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SQL Code Smells - Simple Talk
Some time ago, Phil Factor wrote his booklet 'SQL Code Smells', collecting together a whole range of SQL Coding practices that could be considered to indicate the need for a review of the code. It was published as 119 code smells, even though there were 120 of them at the time. Phil Factor has continued to collect them and the current state of the art is reflected in this article. There are now around 150 of these smells and SQL Code Guard is committed to cover as many as possible of them.
sql  tips 
november 2017 by khit
How to Add a Tooltip to a Dimension in Tableau | Ryan Sleeper
tooltips on dimensions and independent marks cards for columns
tableau  tips 
july 2017 by khit
Windows 10 hack: How to beef up your jump lists to show more pinned items - TechRepublic
increase the number of pinned items displayed in right-click menus on taskbar icons
windows  tips  explorer  taskbar 
may 2016 by khit
10 SQL Tricks That You Didn’t Think Were Possible | Java, SQL and jOOQ.
recursion, running total calcs, find largest series with no gaps, length of a series, window functions, time series, pivot, unpivot
db  db-dev  sql  tips  tutorials  series 
may 2016 by khit
10 Sketchnote Tips for OneNote | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
10 sketchnote tips created in conjunction with Microsoft to encourage OneNote users to use sketchnoting. For more details, buy my books: The Sketchnote Handbook and The Sketchnote Workbook:
sketchnotes  tips  visualthinking  onenote  examples 
september 2015 by khit
11 Useful Tips for Getting the Most of Slack — Medium
(and being even less busy, more productive and happier at work than ever)
tips  IM  slack  tricks 
august 2015 by khit
How to analyze business data in Excel - 15 Quick & powerful ways | - Learn Microsoft Excel Online
Here is a situation all too familiar. You are looking at a spreadsheet full of data. You need to analyze and tell a story about it. You have little time. You
tips  excel  charts  data-viz 
july 2015 by khit
Things I've Learned About Building & Coding HTML Email Templates
Writing about UX, Interaction Design and Front-end Development
html-email  best-practice  tips 
june 2015 by khit
How to Get SQL Server Dates and Times Horribly Wrong
One of the times that you need things to go right is when you are doing analysis and reporting. This is generally based on time and date. A sure-fire way of getting managers upset is to get the figures horribly wrong by messing up the way that you handle datetime values in SQL Server. In the interests of peace, harmony and a long career in BI, Robert Sheldon outlines some of the worst mistakes you can make when using SQL Server dates.
dates  tips  date-time  sql 
june 2015 by khit
Ever Wonder What the Extra Shoelace Hole on Your Trainers Is For? Watch This Video to Find Out How to Use It | Video |
Take a look at your running shoes. Is there an extra shoelace hole off to the side, in front of the ankle, deviating from the line up on the front? It's not just there for decoration or ventilation. You may or may not know that...
tips  shoes  running  tricks  shoelaces 
june 2015 by khit
RodriguezCommaJ – Using Images in HTML Email
You can learn more about designing and coding amazing HTML email campaigns with my latest book, Professional Email Design.
photos  tips  imgs  html-email  warnings 
may 2015 by khit
Flexibits | Fantastical 2 for Mac | Help
Fantastical 2 for Mac help. Flexibits makes Fantastical, the fastest and friendliest calendar app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
fantastical  tips  osx  shortcutkeys 
may 2015 by khit
DevonThink Pro Office + BusyContacts = an efficient CRM solution for academia? | Ruminating...
What does a Customer Relationship Management have anything to do with Academia? The blog Academic Workflow on a Mac makes a very good case for it...and I agree!   Today, I realized that you can copy DevonThink unique link of a group or an element within its database not just to Calendar/BusyCal or Things/OmniFocus but also…  tips  crm  url-scheme  osx 
may 2015 by khit
Sublime Text tips for Markdown table editing
I edited a bunch of MultiMarkdown tables in Sublime Text 3 yesterday, and by about halfway through I’d developed a pretty good system. I thought I’d document a couple of tricks for my…
markdown  tables  tips  sublime-text 
april 2015 by khit
Calculate Time Difference in Excel
Calculate Time Difference in Excel - How to Subtract Dates and Times in Excel
excel  time  tips 
april 2015 by khit
Stop using tail -f (mostly)
Stop using tail -f (mostly) - Stop using tail -f
tips  unix  logs  utilities 
april 2015 by khit
SSRS Quick Tip – An item with the same key has already been added | Arcane Code
I was in the process of creating a new report in SQL Server Reporting Services today. I was loading my dataset from a stored procedure, and when I hit the "Refresh Fields" button I recieved the following error: "Could not create a list of fields for the query. Verify that you can connect to the…
troubleshooting  ssrs  tips 
march 2015 by khit : establishing geek cred since 1305712800
A protip by bassemdy about Unix, commands, sed, egrep, cp, cat, xargs, file, manipulation, and recusrive.
cmd-line  tips  linux  files  osx  unix 
march 2015 by khit
Check if 2 ranges have same values (set equality problem) | - Learn Microsoft Excel Online
Hello folks, Time for another homework problem. Assuming you have 2 ranges of values like below, how do you check if both of them have same set of values?
excel  tips 
march 2015 by khit
Working with Files in Alfred
I can select files in the Finder and double tap ⌘ to load them into Alfred, which is ready to act on them instantly.
alfred  tips  finder  osx 
march 2015 by khit
Git Bisect and Why it is Amazing - Zao
Git bisect is a really helpful, someone under-appreciated tool in Git.
development  git  tips 
january 2015 by khit
Take advantage of these free online Office resources - TechRepublic
In celebration of the holiday season, Susan Harkins shares her favorite free Office resources.
tips  microsoft  lists  office 
december 2014 by khit
Harnessing Vector Awesomeness in Sketch — Medium
Vector shapes are Sketch’s flagship feature. Learn how to master them.
sketch  sketchapp  vector  tips  tutorials 
july 2014 by khit
Pro tip: Count duplicates and unique values in Excel - TechRepublic
Duplicates aren't bad, but you may need to know how many times a value is repeated or how many unique values are in a data range. Here's how to tackle these tasks in Excel.
excel  tips 
july 2014 by khit
Ruby Tips Part 1
blocks, yield alternatives, ranges
ruby  tips  programming 
september 2013 by khit
SQL Server Reporting Services Tips and Tricks to Improve the End User Experience
Let's take a look at the following Tips and Tricks:

Display Total Number of Pages while Navigating
Display Everything in a Single Page
Display Report Parameter Selection
Display No Rows Error Message
Page Settings for Optimal Printing
ssrs  tips 
september 2013 by khit
How to solve the worst email annoyances | Macworld
Stop Calendar from sending such reminders. To do so, open Calendar, select a calendar from the list on the left, press Command-I to bring up the Info sheet, enable the sheet’s Ignore Alerts option, and click OK. You should no longer receive those emailed reminders.
osx  tips  calendar  alerts 
august 2013 by khit
NewNet-Soft - CSS Typography cheat sheet
great list of little-known CSS typography tricks
typography  css3  web-dev  design  tips 
june 2013 by khit
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