Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking
"Outcome" principle - really good!

Also, using the "hypothesis statement" to justify work on a feature.
video  presentation  agile  lean  tips 
14 days ago
Microsoft/WinAppDriver - Windows Application Driver
“Windows Application Driver is a service to support Selenium-like UI Test Automation on Windows Applications. This service supports testing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Classic Windows (Win32) apps on Windows 10 PCs. Windows Application Driver complies to the JSON Wire Protocol standard and some application management functionalities defined by Appium. If you've been looking for better support for using Appium to test Windows Applications, then this service is for you!”
testing  ui  windows 
18 days ago
What is Skype coded in? - Quora
"The Windows Skype desktop client is written mostly in Delphi, using the mentioned C++ component for the core business logic"
delphi  skype  windows 
21 days ago
Scrum The Toyota Way
“Just as Scrum does not make you Lean, being Lean does not mean you are Agile. You can be Lean without being Agile, and you can be Agile without being Lean. They are different, yet very complementary concepts. We want to be Lean, delivering the flow of value the most efficient way possible, but we also want to be Agile by being able to respond rapidly to changes in customer or market demand, or responding to unknown events quickly.”
agile  casestudy  lean  toyota  scrum 
22 days ago
Sublime Merge - Git, done Sublime
"a new Git client, from the makers of Sublime Text"
git  tool  linux  windows  mac 
4 weeks ago
Texture - Getting Started
“To keep its user interface smooth and responsive, your app should render at 60 frames per second — the gold standard on iOS. This means the main thread has one-sixtieth of a second to push each frame. That’s 16 milliseconds to execute all layout and drawing code! And because of system overhead, your code usually has less than ten milliseconds to run before it causes a frame drop.

Texture lets you move image decoding, text sizing and rendering, and other expensive UI operations off the main thread, to keep the main thread available to respond to user interaction. Texture has other tricks up its sleeve too… but we’ll get to that later.”
ios  ui  performance 
4 weeks ago
Seam carving - Wikipedia
Something about this is just awesome.
4 weeks ago
cryptosphere/sysrandom: Secure random number generation for Ruby using system RNG facilities
"Secure random number generation for Ruby using system RNG facilities e.g. /dev/urandom, getrandom(2)

System/OS-level random number generators like /dev/urandom and getrandom(2) provide the best option for generating cryptographically secure random numbers."

Ruby's built-in SecureRandom does not provide this, but instead uses OpenSSL's userspace RNG. This has been a source of vulnerabilities in Ruby, and this Ruby bug ticket contains more discussion on the issue.

This gem aims to solve the problem."
ruby  security  gem  linux 
5 weeks ago
TypeScript at Google
“I should open with the standard disclaimer: I am just a random engineer at a company with tens of thousands of them, and others surely disagree with the opinions expressed here.”
typescript  google  casestudy 
6 weeks ago
Rails Console Magic Tricks
“7. The app object

Interesting approach
tips  rails 
8 weeks ago
Code Climate - Chrome Web Store
Code Climate Chrome extension for use with GitHub.com
code_style  ruby  tool  chrome  github 
8 weeks ago
Lessons Learned Writing Unit Tests · Stephen Mann
"Lesson 1: Prefer immutability over mutability
Lesson 2: Prefer pure functions over impure functions
Lesson 3: Break down large functions into small functions
Lesson 4: If you can’t make a test smaller, your code probably has too many dependencies
Lesson 5: Extract complex conditionals and test them in isolation"
testing  tips  programming 
9 weeks ago
Daily Standup Meeting Excel Template for Your Scrum Team
Interesting concept. Video meetings will probably always be better if schedules permit.
telecommuting  scrum  tips 
9 weeks ago
jesseduffield/lazygit - simple terminal UI for git commands
“A simple terminal UI for git commands, written in Go with the gocui library.

Are YOU tired of typing every git command directly into the terminal, but you're too stubborn to use Sourcetree because you'll never forgive Atlassian for making Jira? This is the app for you!”
tool  commands  git 
10 weeks ago
How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes
“This is my growing concern, and it’s been proven time and time again that package managers, and credential leaks, are a weak point in the security of the internet, and that supply chain attacks are a real and persistent threat. This is not a weakness in Homebrew, but rather a systemic problem in the industry, and one where we need more security research.”
10 weeks ago
“gimme is a shell script that knows how to install go.”
golang  tool  go 
12 weeks ago
Dev, don’t put Rails on the whale
“In my project I use Rails, docker and docker-compose. I install Rails local and use a Procfile to start other services through docker-compose.

The services used in this project are PostgreSQL, Redis and ElasticSearch.”

An interesting approach using a local install of Ruby and using docker for Postgres, Redis, etc.
webdevelopment  rails  docker  tips 
july 2018
Six Tips for Mastering your Procfile
Not everything is Heroku-specific here.
tips  rails  heroku 
july 2018
Document react components easily, inside your project.
documentation  react  webdevelopment 
july 2018
Discover the latest iOS UI design patterns
“Mobbin is a hand-picked collection of the latest mobile design patterns from apps that reflect the best in design. Get inspiration from over 130 iOS apps and 6,000 patterns (screenshots from iPhone X) available on the platform.”
iphone  ios  mobile  inspiration  design  ui  ux 
july 2018
cf-ui styleguide
"cf-ui is a set of packages used to build UIs at Cloudflare using projects such as React, Fela, Lerna and more."
ui  react  webdevelopment  javascript 
july 2018
Paper: Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster: A Pattern Language for High Performing Scrum Teams
Authors: Jeff Sutherland, Neil Harrison, Joel Riddle

The Patterns:
1. Stable Teams
2. Yesterday’s Weather
3. Swarming: One Piece Continuous Flow
4. Interrupt Pattern: Illigitimus Non Interruptus
5. Daily Clean Code
6. Emergency Procedure
7. Scrumming the Scrum
8. Happiness Metric
9. Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster
scrum  reference  agile 
july 2018
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