend, and wrote columns exclusively for Electronic Design magazine until his death in 2011. He also contributed to our magazine with Bob's Mailbox, where he answered questions from young engineers.

Bob obtained a BSEE from MIT in 1961 and was a staff scientist at National Semiconductor Corp., Santa Clara, CA, for many years.
electronics  books  reference  resources  Bob-Pease 
22 days ago
Google Tag Manager for WordPress Plugin homepage
Google Tag Manager is Google’s free product that can handle your tags. It’s easy, isn’t it? 🙂

It can be confusing the term “tags” since WordPress has its own tags so you might ask the question “why the hell do I need a 3rd party tool to manage my WordPress tags?” The question is good, the answer is simple: the term “tag” in Google Tag Manager is something very different.

If you are “simply” a blogger, you may already use Google Analytics using one of the Google Analytics plugins for WordPress available. Those plugins place a small code snippet into you webpages so that Google can track visitors and many more on your website.

If you are an e-commerce store and you are using some PPC tool you may got a so called “conversion code” from your agency to be able to track orders/leads/subscribers/etc. on your site inside the PPC system.

We call all kind of them a “tag”.

Google Tag Manager can help you manage those tags on your website by enabling you the enter every necessary information on an easy-to-use website and let Google to bother how to include those tags and. You may already ask yourself: do I really need Google Tag Manager? Not every website needs it.
wordpress  wp-plugins  Google-Tag-Manager 
22 days ago
The spread of true and false news online | Science
There is worldwide concern over false news and the possibility that it can influence political, economic, and social well-being. To understand how false news spreads, Vosoughi et al. used a data set of rumor cascades on Twitter from 2006 to 2017. About 126,000 rumors were spread by ∼3 million people. False news reached more people than the truth; the top 1% of false news cascades diffused to between 1000 and 100,000 people, whereas the truth rarely diffused to more than 1000 people. Falsehood also diffused faster than the truth. The degree of novelty and the emotional reactions of recipients may be responsible for the differences observed.
science  journalism  internet 
22 days ago
WPD | Just the best privacy tweaker for Windows.
Privacy Control
Customize Group Policy, Services and Tasks responsible for data collection and transmission.

Telemetry IP Blocker
Rules for firewall from the @crazy-max repository.

Appx uninstaller
Easy remove pre-installed Windows Store garbage.

Additional privacy settings and system tweaker.
28 days ago
Shared lists of problem domains people may want to block with hosts files
Group project to catalog and list domain names that people may want to block.

Current focus on corporations, for which there are no other maintained lists.

Files in this project list the domain names of servers, one per line that can be added to your local hosts file to tell your computer to never talk to servers on that domain name.
29 days ago
At full speed with Python
This book aims to teach the basics of the python programming language using a practical approach. Its method is quite basic though: after a very simple introduction to each topic, the reader is invited to learn by solving the proposed exercises.

These exercises have been used extensively in my web development and distributed computing classes at the Superior School of Technology of Setúbal. With these exercises, most students are at full speed with Python in less than a month. In fact, students of the distributed computing course, taught in the second year of the software engineering degree, become familiar with Python's syntax in two weeks and are able to implement a distributed client-server application with sockets in the third week.

This book is made available in github (https://github.com/joaoventura/full-speed-python) so I appreciate any pull requests to correct misspellings or to suggest new exercises or clarification of the current content.

The generated files (pdf and epub) can be found at https://github.com/joaoventura/full-speed-python/releases/.
python  learning  code  resources 
29 days ago
How to Reset Your Mac's Bluetooth Module to Fix Connection Issues - Mac Rumors
Most problems can be fixed by unpairing and repairing the Bluetooth device, changing its batteries, rebooting your Mac, or performing an SMC reset. But if none of these methods work, you can always try resetting your Mac's Bluetooth module. Here's how to do it in macOS using the hidden Bluetooth Debug menu.
Apple  hardware  bluetooth  troubleshooting  how-to 
4 weeks ago
How to Use the WooCommerce API with PHP - Iconic
One of the greatest things about modern web technology is the ability to connect different applications to one another via APIs. Specifically, the WooCommerce API enables you to create new orders, manage existing orders, build reports, add products, update products, and so much more.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can connect your PHP based web app to a WooCommerce store via the Rest API
wordpress  WooCommerce  e-commerce  API  coding  web-development 
4 weeks ago
LIFE - Google Libri
LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at LIFE.com, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.
LIFE  magazine  archive  resources 
4 weeks ago
SlackArchive.io - Public chat archive for your Slack team
Public archive

Give your community access to full slack chat history to find the solutions that were already answered.
service  archive  slack 
5 weeks ago
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