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German photo gallery covering many Diptera families
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Stubbs and Kramer draft keys to British craneflies
This link takes you to a search page. In the "Author" box, enter:
Stubbs Kramer

Click on "Search literature" to see PDF download links for the keys.
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november 2017 by kitenet
Sepsidnet: A Digital Reference Collection for the Sepsidae
Includes amazing photos and some brilliant controls for comparing species side by side
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january 2017 by kitenet
Insect photos
Finnish Crane flies, Trichoceridae, Ptychopteridae, Anisopodidae, Psychodidae
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january 2017 by kitenet
This is an interactive site for dipterists from all continents dealing with all aspects of dipterology (the study of Diptera: flies and midges) and dipterists.
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september 2011 by kitenet
Domain - contents
Diptera resources, plus some other entomology and taxidermy
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september 2011 by kitenet
Mines of British flies and other insects - Home page
Provisional keys for the identification of the known leaf and stem mines of flies of Britain are provided. A total of 778 host plant genera representing 119 families are discussed, although only 589 of these are recorded include native or alien species in
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september 2011 by kitenet
Pipunculidae literature and identification keys focusing on the European fauna
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september 2011 by kitenet
Tachinid Recording Scheme: Home
This site is a resource for people who are interested in studying tachinid flies. The scheme was set up primarily to collate records and to act as a place where people interested in studying tachinids can exchange information.
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september 2011 by kitenet
Malloch Society. - Home page
The aim of the society is to improve the knowledge and awareness of Diptera (Two winged flies). Based in Scotland we focussed originally on Scottish and British Diptera, but over the last 20 years we have developed projects in Europe and in other parts of
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Hoverfly Recording Scheme
The National Recording Scheme, launched in 1976, aims to collate information about UK hoverfly ecology and distribution.
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september 2011 by kitenet
Determination keys and field guides - mostly Diptera also Orthoptera and Odonata (in Dutch)
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september 2011 by kitenet
Dolichopodidae Homepage
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september 2011 by kitenet
british leafminers
This site is the result of an on-going project, set up to photograph and record all the leaf mining fauna which occur in Britain.
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september 2011 by kitenet
Dioctria key Europe Diptera Asilidae
Provisional key to Central European species of the genus Dioctria Meigen
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september 2011 by kitenet
Dipterists Forum
The Society for the study of flies (Diptera)
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september 2011 by kitenet
Dungfly survey
part of a PhD thesis, investigating the impact of pesticides and changing agriculture on dung fauna
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september 2011 by kitenet
Anatomical Atlas
The Anatomical Atlas was created by CSIRO Entomology to accompany an ABRS-funded identification key to fly families of Australia and US NSF-funded research into the evolutionary history of flies.
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september 2011 by kitenet

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