It's a fact! Berlin is one of the most exciting places in the world when it comes to contemporary art. We came up with a shortlist of the 9 spaces one should try to explore while getting to know the city. Read below and ENJOY!!
berlin  art 
august 2017
Ask HN: How to prepare for an Engineering Manager interview?
ChuckMcM 36 minutes ago | unvote [-]

Two things that I always advise new managers when I promote them or hire them.

First, (for new managers) managing people is a completely different skill set from engineering, expect to suck at it when you start and let go of your hard won pride that you developed becoming an awesome software engineer.

One of the "failure" modes of new managers is that they are so uncomfortable doing these new things, and so comfortable in the software engineering role that they find excuses to write code and do development which makes the team wonder why the 'boss' is trying to do their job, and it takes your eye off actual things you should be looking out for and fixing (like team mates getting conflicted, people who are having trouble but not asking for help, etc.)

Second, your success is entirely in your team's hands. It is their ability to do the work and make the deliverable and their production that shows you that you are doing a good job. This is so challenging for people who are used to being on the development team and measuring their success by comparing their "production" to that of the team. Now "they" haven't accomplished anything, but the folks writing code, they built all sorts of cool things to brag about.

So understanding that your success is tied to keeping your team understanding where they need to be, and knocking down any roadblocks in their way, it critical. It's also a different way of thinking for a lot of developers.
july 2017
Algo VPN
Today we’re introducing Algo, a self-hosted personal VPN server designed for ease of deployment and security. Algo automatically deploys an on-demand VPN service in the cloud that is not shared with other users, relies on only modern protocols and ciphers, and includes only the minimal software you need.
june 2017
vpn and tunnelling
june 2017
World-class, online privacy

Mullvad is a VPN service that helps keep your online activity, identity, and location private.

Only €5/month - We accept Bitcoin, cash, bank wire, credit card (PayPal), and Swish.
june 2017
High-end printing + lab for scanning & printing
berlin  photography 
june 2017
Using GPG and SSH keys (GnuPG 2.1) with a Smartcard (Yubikey 4)
Step by step guide for:
- generate gpg2 key + subkeys
- import into yubikey 4
gpg  yubikey 
june 2017
20 Berlin Museums That Will Blow Your Mind
With a staggering 175 museums, Berlin is a treasure trove for cultured travellers.
berlin  via:egoexpress 
june 2017
Anonymous phone number
DTMF is an inexpensive way to get an anonymous mobile phone number in your browser, to send and receive SMS messages.

Prices start from just 27 satoshi per minute, and there is no minimum deposit nor minimum rental period.

We support numbers from 20 different countries:
february 2017
Mount ejected SD card in osx
sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleStorageDrivers.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBCardReader.kext; sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleStorageDrivers.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBCardReader.kext
december 2016
Flashfire on a rooted stock Rom with xposed, clarification?
Flashfire Android update on root, stocked with xposed
july 2016
Photography Now
Photo expositions around the world
may 2016
A vim Tutorial and Primer
A Vim tutorial and primer that takes you from competent to masterful in a way that cannot be forgotten. Conveys Vim as language instead of Vim as syntax.
vim  tutorial 
october 2015
privacy tools - encryption against global mass surveillance 🔒
You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. privacytools.io provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
privacy  encryption 
september 2015
How To Do Push Ups with Antranik - YouTube
In this video you will learn the proper form for a push up and how to progress to doing them on the floor. Blog post: http://antranik.org/push-ups/ Facebook:...
july 2015
Pass: The Standard Unix Password Manager
Pass is the standard unix password manager, a lightweight password manager that uses GPG and Git for Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X.
encryption  password 
july 2015
Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world.
A searchable archive of typographic design, indexed by typeface, format, and industry.
fonts  typography  inspiration 
june 2015
photography zine on Tumblr
Find and follow posts tagged photography zine on Tumblr
inspiration  photography  zine 
june 2015
photo zine on Tumblr
Find and follow posts tagged photo zine on Tumblr
zine  photography  inspiration 
june 2015
Xavier Comas - The House of the Raja | LensCulture
We first discovered this work after it was submitted to the Visual Storytelling Awards 2014. Although it was not chosen as a finalist by the jury, the editors…
from instapaper
june 2015
Simpler GnuPG & Mutt configuration with GPGME
Personal homepage of Henry Todd (hjst) with contact details, links etc.
gpg  mutt 
may 2015
dotmutt - mutt config
mutt  dotfiles 
may 2015
Teaching A Homely Mutt New Tricks - Zanshin.net
The personal website of Mark Hanford Nichols.
mutt  tips 
may 2015
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