Questions for our first 1:1 | Lara Hogan
In the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of kicking off lots of new reporting relationships with both engineers and engineering managers. Over time, I’ve learned that getting some particular data during an initial 1:1 can be really helpful, as I can refer back to the answers as I need to give a person feedback, recognize them, and find creative ways to support them. Most of these I’ve stolen from some really amazing Etsy coworkers.

management  communication 
august 2018
Sqitch: database change management
database-framework-agnostic change management with dependency resoultion
maintained by theory
postgresql  database-migration 
july 2018
Dress with Pockets: The strangest of all magic item mondays? | DropTheDie on Patreon
Official Post from DropTheDie: I just did a throw-away reminder tweet to myself this morning to make a dress of many pockets or whatever and the tweet suddenly went viral, which I was seriously not prepared for. So to pay back the INCREDIBLE amount of traffic i got, i went ahead and released this thing publicly. i did NOT share m
july 2018
Employees Of [Salesforce] Are Petitioning Government Contracts
Employees at Salesforce follow those at Microsoft, Amazon, and Google in pushing back against their companies' contracts with military and government agencies.
salesforce  abolish_ICE 
june 2018
ripgrep is a line-oriented search tool that recursively searches your current directory for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore rules.
hacker  sysadmin 
april 2018
The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level Development - The Frontside
What is a "senior developer"? Identifying three tracks.
july 2016
Agile Engineering Fluency
This model lays out the Agile Engineering stages of proficiency. Each stage shows what it is, its pre-reqs, what it obsoletes, how to gain basic proficiency, how to attain full fluency, and some of the benefits and costs caused by fluency at that stage.
february 2016
Structr - Home
Rapid application IDE backed by graph database.
neo4j  graphdb  ide 
february 2016
a python plotting system for jupyter notebook
python  dataviz 
october 2015
Norris Numbers
The average amount of code a programmer can write before they hit a wall.
september 2015
CSE341: Programming Languages
The instructor is Dan Grossman.
Goals: Successful course participants will:
• Internalize an accurate understanding of what functional and object-oriented programs mean
• Develop the skills necessary to learn new programming languages quickly
• Master specific language concepts such that they can recognize them in strange guises
• Learn to evaluate the power and elegance of programming languages and their constructs
• Attain reasonable proficiency in the ML, Racket, and Ruby languages — and, as a by-product, become more proficient in languages they already know
hacker  course 
march 2015
An Open Source Tool for Easier Database Testing
rdbms-subsetter, a new utility from 18F's work for generating test databases.
database  testing 
january 2015
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