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German photo gallery covering many Diptera families
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15 days ago by kitenet
New app makes identifying moths easier | Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
We make use of the millions of records gathered through Butterfly Conservation’s National Moth Recording Scheme, to provide an illustrated list of the larger moth species seen at this time of year in your area. With moth images, flight charts and the frequency that each species has been recorded based on your location and the date, What’s Flying Tonight can help with species identification.
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10 weeks ago by kitenet
iNaturalist app
I don't use this for recording (it is not linked to many UK recording schemes) but I do use the auto-image-recognition feature to help with IDs - also available in the Apple store
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10 weeks ago by kitenet
Stubbs and Kramer draft keys to British craneflies
This link takes you to a search page. In the "Author" box, enter:
Stubbs Kramer

Click on "Search literature" to see PDF download links for the keys.
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november 2017 by kitenet
Soldier beetles v1.pdf - Google Drive
Excellent soldier beetle (Cantharidae) ID guide by Mark Gurney (PDF download)
biodiversity  identification  coleoptera  cantharidae 
june 2017 by kitenet
Artnyckeln - Lockespindlar
Key to harvestmen, text in Swedish, well-illustrated
biodiversity  identification  opiliones  arachnida 
april 2017 by kitenet
Artnyckeln - Hoppspindlar
Key to jumping spiders, text Swedish, well-illustrated
biodiversity  identification  arachnida  salticidae 
april 2017 by kitenet
Artnyckeln - Smalbin
Key to Lasioglossum, text Swedish, well-illustrated
biodiversity  identification  hymenoptera  lasioglossum  apidae 
april 2017 by kitenet
Sepsidnet: A Digital Reference Collection for the Sepsidae
Includes amazing photos and some brilliant controls for comparing species side by side
biodiversity  identification  diptera  sepsidae  cloudweb  webstuff 
january 2017 by kitenet
Finnish insect site with good quality images for many groups
biodiversity  insects  identification 
january 2017 by kitenet
Insect photos
Finnish Crane flies, Trichoceridae, Ptychopteridae, Anisopodidae, Psychodidae
biodiversity  identification  diptera  tipulidae 
january 2017 by kitenet
| Tomorrow's Biodiversity
Searchable database of books and online resources for species identification
identification  biodiversity  botany  insects  birds  mammals  fungi  marine  freshwater 
january 2017 by kitenet
Impressive project that provides automated identification of plant photos, and you can contribute your own photos to the database
apps  identification  botany  automated_identification  online 
january 2017 by kitenet
This is an interactive site for dipterists from all continents dealing with all aspects of dipterology (the study of Diptera: flies and midges) and dipterists.
biodiversity  identification  forums  diptera 
september 2011 by kitenet
Hoverfly Recording Scheme
The National Recording Scheme, launched in 1976, aims to collate information about UK hoverfly ecology and distribution.
biodiversity  diptera  identification  forums  syrphidae  biological_recording 
september 2011 by kitenet
Determination keys and field guides - mostly Diptera also Orthoptera and Odonata (in Dutch)
biodiversity  identification  keys_online  diptera 
september 2011 by kitenet
Mines of British flies and other insects - Home page
Provisional keys for the identification of the known leaf and stem mines of flies of Britain are provided. A total of 778 host plant genera representing 119 families are discussed, although only 589 of these are recorded include native or alien species in
biodiversity  identification  diptera  leaf-mines 
september 2011 by kitenet
Wildlife and Environment Forums
Welcome to Wild About Britain, home to hundreds of thousands of pages about British wildlife , the Environment and the Great Outdoors; from birds, butterflies, fungi and trees to climate change, marine life, astronomy and the weather.
biodiversity  identification  forums 
september 2011 by kitenet
BOLD Systems
The Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) is an online workbench that aids collection, management, analysis, and use of DNA barcodes.
biodiversity  taxonomy  DNA  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet
online guide to the moths of Great Britain and Ireland.
biodiversity  lepidoptera  moths  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet
Pipunculidae literature and identification keys focusing on the European fauna
biodiversity  diptera  pipunculidae  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet
Tachinid Recording Scheme: Home
This site is a resource for people who are interested in studying tachinid flies. The scheme was set up primarily to collate records and to act as a place where people interested in studying tachinids can exchange information.
biodiversity  diptera  tachinidae  identification  biological_recording 
september 2011 by kitenet
ZooKeys is a peer-reviewed, open-access, rapidly produced journal launched to support free exchange of ideas and information in systematic zoology.
biodiversity  research  taxonomy  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet
BirdForum - The Net's Largest Birding Community, Dedicated To Wild Birds
BirdForum is the net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds and birding
biodiversity  forums  social  identification  birds  wiki 
september 2011 by kitenet
Biodiversity Reference (Biological Sciences, University of Paisley), Index Page
provide supplementary illustrations (usually photographs) to support our taught biology modules
biodiversity  identification  education 
september 2011 by kitenet
WildKnowledge Home
WildKnowledge are passionate advocates of mobile learning, being amongst one of the first organisations to realise the potential of combining information and location.
biodiversity  biological_recording  technology  education  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet
British Dragonfly Society - Home
The aim of the British Dragonfly Society is to promote and encourage the study and conservation of dragonflies and their natural habitats, especially in the United Kingdom.
biodiversity  odonata  biological_recording  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet
Electronic Field Guide (EFG)
The Electronic Field Guide (EFG) Project has developed a number of web-based applications that facilitate the identification of species and recording of ecological observations.
biodiversity  biological_recording  identification  tools 
september 2011 by kitenet
Welcome to Morphbank - Morphbank :: Biological Imaging
Morphbank is a continuously growing database of images that scientists use for international collaboration, research and education.
tools  education  photography  biodiversity  taxonomy  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet
british leafminers
This site is the result of an on-going project, set up to photograph and record all the leaf mining fauna which occur in Britain.
biodiversity  biological_recording  identification  lepidoptera  coleoptera  diptera  leaf-mines  moths 
september 2011 by kitenet
identify wildflowers online
You can find interesting plants everywhere in Britain and Ireland. This site is intended to help you identify them.
biodiversity  biological_recording  botany  identification  keys_online 
september 2011 by kitenet
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