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The product design challenges of AR on smartphones
as smartphone apps are our “default” UX, then your AR app should only exist if it does something that can only be done in AR.

but understanding what the user wants and showing that is an incredibly challenging problem to solve. (Probably too hard for anyone who is learning anything from this article.)

Voice is the next big threat for journalism -> I don't really get that one, if anything journalism is about telling stories
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The tech that does or doesn’t matter: thoughts after #cph150
The web has become as useful or useless as people want it to be. No more, no less.

The web appeared to be the most human-like communication tool we had, but that also meant our greed, boredom and envy is now built into it.

‘The revolution will not be on forked on Github’. The hard work of the 21st century might just need to be done face to face, in politics, with regulators, by volunteering, by showing up, by organising by acting and facing complicated problems head on.

I wish the Copenhagen Letter of Tech much success as a cry for help. I just hope there’s someone out there listening
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Myanmar's Internet Disrupted Society—and Fueled Extremists
in 2014, officials granted licenses to two foreign cell phone companies. Within a year, the price of a SIM card dropped from $250 to $1.50, leading to the fastest rise in mobile phone usage of any country in the last 10 years. Today more than three-quarters of the population have a cell phone, most of them smartphones.

I eventually became the maintenance engineer for the only computer in the country. Then, when an IBM personal computer was given to the university, I was chosen to help assemble it. That made me one of the first people to use a personal computer in Myanmar. It was like a James Bond movie.

At first I didn’t enjoy it. I had to carry my whole computer around—not a laptop, but the CPU and monitor—and because I was small I could barely lift it. But eventually I earned my degree in computer networking.
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The Internet's Dark Ages
Most of what we do now on the internet, will be forgotten?
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