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The product design challenges of AR on smartphones
as smartphone apps are our “default” UX, then your AR app should only exist if it does something that can only be done in AR.

but understanding what the user wants and showing that is an incredibly challenging problem to solve. (Probably too hard for anyone who is learning anything from this article.)

Voice is the next big threat for journalism -> I don't really get that one, if anything journalism is about telling stories
interface  internet  augmented-reality  design  smartphone  from instapaper
21 days ago by killerog
Front End Center — Screencasts for Web Professionals
Watch the other videos (and subscribe?) Isn't $15 per video a bit expensive?
css  design  frontend  javascript  to-check 
august 2017 by killerog
Why Britain banned mobile apps | GovInsider
Fourth, the design team removes all unnecessary design. For example, the pages on Gov.UK – the central portal – don’t have any pictures on them. This is because they distract from the information on the page, and user research showed that they reduced the clarity.
design  government  mobile  usability 
june 2016 by killerog
Touch Keyboard Type 'Cheat Sheet' - Labs - Baymard Institute
Great list consisting of all kinds of tricks I didn't know yet.
design  form  forms  mobile  ux  touch  keyboard 
january 2016 by killerog
Pagespeed Optimization
Interesting tool, could do with a bit more suggestions though on how to do this above the fold loading
design  performance  webdesign  frontend 
september 2014 by killerog
Coming Soon: CSS Feature Queries | Web Platform Team Blog
The @support query to check if browsers support features. But how will we check if browser support the features query ;-)
css  css3  design  development  @support 
august 2014 by killerog
Luis Abreu: Why and How to avoid Hamburger Menus
Why not to use the hamburger menu, and what to use instead.
design  menu  mobile  navigation  ux  city-states 
may 2014 by killerog
Stop Wasting Users' Time | Smashing Magazine
Great post on how we can improve our sites for users with sometimes only a little effort.
design  ux  development 
april 2014 by killerog
Great guide on common html/css frustrations. Although a lot should be common knowledge by now I think :-)
css  design  guide  html 
april 2014 by killerog
Controlling heavy weight websites - - Blog and Portfolio for Ashley Nolan
Interesting blog post about performance of modern site experiences. Also see the next post with the reply from the dev.
design  development  performance  mobile 
february 2014 by killerog
LukeW | Mobile Design Details: Performing Actions Optimistically
Let the interface show the progress before an action has been completed. So users perception of speed is more positive. Interesting!
design  mobile  performance 
august 2013 by killerog
Stop chasing screen resolutions | Webdesigner Depot
To have a truly scalable site, you need your images in svg. Is it doable?
design  webdesign  svg  images  responsive 
may 2013 by killerog
The usability error you don’t know you’re making
Don't be to technical or to innovative on your users. They won't get it.
ui  usability  design 
april 2013 by killerog
Media Queries are a Hack by Ian Storm Taylor
Are media queries just a hack for responsive design? Do we need something better?
css3  design  media-queries  responsive 
april 2013 by killerog
Phil Hawksworth | I can smell your CMS | Fronteers 2012 on Vimeo
Good presentation on CMS's and also what can go wrong in agencies in general.
cms  css  design  html  presentation  frontend  video 
march 2013 by killerog
A is for Audience | Stemmings
Why do teachers use Comic Sans so often? Boggles the mind!
design  fonts  comic-sans  usability 
february 2013 by killerog
Designing for humans not robots // Speaker Deck
Make it personal. Presentation by Tammie Lister (@karmatosed) at Inspireconf Leiden.
inspireconf2012  design  user-interface  tammie-lister 
january 2013 by killerog
Think Again: Assumptions About Mobile To Reconsider | Smashing Mobile
Some common myths about mobile, like mobile is ios, mobile is a small screen, and mobile means apps.
design  mobile  myths 
january 2013 by killerog
So You're Going To Start A Huge New Web Project | CSS-Tricks
Some good tips about creating a big project, and a few not so good tips that are assumed.
css  design  web  project  planning  management  mobizzy 
december 2012 by killerog
» Responsive IMGs — Part 1 Cloud Four Blog
Good description of the problems with the responsiveness of the <img> tag. Will there be solutions in part 2? Stay tuned!
design  images  mobile  responsive  web 
december 2012 by killerog
24 ways: Responsive Responsive Design
Performance of responsive site, but how to sell it in your organisation?
responsive  webdesign  performance  design 
december 2012 by killerog
Forms On Mobile Devices: Modern Solutions | Smashing UX Design
Forms on mobile devices.

Differnt ways to input data and how different devices handle it.
mobile  design  ios  android  webos  html5 
october 2012 by killerog
Useful Print And Online Magazines For Web Designers | Smashing Magazine
Nice magazines to check one day.

Hacker news is interesting in a lifehacker kind of way.
design  webdesign  magazine  hackernews 
october 2012 by killerog
A Responsive Design Workflow |
Define breakpoints
Prioritize content
Responsive images
Interesting links
responsive  webdesign  design 
october 2012 by killerog
The Fun Theory
Add some fun to your website in an unobtusive way, if appropriate.
design  web  websites  fun  interaction  usability  inspiration  from instapaper
august 2012 by killerog
Wireframing for responsive design
How to think you're responsive site through, before actually building it.
responsive  design  wireframe  client  mobile  first  html  css  media  queries 
february 2012 by killerog

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