The Coldest of the Cool / The Lamest of the Lame: 02 Shiny Things
The next morning was a Saturday. Slightly after dawn Soi Fong could be found sitting on the roof of the little school gym waiting for her interest to show up. It was not long before she heard the jingle of keys and the sound of one of the large front doors being swung open. She tore her gaze away from the birds, rolled onto her feet and dropped down through a nearby window.
fanfiction  multichapter:coldestofcool  bleach  femmeslash  tatsuki/soifong  PG 
may 2016
Conversations at Half-past Four
“Can you explain it one more time?”
Rei’s eyes followed the soft curls of hair which fell into Nagisa’s face. His hand came up to push them back.
“Explain what, Nagisa-kun?”
Nagisa’s eyebrows furrowed ever-so-slightly. He moved even closer.
“You know,” he said, eyelashes fluttering as he blinked. “About your asexuality thing.”
Rei hummed again and smiled. He let his hand rest on the side of Nagisa’s face and continued stroking his hair. “Okay. Where do you want me to start?
fanfiction  multichapter:cottoncandy  free  pg  slash  nagisa/rei 
may 2016
Terms of Affection
Rei realized he was a little different from the other boys in his class when he was in sixth or seventh grade. While they were busy sneaking inappropriate magazines into class and peeping at them during lunch, Rei was busy reading his books and studying.
fanfiction  multichapter:cottoncandy  free  pg  slash  nagisa/rei 
may 2016
Why I Borrow Your Lipstick So Often
Kuroo has the perfect costume in mind for Kenma to wear to a costume party. Kenma is uncertain and unenthusiastic.
fanfiction  oneshot  haikyuu  femmeslash  kuroo/kenma  pg 
may 2016
quiet company
Like Kuroo does every morning, he senses Kenma before he sees him. Kenma isn’t awake yet - he’s toying with the idea of total wakefulness, his flickering consciousness brushing against the back of Kuroo’s brain.

Kuroo has started his day like this almost every day for the last 15 years of his life, and he hasn’t tired of it yet. He doubts he ever will.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  kuroo/kenma  PG 
april 2016
Next Level
On a quiet, rainy day Kenma and Kuroo share their first kiss.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  kuroo/kenma  pg 
april 2016
Owl Flames
Fire mage Bokuto and his familiar Akaashi enter a new town in search of work, and Akaashi has to motivate his mage.

Or: Don't Scratch Akaashi If You Don't Want to Be Burned
fanfiction  haikyuu  multichapter:mages&familiars  slash  PG  bokuto/akaashi 
april 2016
Street Cat
Kuroo notices a stray cat on his way to his magic lessons.

Or: Kuroo Gets a Kenma
fanfiction  haikyuu  multichapter:mages&familiars  kuroo/kenma  slash  PG 
april 2016
First Spark
Koutarou is a young fire mage who just wants to help. When he joins a forest spirit on a mission to hunt down a group of bandits, he'll come out of the experience with something he hadn't expected to get so soon: a familiar.

Or: Bokuto is Going to Have to Explain Some Things When He Gets Home
fanfiction  haikyuu  multichapter:mages&familiars  slash  PG  bokuto/akaashi 
april 2016
Spots of Light
Tsukishima's practice is interrupted by a group of men hunting rare spotted stag.

