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Soldier beetles v1.pdf - Google Drive
Excellent soldier beetle (Cantharidae) ID guide by Mark Gurney (PDF download)
biodiversity  identification  coleoptera  cantharidae 
june 2017 by kitenet
british leafminers
This site is the result of an on-going project, set up to photograph and record all the leaf mining fauna which occur in Britain.
biodiversity  biological_recording  identification  lepidoptera  coleoptera  diptera  leaf-mines  moths 
september 2011 by kitenet
Balfour-Browne Club
The Club was formed in 1976 as a group dedicated to the study of water beetles.
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september 2011 by kitenet
Digital library
biodiversity  coleoptera  staphylinidae 
september 2011 by kitenet
Click beetles of the palearctic region
biodiversity  coleoptera  elateridae 
september 2011 by kitenet
The Coleopterist
The Coleopterist is the leading journal for students of the beetle fauna of the British Isles.
biodiversity  coleoptera 
september 2011 by kitenet
Coleoptera : Home Page
For Entomologists who work on Coleoptera / Beetles, and others who are interested in Insects, Beetle collecting, Wildlife and Nature...
For Researchers and Museum Workers, Ecologists, Environmentalists
biodiversity  coleoptera 
september 2011 by kitenet
Chrysomelidae of Europe
The Leaf Beetles of Europe and the Mediterranean Subregion
biodiversity  coleoptera  chrysomelidae  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet
Watford Coleoptera Group
We are an association of coleopterists meeting regularly to share our experiences of the wildlife of the Watford area focusing on a 5 mile radius of Watford Junction BR station.
biodiversity  coleoptera  identification  local_natural_history  hertfordshire  keys_online 
september 2011 by kitenet
Liste des espèces, iconographie, fiches descriptives
biodiversity  coleoptera  bruchidae  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet
Käfer Europas
Keys (in German but well-illustrated) to many beetle families
biodiversity  coleoptera  identification 
september 2011 by kitenet

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