kevinrood + reactnative   15 - callstack/haul
"Haul is a command line tool for developing React Native apps"
android  tool  reactnative  ios  mobile  webpack  react 
december 2017 by kevinrood - hectahertz/react-native-typography
"Pixel–perfect, native–looking typographic styles for React Native ✒️"
reactnative  mobile  ui  android  ux  ios 
december 2017 by kevinrood
pixielabs/cavy: An integration test framework for React Native.
End-to-end integration testing framework for React Native apps.
mobile  reactnative  android  ios  testing 
august 2017 by kevinrood
"CodePush is a cloud service that enables Cordova and React Native developers to deploy mobile app updates directly to their users’ devices. It works by acting as a central repository that developers can publish certain updates to (e.g. JS, HTML, CSS and image changes), and that apps can query for updates from (using our provided client SDKs). This allows you to have a more deterministic and direct engagement model with your end-users, while addressing bugs and/or adding small features that don’t require you to re-build a binary and/or re-distribute it through any public app stores."
microsoft  mobile  reactnative  ios  android 
december 2016 by kevinrood

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