Or: The Story of How Tsukishima Got the Familiar He Didn't Really Want
fanfiction  haikyuu  multichapter:mages&familiars  slash  PG  tsukishima/yamaguchi 
april 2016
First Night
When Suga and Daichi finally get their first place together, the universe (well, the band playing at the bar across the street, that is) reminds them that they were always meant to be.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  PG  daichi/suga 
april 2016
In and Out the Closet
Cassandra is completely oblivious to her feelings about the Inquisitor. Sera, Iron Bull and Dorian decide to "help".
fanfiction  dragonage  oneshot  femmeslash  pg  inquisitor/cassandra 
april 2016
Stones That Weigh Us Down
The Anchor lives in her blood now. It's a slow decay and it spreads to those around her – poisons those she loves. In the end, Solas regrets everything.
fanfiction  dragonage  oneshot  femmeslash  pg  inquisitor/cassandra  het  solas/inquisitor 
april 2016
understanding feline language
In which Kuroo’s extensive knowledge shows up at most unexpected times.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  PG  kuroo/kenma 
april 2016
your sun, it can shine on me
The sun grins down at her, Wakatoshi grins next to her, the streets are quiet quiet quiet but full of people and Satori thinks maybe she could keep shedding layers, keep stripping off skin and worries and expectations until she’s nothing more than a beam of sunlight, dancing across the bright blue sky.
haikyuu  oneshot  ushijima/tendou  femmeslash  pg  newficyeah  fanfiction 
april 2016
The Rhythm of the Rain
Kuroo has always had this habit of kissing Kenma. Never on lips, but more of a “let me kiss it and make it better,” sort of kissing.
haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  kuroo/kenma  fanfiction 
april 2016
miracle boy wakatoshi
he thinks that he has never before wanted this much to be struck by lightning.
haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  ushijima/tendou  newficyeah  fanfiction 
april 2016
“Telepathy is an unproven method of communication, you know that,” Komi said, nudging him with his elbow.
“Not that we’re stopping you. It’s gotta be a start,” Sarukui added.
“Do you two take lessons in ambiguity?”
“I have no fricking idea what you’re talking about,” Konoha muttered. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got places to be.”

It's the second weekend of training camp, and for some reason, Konoha's team mates keep hinting that he has to sort things out with Akaashi. The thing is, Konoha has no idea what the problem is, or if it even exists.
haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  akaashi/konoha  fanfiction 
april 2016
Losing That Moment
There was a vague feeling of wonder about it all, of disbelief – not only that they’d lost, but that their Captain, Bokuto Koutarou, was taking it so well.

(Too fucking well. He heard Konoha say later.)

Fukurodani didn't get to Nationals. Their story was done. And Bokuto has no idea what to do next.

Then he receives a text from a most unlikely source...
haikyuu  oneshot  gen  pg  tsukishima  bokuto  fanfiction 
april 2016
This is What Blanket Nests are For
"Uh, Is.. this okay?" Again, Ushijima nodded and Tendou sighed shakily. He didn't think it'd feel this hard. His face set in determination. It was as good a time as any.
haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  ushijima/tendou  fanfiction 
april 2016
smiles like yours are hard to come by
"I think I'll follow Kenma home instead..."
Kenma swallows, wondering if he should run for it. Kuroo's grip tightens like he knows.
"... After all, I've always been told to follow my dreams."
Or: In which Kuroo uses bad situational pickup lines, and Kenma tries to pretend that he hates it.
haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  kuroo/kenma  fanfiction 
april 2016
First, Second
A few minutes tick by until Kenma realizes that Kuroo isn’t going to continue without prompting, sighs as if this is the most annoying thing he’s done all day, and says, “Why did he break up with you, Kuroo?”
“He said,” Kuroo says, eyes closed, “that there was no way he’d be able to compete with you.”
Kuroo and Kenma talk about other people they've kissed.
haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  kuroo/kenma  fanfiction 
april 2016
Kenma never feels like doing anything, but it's not really hard to talk him into things, either.
haikyuu  oneshot  slash  mature  kuroo/kenma  fanfiction 
april 2016
a mile to your house, a glow in the dark
It was a quiet eureka moment when Kenma realized that his feelings for his best friend were more than just friendly.
haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  kuroo/kenma  fanfiction 
april 2016
Don't Kiss Me at All the Right Times
All the "not right times" Kuroo kisses Kenma.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  kuroo/kenma 
april 2016
tea-stained polaroids
“I'm gonna date that,” Bokuto declares solemnly, and Kuroo throws a plastic spoon at his head.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  bokuto/akaashi 
april 2016
It's the December after Iwaizumi’s last year in university when Tokyo welcomes him with a new ad campaign for Bright Days toothpaste, and Oikawa Tooru—fresh off a run at the 2016 Summer Olympics—has decided to grace the city with his signature grin, a flip of his wayfarer sunglasses, and the most irrepressible tag line for the signboard above.

‘Are you in love with me?’ it reads, Oikawa taunts, and Iwaizumi can only find the whole thing a pointless exercise in the usual flirtations.

