git open - A small git hack - Brain Spill
resume where you left off, also see the comment with possible mods on github
git  productivity  minimalism  bestpractices 
3 days ago
Run Code online Faster. Coherence API
Running any code on our servers is as easy as calling a function. Create scheduled, recurring jobs just as easy. No need for a task queue ever again.
cloud  service  api  serverless 
16 days ago
How to Highlight the Highest and Lowest Points in Tableau
also includes "blank" headers trick for making squares used as a heat map (highlight table) which bleed over to other cells
tableau  calculated-fields 
17 days ago
Why do you visualize data? | Ryan Sleeper
Proving the value of visualization with a simple exercise?
tableau  dataviz 
24 days ago
“This wasn't there the day before.”
from twitter
5 weeks ago
macOS vms in the cloud starting at $20/mo
apple  cloud  macOS 
6 weeks ago
How to Make a Tableau Navigation That Doubles as a Color Legend
Squares not filling the entire area or overlapping? Luckily, there is a simple solution: Drag the dimension of interest to the Columns Shelf a second time.
tableau  formatting 
6 weeks ago
Tableau 201: How to Equalize Year Over Year Dates | Evolytics
Equalizing date fields from previous years to most current year
tableau  dates 
6 weeks ago
Marketing Automation & Customer Journey Software | Autopilot
Automate customer journeys as simply as drawing on a whiteboard
email  automation  marketing  crm 
7 weeks ago
Social Media Engagement App | Post Planner
surfaces high engagement content to share with your network
content  social 
7 weeks ago
I just signed the Data Practices Manifesto, which describes the most effective, ethical, and modern approach to dat…
from twitter
8 weeks ago
welcome to ATX! Didn’t realized you’d moved until listening to your last podcast episode. Met you here at…
from twitter
8 weeks ago
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