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A Passion for Infrastructure | Emmanuel Gospel Center
Michele Mitsumori has a passion for clarifying visions, executing them, and then seeing how they can be sustained over the longer term. The many insights she gained as a teacher translated naturally into a growing passion for building healthy infrastructure. “The nonprofits I’ve worked with often valued the individual so much that decisions were made on a ‘case-by-case’ basis,” she points out. “This quickly translates into inconsistency, favoritism, and a lack of transparency.” As EGC’s director of administration, Michele is working to clarify, standardize, and update the Center’s policies and procedures. “It’s important that we have alignment between how we would like to operate and how we actually operate,” she says. Michele’s personal passion for healthy infrastructure is helping to provide a smooth-running and stable work environment to support EGC’s 36 staff and dozen programs.
passion  orgculture  organizationaldev  transparency  non-profit  infrastructure  process 
may 2015 by khit
5by5 | Back to Work #176: "ENJOY YOUR MEAL"
TOPIC: (Not) Solving People Problems With Technology.

This week, Dan and Merlin talk about the challenge of finding business workflows that…actually work. And, what happens if you try to fix a "people problem" with a technical solution.
tech  workflow  process  biz-process  it  podcast  merlin-mann 
june 2014 by khit
Consensus vs. Collaboration
“Nothing is what happens when everyone has to agree.” - Seth Godin
collaboration  process  teamwork  decision-making 
september 2013 by khit
An Introduction to Designing for Imperfection | UX Magazine
Our devices, apps, and websites just delay and interfere with access to this information, to varying degrees. Anything that reduces delay is good. Anything that gets in the way or exposes edges of the network is bad.
Systems are Fault-Intolerant: Right now, technical systems (software, data) fundamentally expect perfect informatio
design  philosophy  process  workflow 
august 2013 by khit
BPMN 2.0 Poster (pdf)
great poster that provides a clear key/legend for a bpmn diagram
Reference  bpmn  process  process-modeling  visualization 
may 2013 by khit
Style Tiles
Samantha Warren (twitter) workflow
design  layout  process  webdesignw  workflow  inctrlconf 
february 2013 by khit
BPMN Information Home
business process modeling notation
process  workflow  modeling 
december 2009 by khit
Question your work - (37signals)
questions to ask before, during and after working on anything
management  process  productivity 
march 2008 by khit

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