Sarah Paulson Has Twitchy Eye From 2017 - YouTube | https://www.youtube.com/
the wholesomeness of this comment section is a testament to how wonderful sarah paulson is
comedy  video  interview  forthecomments 
2 days ago
Sarah Paulson Is Pretty Sure She's Friends with Rihanna - YouTube | https://www.youtube.com/
I need to see Sarah Paulson and Kristen Wiig in a movie together....now they could play sisters
comedy  interview  video 
2 days ago
Running Selenium with Headless Chrome | https://intoli.com/
<code class="language-python">from selenium import webdriver

options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
chrome  webdevel  selenium  automation  testing  webdriver  python  solution 
2 days ago
python 3.x - itertools.cycle().next()? - Stack Overflow | https://stackoverflow.com/
The error message you get is "AttributeError: 'itertools.cycle' object has no attribute 'next'".
iter.next() was removed in python 3. Use next(iter) instead. So in your example change itertools.cycle().next() to next(itertools.cycle())

There is a good example here along with various other porting to python 3 tips. It also compares various other next() idioms in python 2.x vs python 3.x
python  errormessage  itertools  2to3  solution 
2 days ago
Some docker examples | https://gist.github.com/
<code class="language-bash">docker commit --message="Snapshot of my container" my_container my_container_snapshot:yymmdd</code>
docker  container  sysadmin  webdevel  solution 
4 days ago
eradman / treedelta — Bitbucket | https://bitbucket.org/
The td utility makes it easy to see what files were added or removed during the execution of a command. The child process is executed with a pipe that relays a list of files that were provided to td on STDIN. When the child process exits, each unique path is re-scanned and a delta is printed to STDERR.
automation  commandline  cli  differ  diff  filemanagement  utility  software 
4 days ago
javascript - How to position loading animation inside input box? - Stack Overflow | https://stackoverflow.com/
You can also do it as a background image in CSS. Just create a CSS class and apply at the time of loading the data. After Ajax call is completed remove the "loading" CSS class from the text input box.<code class="language-css">
.loading {
background-color: #ffffff;
background-image: url("http://loadinggif.com/images/image-selection/3.gif");
background-size: 25px 25px;
background-position:right center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
webdesign  webdevel  css  animation  animatedgif  solution 
4 days ago
hn | https://txtpen.github.io/
Embed Hacker News comment tree automatically
hackernews  comments  embed  blog  blogging  sysadmin 
6 days ago
linux - Rearrange columns using cut - Stack Overflow | https://stackoverflow.com/
'cut' can't, use AWK:
Use awk instead:
<code class="language-bash">awk '{ print $2 " " $1}' file.txt</code>
unix  textprocessing  csv  tabdelimited  annoyance  workaround  solution 
6 days ago
Thunderbird inserts line breaks in sent HTML that break code lines · Issue #130 · adam-p/markdown-here · GitHub | https://github.com/
Leave the white-space:pre-wrap style in the default CSS. Tell people that the Tbird workaround is to remove that style from their CSS in the MDH options. Someday the Tbird fix will be released.

So just comment out `white-space:pre-wrap` in the settings.
markdownhere  thunderbird  markdown  bug  annoyance  workaround  solution  fuckina 
7 days ago
The Power Email App - Postbox | https://www.postbox-inc.com/
Yeah, except external addons like Markdown Here aren't supported in 6.x.
mac  osx  windows  email  client  designy  alternativeto  thunderbird 
7 days ago
replace - In Vim is there a way to delete without putting text in the register? - Stack Overflow | https://stackoverflow.com/
To delete something without saving it in a register, you can use the "black hole register":
<code class="language-vim">"_d</code>

Of course you could also use any of the other registers that don't hold anything you are interested in.
vim  security  history  solution  registers  copypaste  fuckina 
8 days ago
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