Anonymous phone number
DTMF is an inexpensive way to get an anonymous mobile phone number in your browser, to send and receive SMS messages.

Prices start from just 27 satoshi per minute, and there is no minimum deposit nor minimum rental period.

We support numbers from 20 different countries:
9 weeks ago
Mount ejected SD card in osx
sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleStorageDrivers.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBCardReader.kext; sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleStorageDrivers.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBCardReader.kext
december 2016
Flashfire on a rooted stock Rom with xposed, clarification?
Flashfire Android update on root, stocked with xposed
july 2016
Photography Now
Photo expositions around the world
may 2016
A vim Tutorial and Primer
A Vim tutorial and primer that takes you from competent to masterful in a way that cannot be forgotten. Conveys Vim as language instead of Vim as syntax.
vim  tutorial 
october 2015
PROPERRENT Filmtechnik Verleih -- beste Mietpreise in Zürich/Schweiz – für Filmemacher, Filmproduzenten, Studenten, Filmautoren, u.a.
rent  camera  photography  switzerland 
september 2015
privacy tools - encryption against global mass surveillance 🔒
You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. privacytools.io provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
privacy  encryption 
september 2015
How To Do Push Ups with Antranik - YouTube
In this video you will learn the proper form for a push up and how to progress to doing them on the floor. Blog post: http://antranik.org/push-ups/ Facebook:...
july 2015
Pass: The Standard Unix Password Manager
Pass is the standard unix password manager, a lightweight password manager that uses GPG and Git for Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X.
encryption  password 
july 2015
Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world.
A searchable archive of typographic design, indexed by typeface, format, and industry.
fonts  typography  inspiration 
june 2015
photography zine on Tumblr
Find and follow posts tagged photography zine on Tumblr
inspiration  photography  zine 
june 2015
photo zine on Tumblr
Find and follow posts tagged photo zine on Tumblr
zine  photography  inspiration 
june 2015
Simpler GnuPG & Mutt configuration with GPGME
Personal homepage of Henry Todd (hjst) with contact details, links etc.
gpg  mutt 
may 2015
dotmutt - mutt config
mutt  dotfiles 
may 2015
Teaching A Homely Mutt New Tricks - Zanshin.net
The personal website of Mark Hanford Nichols.
mutt  tips 
may 2015
redondos/mutt · GitHub
mutt configuration - nicely organized
mutt  dotfiles 
may 2015
OSX mutt - localhost wiki'
How to install patched mutt on OSX with brew
homebrew  mutt  osx 
may 2015
The Mutt E-Mail Client
All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less. — me, circa 1995
may 2015
Updating your cert_fingerprint for offlineimap with Fastmail.fm
The quick fix to getting offlineimap back up and running with Fastmail.fm's new SSL certificate fingerprint
fastmail  offlineimap 
may 2015
Getting Up And Running With A Sane Mutt Setup - Develop With Passion®
Well, for the last 2 months I have been using Mutt as my primary email client, and I have not missed gmail at all!! I spend the majority of my day …
mutt  offlineimap 
may 2015
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