(Because i would never fall for you in a million years, he types out in reply, before deciding against it.)
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  oikawa/iwaizumi 
march 2016
Bridge Our Hearts
When Oikawa and Iwaizumi's relationship starts to crumble, Suga is there to make things new again.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  threesome  oikawa/iwaizumi/suga  oikawa/iwaizumi  oikawa/suga  iwaizumi/suga 
march 2016
Seasons of Love
Kenma's in his third year at Nekoma, Kuroo's in his first year at Tokai University, and the boys are attempting to navigate one year of a long-distance relationship... where 'long-distance' is measured by a forty-minute train ride and a mountain of obligations barring the way. But the more things change, the more they stay the same, and the more precious every moment.
fanfiction  haikyuu  slash  mature  kuroo/kenma  multichapter:seasons 
march 2016
Don't call me Lord, call me Love
The kingdom of Nekoma prepares a festival to celebrate the one year anniversary of Kenma's coronation. While his royal court and magisters and guardians look forward to the revelry, Kenma is himself plagued by doubts as to his ability to rule and his growing feelings for one of his sworn guardians. Everything on the surface appears as it should at first, but things get complicated when a kiss takes Kuroo by surprise and an attempted kidnapping goes awry.
fanfiction  haikyuu  multichapter  slash  mature  kuroo/kenma 
march 2016
As History is Writ
History goes as history has gone, but some stories tend to repeat themselves.
fanfiction  oneshot  ffxii  fft  gen  balthier  pg 
march 2016
tomorrow will be kinder
Suga knows it as soon as he holds her in his arms, this is his daughter.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  daichi/suga 
march 2016
The Whispering Forest - catalysticskies - Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends [Archive of Our Own]
There are many stories about why one shouldn’t ever enter the woods to the north, and while Tanuma does not pay much heed to these stories, he withholds his curiosity for his father’s sake. That is, until he finds the cat.
fanfiction  natsumeyuujinchou  multichapter:whisperingforest  slash  natsume/tanuma  PG 
march 2016
There are many stories about why one shouldn’t ever enter the woods to the north, and while Tanuma does not pay much heed to these stories, he withholds his curiosity for his father’s sake. That is, until he finds the cat.
fanfiction  oneshot  natsumeyuujinchou  natsume/tanuma  pg  slash 
march 2016
talking to the moon
Sometimes Makoto wants to talk about the future, and Haruka will not have any of it, but it’s nice to know that they’re both still unsure about things. They are the sun and moon, still wandering about under the same sky. It’s what Haruka tells himself anyway, until it hurts too much to think about him.

This is a tale in which Haruka and Makoto have a falling out, but the sentiment is still there, two years later.
fanfiction  free  slash  haruka/makoto  mature  multichapter 
march 2016
A ten-year treatise on patience, brought to you by Akaashi Keiji.
fanfiction  haikyuu  multichapter  slash  pg  bokuto/akaashi 
march 2016
Makoto constantly catches an enamored Rin off-guard.
fanfiction  oneshot  free  slash  makoto/rin  mature 
march 2016
Watch Me Fly
With no support from family, and her connection to volleyball gone, Michimiya Yui struggles to move on after her final game. She's quit volleyball to concentrate on her future, but still yearns to fly.

But help arrives in the unlikely form of Karasuno's manager, and maybe, just maybe, there's another way to stretch her wings.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  femmeslash  kiyoko/yui  PG 
march 2016
the three she loved
Right here, right now, Kiyoko knows, beyond any doubt, that she loves them all. It’s not a matter of finding ‘the right person’ because they’re here, mixed up, imperfect, but perfect for her.

Because each of these guys made her a part of something incredible.

