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TabNine | Install TabNine
TabNine is the all-language autocompleter. It uses machine learning to provide responsive, reliable, and relevant suggestions.

Traditional autocompleters suggest one word at a time.
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27 days ago by khit - match command-line arguments to their help text
enter a command string to see the help text that matches each argument
programming  command-line  cli  linux  bash 
april 2017 by khit
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
the legendary quirky manual for rubyists
programming  free  ruby  ebooks 
march 2017 by khit
The world(and CRM) needs a better spreadsheet and form builder
Talk on what most SMBs need in their technology and why the market is only serving them with paper and spreadsheets
design  programming  spreadsheet  salesforce  apps  development  requirements 
january 2017 by khit
SRL - Simple Regex Language
regular expressions turned into simple query language (SRL)
programming  tools  regex 
september 2016 by khit
Best Free Programming Books | Toptal
Today, we will be taking a quick look at something useful and down to earth: free online programming books.
tutorials  free  programming  Books  lists 
august 2015 by khit
Docco is a quick-and-dirty documentation generator, written in Literate CoffeeScript. It produces an HTML document that displays your comments intermingled with your code. All prose is passed through Markdown, and code is passed through Highlight.js syntax highlighting. This page is the result of running Docco against its own source file.
javascript  documentation  markdown  docs  programming  tools  coffeescript  generator 
may 2015 by khit
Open-source plugins for data about your programming.
productivity  programming  development  time-tracking 
march 2015 by khit
The Ultimate List of Programming Books
This is the ultimate list of programming books that all programmers and software developers should read. A curated and updated list of programming books.
programming  lists  Books  development 
march 2015 by khit
12 Years Later — What I’ve learned about being a software engineer — Medium
0.00001 is actually a massive screw up. Software running on the internet, especially in the consumer application and user interface world tend to follow a similar pattern. One level down, and you start to question how this has worked so well for so long.
development  failure  career  coding  programming  software 
march 2015 by khit
A curated collection of online programming tutorials for an array of languages.
tutorials  programming  development  lists 
march 2015 by khit
A Formula for the Number of Days in Each Month · Curtis McEnroe
There you have it, a formula for the number of days in each month using simple arithmetic.
dates  math  programming  months 
december 2014 by khit
Behold the beauty of the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop "About" animation | TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004
Macintosh Programmer's Workshop, or MPW to most people who remember it, was a software development tool for the classic Mac OS. It was invaluable for
history  development  xcode  osx  programming  mac 
november 2014 by khit
Blockspring lets you create, share, and discover API's.
api  programming  webdev 
august 2014 by khit
The Twelve-Factor App
A methodology for building modern, scalable, maintainable software-as-a-service apps.
programming  saas  development 
july 2014 by khit
All the Swift things - The Changelog
great list of links on Apple's new programming language
apple  swift  programming 
june 2014 by khit
Bitcast is a community-driven marketplace for software development screencasts. sinatra, ember, javascript, python, backbone
programming  video  tutorials 
april 2014 by khit
watson - inline issue manager
sync github issues with specially formatted comments
programming  github  issues 
november 2013 by khit
Bento - Learn how to code
Everything you need to know about web development. Neatly packaged.
Beginners, start by clicking the html box and the next lessons you should learn will get highlighted.
programming  education  web-dev  tutorial 
october 2013 by khit
Ruby Tips Part 1
blocks, yield alternatives, ranges
ruby  tips  programming 
september 2013 by khit
How to Design Programs, Second Edition
The goal of our book is to introduce readers of all ages and backgrounds to the craft of designing programs systematically. We promise that the travails will pay off not just for future programmers but for anyone who has to follow a process or create one for others.
Books  programming  Theory 
august 2013 by khit
References for "The Future of Programming"
It's good to learn how to do something. It's better to learn many ways of doing something. But it's best to learn all these ways as suggestions or hints. Not truth.

Learn tools, and use tools, but don't accept tools. Always distrust them; always be alert for alternative ways of thinking. This is what I mean by avoiding the conviction that you "know what you're doing".
programming  learning  future  history  teaching  experiment 
august 2013 by khit
Learn X in Y Minutes: Scenic Programming Language Tours
so far:
c  clojure  dart  F#  haskell  lua  php  python  R  programming  learning 
june 2013 by khit
Follow-up to front/back-end bookmark collections of recent
ruby  programming  bookmarks 
june 2013 by khit
Some "Laws" of Software Development
Ziv’s law states that software development is unpredictable and that specifications and requirements will never be fully understood. If one agrees that the fundamental nature of software development is essentially new product design then this law seems valid. When you are creating something new, regardless of the amount of similarity to what has been created before, it is impossible to be certain of all the needs and constraints. We can forecast with varying degrees of accuracy, and should caveat all forecasts with a degree of certainty, but we really cannot predict precisely all the functional and non-functional requirements. The topic of uncertainty is also addressed in Humphrey’s law.
programming  software-dev  development  estimation 
may 2013 by khit
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