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Alex - Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing
Whether your own or someone else’s writing, alex helps you find gender favouring, polarising, race related, religion inconsiderate, or other unequal phrasing.
sensitivity  plugins  writing  sublime-text 
september 2015 by khit
Touch, responsive, flickable galleries
photos  plugins  webdev  carousel  gallery  library 
may 2015 by khit
PointGrid - Sketch plugin | 47 Degrees
PointGrid, a plugin for Sketch written in CocoaScript.
plugins  mockups  responsive 
april 2015 by khit
FilterPipes - Packages - Package Control
FilterPipes is a SublimeText (v2 and v3) plugin for filtering selected text through pipes or filters, either written as Python functions or as external processes.
plugins  cmd-line  filters  sublime-text 
march 2015 by khit
HTMLBeautify - Packages - Package Control
A plugin for Sublime Text that formats (indents) HTML source code. It makes code easier for humans to read.
plugins  code-formatting  html  sublime-text 
march 2015 by khit
facelessuser/BracketHighlighter · GitHub
BracketHighlighter - Bracket and tag highlighter for Sublime Text
plugins  sublime-text 
february 2015 by khit
jisaacks/GitGutter · GitHub
GitGutter - A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to see git diff in gutter
sublime-text  plugins  git 
december 2014 by khit
HTML Nest Comments - Packages - Package Control
This is a Sublime Text 2 and 3 plugin allowing you to quickly comment out blocks of HTML code that already contain HTML comments.
plugins  html  comments  sublime-text 
december 2014 by khit
RegExLink - Packages - Package Control
A Sublime Text plugin that open links and commands formatting it using a regular expression
sublime-text  plugins  regex 
december 2014 by khit
marcosvidal/Sketch-Notebook · GitHub
Sketch-Notebook - Sketch Plugin to make documenting design easier
plugins  documentation 
november 2014 by khit
Swatches for Sketch
Swatches is a bare-bones plugin for generating colour palettes on the fly
november 2014 by khit
sketchplugins/plugin-directory · GitHub
plugin-directory - A semi-official directory of plugins, hosted in GitHub
plugins  directory  repository 
november 2014 by khit
Select Mode · guillermooo/Vintageous Wiki
Vintageous - Vi/Vim emulation for Sublime Text 3
sublime-text  vim  plugins 
july 2014 by khit
Select Mode · guillermooo/Vintageous Wiki
Vintageous - Vi/Vim emulation for Sublime Text 3
sublime-text  vim  plugins 
july 2014 by khit
MultiEditUtils - Packages - Package Control
extends the built-in multi-select/edit functions in sublime
sublime  plugins 
july 2014 by khit
Text Pastry is a plugin for Sublime Text that will give you the necessary tools to insert or paste a bunch of text, a range of numbers or generated UUIDs into your selected locations.

Ever wanted to paste incrementing numbers or five lines from your clipboard into five different locations at once? Text Pastry can help you out!
sublime-text  plugins  text-manipulation 
june 2014 by khit
A plugin manager for  plugins 
may 2014 by khit
alignment to baseline, typography, color  plugins 
april 2014 by khit
official list of plugins for the python static blog generator
pelican  Plugins 
april 2014 by khit
Awesome Sketch Plugins
A collection of really useful Sketch plugins  plugins 
april 2014 by khit
sketch-commands/ at master · bomberstudios/sketch-commands · GitHub
Sketch Commands is a freestyle port of my Orange Commands for Fireworks for Bohemian Coding’s  plugins 
april 2014 by khit
Play SQL - Setup
read/write sql plugin for confluence
sql  confluence  plugins 
december 2013 by khit
Zinggi/EasySettings · GitHub
This Plug-in helps you with editing the Sublime Text 2 setting files.
It displays all available settings through auto-completion.
It also displays the documentation of the just accepted setting.
sublime  plugins 
june 2013 by khit
robcowie/SublimeTODO · GitHub
create a list of TODO, FIXME, etc.
plugins  sublime 
may 2013 by khit
rodrigoflores/Today · GitHub
Inserts today's date in Sublime
sublime  dates  plugins 
april 2013 by khit
make guides in PS not suck so hard
Photoshop  design  grids  plugins 
april 2013 by khit
jQuery Pin
pin nav or other elements on either side of the page during scrolls
javascript  plugins 
april 2013 by khit
Sends email without launching
new windows or applications.Look and feel like sending an email.Copy/paste snippet. Done :)
plugins  buttons  sharing  email 
september 2012 by khit
Select2 2.0
Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results. Look and feel of Select2 is based on the excellent Chosen library.
jQuery  plugins  javascript  forms  formfields 
june 2012 by khit
zen-coding · GitHub
downloads to enable zen coding in various text editors and IDEs
plugins  ide  texteditors  zencoding 
may 2012 by khit

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