#Justice4Jamar on Livestream
12:40AM BREAKING apparent 4x+1 gunshots at everyone getting low ground
4thPrecinctShutDown  from twitter_favs
3 hours ago
Protest Gov. Abbott's Rejection of Syrian Refugees Survey
RT : If you were at the this past sunday, plz share your feedback in the community survey:
TXSyrianRefugeeWelcome  atx  from twitter
6 hours ago
Amid Shootings, Chicago Police Department Upholds Culture of Impunity
RT : Emanuel, McCarthy & Alvarez are going all out to do anything to hide the WIDESPREAD culture of impunity in CPD:
from twitter
10 hours ago
Jan 2014: 49,933 are every day in the United States
MPN  homeless  veterans  from twitter
13 hours ago
My Name Is So Unusual That I'm The Only One Who Has It | NYLON
What it’s like having the weirdest name in school (+ maybe the world?)
from twitter_favs
13 hours ago
Massive Hack of 70 Million Prisoner Phone Calls Indicates Violations of Attorney-Client Privilege
Wow, I missed this…
Hack of 70 million inmate phone calls indicates violations of attorney-client privilege:
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14 hours ago
/k/ visits the justice4jamar protest - YouTube
The ones 3 nights ago had organized on /k/ page of 4chan. One had a /k/ shoulder patch.
from twitter_favs
15 hours ago
Mexican Rock Star Profiled, Arrested By NYPD On Bogus Gravity Knife Charges
RT : Mexican Rock Star Profiled, Arrested By NYPD On Bogus Gravity Knife Charges via
from twitter
16 hours ago
Judge: FBI can keep secret documents pertaining to assassination plot against Occupy activists | Privacy SOS
RT : The plot didn't go anywhere, but the FBI knew about it in advance and didn't inform the targets.
from twitter
17 hours ago
52 white supremacists arrested on meth trafficking charges - San Antonio Express-News
52 white supremacists arrested on meth trafficking charges - San Antonio Express-News -
Texas  drugs  DrugWar  from twitter
17 hours ago
Nothing Funny About a Leading Presidential Candidate Spreading Racist Propaganda on Crime
RT : There's nothing funny about a leading presidential candidate spreading racist propaganda.
from twitter_favs
18 hours ago
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