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hacksalot/HackMyResume · GitHub
HackMyResume - Generate polished résumés and CVs in HTML, Markdown, LaTeX, MS Word, PDF, plain text, JSON, XML, YAML, smoke signal, and carrier pigeon.
resume  maarkdown  txt  json  dry 
december 2015 by khit
jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor.
cmd-line  parser  json 
november 2014 by khit
danvk/jss · GitHub
JSON processing command line tool based on JSONSelect (CSS-like selectors for JSON)
web-dev  json  tools  query-tool 
november 2014 by khit
Transform & Enrich JSON using JavaScript. No Setup.
Step by Step Manipulation. Go back at any Time.
CSV to JSON & JSON to CSV Import/Export.
Fully client-side; Works offline.
json  converter  data  javascript  conversion 
may 2014 by khit
A jQuery plugin that converts an HTML Table into a javascript object. Great for working with user-editable tables or accessing output from 3rd party tools.
json  javascript  html  tables  data  jQuery  Plugin 
august 2013 by khit
jp is a command line tool that reformats JSON to make it easier to read
json  utilities  cmd-line  web-dev  data  prettify 
august 2013 by khit
Pilot SSH | gridwriter
Pilot SSH for the iPhone offers a simple way to manage a *nix server. The app tells the server to execute scripts which returns back the formatted JSON data.
Although I have my Pelican blog engine backgrounded (&) and other admin tasks scheduled via cron, Pilot SSH could be a better alternative for mobile SSH-ing for small tasks.
ssh  blogging  json 
june 2013 by khit

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