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Gary Becker and Economic Imperialism - Digressions&Impressions
Eric Schliesser pushes the Becker/Foucault thing back a generation to Robbins and Parsons, and others—very nice.
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may 2014 by kjhealy
VQR » What Is the Business of Literature?
Books not only are part and parcel of consumer capitalism, they virtually began it.
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march 2013 by kjhealy
The Evolution of Aggregate Stock Ownership: A Unified Explanation
The democratization of stock ownership is not a form of direct democracy: a more varied set of households own stock, but the overall proportion of stock directly held by households is in more or less constant decline since WWII. Widely-held direct ownership is replaced by widely-held indirect ownership as institutional investors have grown.
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august 2008 by kjhealy

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