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Digital technology and the conservation of nature | SpringerLink
Digital technology is changing nature conservation in increasingly profound ways. We describe this impact and its significance through the concept of ‘digital conservation’, which we found to comprise five pivotal dimensions: data on nature, data on people, data integration and analysis, communication and experience, and participatory governance.
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10 weeks ago by kitenet
Exploring the role of smartphone technology for citizen science in agriculture | SpringerLink
We investigated (1) farmer ownership and use of smartphone technologies, (2) farmer use of farm-specific management apps, and (3) farmer interest and willingness to participate in agricultural citizen science projects.
biodiversity  biological_recording  apps  agriculture 
10 weeks ago by kitenet
New app makes identifying moths easier | Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
We make use of the millions of records gathered through Butterfly Conservation’s National Moth Recording Scheme, to provide an illustrated list of the larger moth species seen at this time of year in your area. With moth images, flight charts and the frequency that each species has been recorded based on your location and the date, What’s Flying Tonight can help with species identification.
biodiversity  apps  identification  moths  lepidoptera  phenology 
10 weeks ago by kitenet
mySoil App | British Geological Survey (BGS)
mySoil gives you access to a comprehensive European soil properties map within a single app. Discover what lies beneath your feet and help us to build a community dataset by submitting your own soil information.
geology  apps  maps 
10 weeks ago by kitenet
iNaturalist app
I don't use this for recording (it is not linked to many UK recording schemes) but I do use the auto-image-recognition feature to help with IDs - also available in the Apple store
biodiversity  identification  automated_identification  apps 
10 weeks ago by kitenet
DataCamp - Learn R & Python – Android Apps on Google Play
DataCamp Mobile offers bite-sized lessons you can complete in 5 minutes or less.
R  apps  education 
january 2018 by kitenet
Learn R, Python & Data Science Online | DataCamp
Whether you want to learn R, Python or Data Visualization, we want to help!
R  education  tools  apps 
january 2018 by kitenet
Phase ONE Habitat Survey Toolkit
(I've heard good reports of the effectiveness of this package for in-field digitisation of habitat maps. iOS only, and not cheap, but worth considering if you need to do live mapping.)
apps  habitats  maps  Phase_1 
january 2017 by kitenet
Impressive project that provides automated identification of plant photos, and you can contribute your own photos to the database
apps  identification  botany  automated_identification  online 
january 2017 by kitenet
Bird Atlas Mapstore – Android Apps on Google Play
See breeding and wintering distribution maps for British birds
apps  birds  biological_recording  maps  distribution 
january 2017 by kitenet
GPS Essentials
Lots of features, and therefore quite complex and takes time to understand how best to use
apps  gridrefs  geospatial  gps 
january 2017 by kitenet
Grid Reference by Arthur Embleton – Android Apps on Google Play
One of many apps that will give you a grid reference, but I find this easy to use and easy to read, simple and reliable
apps  gridrefs  geospatial 
january 2017 by kitenet
Apps | Biological Records Centre
The full list of wildlife recording apps produced by the BRC, most of which link to the iRecord website
biological_recording  apps  online  iRecord 
january 2017 by kitenet
iRecord App - Record any species on the go.
General app for recording any species - synchronises records to the iRecord website
biological_recording  apps  online  iRecord 
january 2017 by kitenet
The Gilbert 21 Project - G21App
Voice recording app that can synchronise with the Gilbert 21 database
apps  biological_recording  database 
january 2017 by kitenet
Record Wildlife | Wildlife App | iPhone/Android
Allows records to be stored on phone - does not link to any particular recording scheme - does not use a species dictionary
apps  biological_recording 
january 2017 by kitenet

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