And she wants to tell them this, but words have never been her forte.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  gen  asahi  kiyoko  daichi  suga 
march 2016
Safe Passage
"It's said that there are invisible pathways between people… pathways that connect their minds. They flow with something like the ether of life. When two people happen to think of each other at the same time, the flow becomes more powerful. You feel it, Makoto-chan, don't you?"
fanfiction  oneshot  free  slash  haruka/makoto  pg 
march 2016
What the Water Said
Makoto’s gaze flicks upwards. “You know, Haru… you used to say the water is alive.”
Haru nods, silently.
“What if I told you that... that someone told me it really is? I'm sure it's just a practical joke, but - what if I said that? Would you think I was crazy?”
Haru stares back at him, impassive as always. “Why would I think that? I know it's alive.”
fanfiction  multichapter  free  slash  haruka/makoto  mature 
march 2016
Off the Shelf
Speculative origins of two men and a drugstore.
fanfiction  oneshot  slash  gohoudrug  saiga/kakei  PG 
march 2016
Bridging Distance
Long-distance relationship is tricky. Makoto thinks he's got it figured out, even if the fact that he might not be able to see Rin until Christmas upsets him a little. He has the kids' upcoming swimming competition to deal with, after all.

(in which Sousuke and Haru are exasperated, Aki takes matters into her own hands, Makoto is being stupid, and Rin proves him wrong by bringing half of the National Team over to the swimming club.)
fanfiction  oneshot  free  slash  makoto/rin  mature 
march 2016
The one where everyone misunderstands about who Makoto is dating.
fanfiction  oneshot  free  slash  makoto/rin  pg 
march 2016
What Begins in Spring Lasts through the Winter (and ever after, maybe)
Rin and Makoto's kisses, throughout the year and seasons.
And even after that.
(or, stupid couple doing stupid things together. Like kissing.)
fanfiction  oneshot  free  slash  makoto/rin  pg 
march 2016
Tokyo, January, 8 PM
One night phone call conversation between Makoto and Rin, between Tokyo and Australia.
fanfiction  oneshot  free  slash  makoto/rin  pg 
march 2016
temples, gods, and their mortals
a collection of my five god/mortal au's and their companion pieces--the big five are standalone, but their companion pieces require reading the main fic first!!

all take place in the same universe.
fanfiction  haikyuu  multichapter:temples&gods&mortals  slash  mature  oikawa/iwaizumi 
march 2016
Case C is the Most Troublesome
On court, Akaashi Keiji had been able to assess every situation and make the correct call. In life, the habit’s hard to break, but he has varying results, especially when the situation is a road trip with Bokuto, taking him to tryouts for the Hiroshima Thunders.

Just the two of them, he could have coped with, but joined by Kuroo and Kenma, the trip takes a wildly different turn.

And as he watches Kenma from the rear view mirror, he’s unable to comprehend just why he’s tagged along. But then again, maybe Keiji’s not the only one with an ulterior motive.
fanfiction  haikyuu  multichapter  mature  slash  bokuto/akaashi  kuroo/kenma 
march 2016
Love, Suga
Oikawa receives a postcard one day. It makes him a little emotional.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  oikawa/suga 
march 2016
can't get rid of you (even if I try)
Oikawa is full of bad habits. Suga only has one.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  oikawa/suga 
march 2016
orange is the warmest color
“So. You carry a whip in your briefcase,” Oikawa comments.
Suga shrugs, “It’s a normal thing for men my age to carry.”
(Or: It's complicated being a youkai hunter.)
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  oikawa/suga 
march 2016
"Akaashi Keiji," says Akaashi. His voice is low, a calm, pleasant timbre that fades easily into the background buzz of the studio. "Nice to meet you, Kozume-san. I'm in your hands today."
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  akaashi/kenma 
march 2016
the luck of the universe
"Do you feel lucky, Iwa-chan?" Oikawa whispers.
Ahead of them, a bell tolls. Hands clap together in prayer.
Iwaizumi doesn't turn around.
"I know I am," he says.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  oikawa/iwaizumi 
march 2016
Cullen and Dorian's friendship deepens. Cullen is a romantic. Dorian is literally cold. Cullen is no longer certain what he would consider surprising. Mages and Templars working in perfect cooperation, perhaps. Evil and corruption disappearing into the ground along with the blight, blood magic falling so far out of favor it ceased to be. A united Thedas: that would be a surprise.
fanfiction  dragonage  multichapter  slash  dorian/cullen  mature 
march 2016
Nice to Meet You (I Will Beat You)
"I win again," he declares triumphantly.
"I'll get you next time," says Oikawa, smile tinged with the sharp tang of summer.

