Masculist Man - YouTube
Masculist Man continues to be the best thing to come out of my harassment last year. I'm dying 😂😂
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11 hours ago
Protesters target Homan Square police facility - Chicago Tribune
RT : "I’m calling for an investigation by the Department of Justice because we need to know.”
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13 hours ago
Underground nuclear waste sites fail | The Chronicle-Journal
Canada waking up to the costs and dilemmas of its nuclear waste legacy:
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13 hours ago
Teen’s Autopsy Contradicts Police Report - The Daily Beast
RT : This 17-year-old's autopsy contradicts police reports justifying why they shot her.
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15 hours ago
UltraViolet | Stop the sexual assault of women at Karnes!
RT : Stop the rape and abuse of detainees at Karnes Detention Center, a for-profit prison!
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19 hours ago
Untitled (
That cool thermite stuff you've seen in YouTube videos and Breaking Bad? The TSA is worried it'll show up on planes.
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23 hours ago
Never Stop Breaking the Set! - YouTube
Was very emotional to sign off from Breaking the Set. Thank you for the love and support for the show over the years!
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23 hours ago
william eubank on Twitter: "What color is this? #TheDress"
RT : This is the end credits sequence for this meme, as far as I'm concerned. MT What color is this?
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Leonard Nimoy celebrated full-figured women through photos
More of Leonard Nimoy's beautiful photos of beautiful fat women:
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The Code Liberation Foundation
RT : | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
| Plz Support |
| Women |
| In Games |
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ
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Leonard Nimoy's Impact On NASA and ESA - Astronauts Reflect | Video
RT : Leonard Nimoy's Impact On NASA and ESA - Astronauts Reflect | Video: NASA astronaut Mike Fincke and ESA astron...
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England's Anti-Imperialism & The Language Of Globalization
Great Britain’s Phony Anti-Imperialism & The Language Of Globalization, by
(NEW On )
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Anti-Gay Marriage Event Looks Like a Gay Wedding - YouTube
This is so damn ironic, this anti-gay marriage "celebration" looks like two guys cutting their cake at a gay wedding
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Petition · Find the Flood 11 innocent based on the necessity defense ·
activists contest their charges by stating their actions were necessary defense against climate change
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Tate COMANCHE SCALPS (Episode 8) TV Western - YouTube
You're offended by my Spock tweet? I'm offended he played Indian in profoundly racist films.
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How the military will fight ISIS on the Dark Web – Quartz
RT : Amazing: bad people have "Dark Web"/"Hidden" sites, but FB has a "Tor Link".
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