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Pts enables you to compose and express what you see in your mind's eyes — points as ideas, shapes, colors, motions, interactions, and more.
canvas  animation  visualization  javascript  library 
august 2018 by khit
Effect Ideas for Image Grids | Codrops
Some inspiration for effects on image grids. The ideas include animations on the opening grid item, the disappearance of the grid and the resulting view.
web-dev  imgs  css  animation 
october 2015 by khit
Apple Watch Dials - CSS Animation
With the announcement of Apple’s new watch this week, I thought I’d take a look at creating the activity dials using CSS.
css  visualization  animation 
march 2015 by khit
CSS Animated Headlines | CodyHouse
A collection of animated headlines, with interchangeable words that replace one another through CSS transitions.
css3  animation 
december 2014 by khit
Connor Atherton | Walkway.js
An easy way to animate SVG images consisting of line and path elements.
animation  javascript  svg  library 
november 2014 by khit
Bézier Clock
uses processing.js for animated clock made of bezier curves
clocks  processing  animation  javascript  time  library 
september 2014 by khit
SVG Loading icons - CodePen
Animated SVG for use as loading animations....
svg  loading  loaders  spinner  animation  web-dev 
september 2014 by khit
bounce.js lets you create tasty CSS3 powered animations in no time.
js  animation  library 
june 2014 by khit
Flat Preloaders
great preloaders that go beyond the dull, gray spinner
animation  graphics  web-dev 
april 2014 by khit
Explain Git with D3
This website is designed to help you understand some basic git concepts visually.
git  tutorial  animation 
march 2014 by khit
animo.js • Labs by Big Room Studios
A powerful little tool for managing CSS animations
Stack animations, create cross-browser blurring, set callbacks on animation completion, make magic.
animation  css3 
september 2013 by khit
Sidebar Transitions
Transition effects for off-canvas views
animation  css3  navigation  web-design 
september 2013 by khit
Typer from LayerVault
Typer.js is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin that types.
animation  javascript  jQuery  Plugin 
august 2013 by khit
Search in a Giphy
animated gif search engine
animation  graphics  search  gif 
july 2013 by khit
Effeckt.css - performant CSS transitions
modals, buttons, list item add/remove, list scroll, off screen nav, page transitions, captions,
animation  css  effects 
july 2013 by khit
Full-featured JavaScript GIF encoder that runs in your browser.
animation  javascript  gif 
july 2013 by khit
Lazy Line Painter
converts svg into animated drawing
javascript  svg  animation  WebDev 
february 2013 by khit
makers of motype (motion text effects) and nodes (motion data points/nodes)
animation  motiongraphics 
july 2010 by khit

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