It's no empty threat. Suga knows that he'll give it his very best, or kill himself trying, or, quite likely, kill them both. He's the worst. He's the best. (But, really, the worst, in the best way possible.)
how to meet and beat your perfect match, a manual: from back to front.
(or, four times suga beats oikawa and the one time he gets him back.)
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  oikawa/suga 
march 2016
Letters Dorian never sends to Halward Pavus frame a short story in which Dorian develops a resistance to being poisoned by Vitaar, among other things. For years now, Dorian has maintained a collection of half-composed and unsent letters home, the sorts of missives one writes in one’s head when one isn’t able to sleep.
fanfiction  dragonage  oneshot  slash  dorian/ironbull  PG 
march 2016
it's home where you hold me so show me no mercy
Kei kisses him, or at least tries to, but they’re still giggling. They end up with mouths pressed close, exchanging gasped breaths. Tadashi ends up snorting, accidentally bashing his forehead into Kei’s and setting them into another laughing fit.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  tsukishima/yamaguchi 
march 2016
Yamaguchi overhears something coming from Tsukishima's headphones.

It isn't music.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  mature  tsukishima/yamaguchi 
march 2016
Diverged in a Yellow Wood
AU: Dorian gets married to please his parents, despite his misgivings. But when he hears of the explosion at the Conclave, he feels compelled to go south and make things right. He doesn't expect Lavellan, or the complications that come with him.
fanfiction  dragonage  oneshot  slash  inquisitor/dorian  mature 
march 2016
My Warden, Ma Vhenan
Origins AU where Tamlen didn't die but instead became a Grey Warden with Mahariel. Short one-shot of some fluffy fireside chatting.
fanfiction  dragonage  oneshot  het  tamlen/warden  pg 
february 2016
A Rose and a Promise
Tamlen gets and unexpected gift from Alistair that in turn becomes and unexpected gift for Mahariel.
fanfiction  dragonage  oneshot  het  tamlen/warden  pg 
february 2016
A Rose and a Promise
Oneshot set in DA:O AU where Tamlen lived to become a Grey Warden with Mahariel.
fanfiction  dragonage  oneshot  het  tamlen/warden  pg 
february 2016
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (Daichi burns as Suga bubbles)
Returning for his Seventh Year at Hogwarts, Sugawara Koushi has one aim - to lead his team to victory on the Quidditch Pitch.

Well, that's what he tells his star Chaser and best friend, Hajime.

As long as he doesn't let himself get distracted by the new Gryffindor Captain.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  daichi/suga 
february 2016
A Frightening Sorting
“Yamaguchi Tadashi!” a voice cried out and he walked forward on shaky legs.

Yamaguchi sat down in the chair, trembling even as the hat was placed atop his head. He felt like he was going to be sick already. What if he didn’t get sorted? Maybe he’d be forced to go back home in disgrace.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  tsukishima/yamaguchi 
february 2016
I Think We're Doomed
Kuroo's lips are pressed against his neck, moving slowly, warm... Kenma breathes for a moment.
"I miss you."
"I'm right here."
He can't do this yet.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  kuroo/kenma 
february 2016
Kenma’s still sitting on the tiles, leaning back against the side of the tub. Even bathed in the harsh white ceiling lights, his new hair is honey, is the late afternoon sun.
fanfiction  haikyuu  oneshot  slash  pg  kuroo/kenma 
february 2016
How Rare and Beautiful
This is a direct sequel to Shake Don't Shatter.

The adventures of Bokuto and Akaashi continue. We've got hardcore birdwatching, mental breakdowns, awkward interruptions, a wedding, and Much More
fanfiction  haikyuu  slash  pg  multichapter:shake  bokuto/akaashi 
february 2016
stating the obvious
There's a lot of things Bokuto isn't sure about now that he's in university. His program, his new team, his future. There's only one thing he's absolutely sure of. He is not dating Akaashi Keiji. Not even a little bit.
fanfiction  haikyuu  slash  pg  oneshot  bokuto/akaashi 
february 2016
Root of the Root
When an extremely famous pop star comes out as gay the day before Suga’s third year of high school begins, he thinks the only impact on his life will be the extra chocolates he will need to buy to console his mother.

He’s wrong.
fanfiction  haikyuu  slash  pg  multichapter  daichi/suga 
february 2016
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