ICO - Collecting information about your customers – small business checklist (PDF)
This checklist helps you to collect and use information about your
customers properly. It also gives advice about drafting a privacy
notice – this is the statement you can give out to people explaining
who you are and what you are going to do with their information.
gdpr  personaldata  business  resources  ICO  checklist 
november 2017
Data Retention Policy Checklist
This checklist sets out the key issues that a business should consider when implementing a data retention policy.
gdpr  data  retention  personal 
november 2017
How Much Privacy Are We Willing to Risk For Mobile Connectivity?
Another way to look at this is to ask what social networks like Facebook and its Messenger app aren’t telling us? Currently, Messenger, as an example, requires permission to access our contact database so that, according to Facebook, it can tell us who among our contacts also has the Messenger app. In reality, it doesn’t need to scan our phone’s contact database to do this. Facebook already knows who we’re friends with on Facebook and could easily use that info to allow the app to build an IM directory
messengerapps  privacy  security  facebook  socialmedia 
may 2016
Evaluating Digital Citizen Engagement : A Practical Guide
With growing demand for transparency, accountability and citizen participation in
policy making and service provision, engagement between citizens and their governments,
as well as with donors and the private sector that deliver government
services, is increasingly important. Increased use of technology brings both opportunities
and challenges to citizen engagement processes, including opportunities
for collecting, analyzing and evaluating data about these processes. This guide provides
practical steps to assess the extent to which digital tools have contributed to
citizen engagement and the help to understand the impact that the introduction of
technology has had on the engagement processes. With examples and lessons from case studies from Brazil, Uganda, Cameroon and
Kenya, the guide provides practical tools and guidelines for use in evaluating the
expanding field of digital citizen engagement.
digital  engagement  government  civictech  citizen_participation  democracy 
march 2016
The rise of American authoritarianism - Vox
A niche group of political scientists may have uncovered what's driving Donald Trump's ascent. What they found has implications that go well beyond 2016.
politics  authoritarianism  government  democracy  society  culture 
march 2016
The Pool | News & Views - Rachel Shabi on Women and the Brexit
The main thing that keeps coming up is workplace benefits: as a result of EU laws, women have employment protections and rights that wouldn’t otherwise exist – from maternity and paternity leave (and the right to have a job to go back to afterwards), to holiday pay and the right not to work for more than 48 hours a week. Women are disproportionately in part-time, contract and agency work, all of which are afforded the same rights as full-time employment – because the EU made it so.
EU  politics  brexit  government  legislation 
march 2016
ONA supports Apple in fighting FBI’s ‘master key’ demands - Online News Association
We don’t question the FBI’s motives for wanting to learn more about Syed Rizwan Farook and his contacts, but we do question the wisdom and the legality of demanding Apple create what amounts to a master key making it possible to unlock any of its devices. That should strike fear into every journalist with a smartphone in her pocket or a computer on his desk.
encryption  apple  FBI  ONA  technology  privacy  security  journalism 
march 2016
The viral publishing game is over and we all lost — Medium
Social media is, after all, designed to connect people to other people. Brands have always had a tougher time spreading messages on Facebook than individuals, because they’re playing in a space that’s fundamentally not designed for them. The only reason publisher brands feel different is that they once held a unique, trusted position in society. That trust is now gone. What if our kids find the idea of any brands communicating as if they’re people even more awkward than we do?
publishing  media  marketing  viral  socialmedia  journalism  facebook  advertising 
march 2016
‘Healthy new towns’ chosen for NHS experiment - FT.com
Fast-food-free zones near schools, “dementia-friendly” streets, and technology to help people access GP services without setting foot in a surgery are among the schemes to be used in 10 experimental communities dubbed “healthy new towns”.
health  publicpolicy  cities  design  NHS 
march 2016
France says Facebook must face French law in nudity censorship case | Ars Technica
The teacher claimed that Facebook censored him, and he is asking for €20,000 (or about $22,500) in damages. Facebook countered that the man’s lawsuit was invalid because Facebook's Terms of Service stipulate (section 15) that all users must resolve disputes with the social network, "in the US District Court for the Northern District of California or a state court located in San Mateo County.”
facebook  censorship  law  socialmedia  casestudy  nudity  art  moderation  france 
february 2016
Facebook has just 60 days to change its terms and conditions for French users | PCWorld
Among the contract conditions it found detrimental to Facebook users were clauses giving the company the right to remove content published by users on the social network, or to unilaterally change the terms of use without prior notice or by assuming consent.
facebook  moderation  law  france  consumer  termsofservice  socialmedia  freedomofspeech  censorship  publishing 
february 2016
Flux - Upgrade Democracy
Flux is a new political party to give every voter a direct and unique impact on politics. Vote on policy tha
politics  australia  politicalparty  flux  democracy  directdemocracy  technology 
february 2016
What I didn’t read in the TTIP reading room | War On Want
I’d always thought that elected MPs have a right to information. Yet the TTIP negotiators (and who gave them their legitimacy?) reckon they are GRANTING us access out of the goodness of their hearts. Access as a sign of exceptional trust. Whoever wrote that – did they really think that we MPs would feel flattered? To me it smacks more of totalitarianism. ‘Granting access’ and ‘extending trust’ is not the language you use if you really believe in democracy. 
democracy  TTIP  trade  economy  Europe  USA 
february 2016
Does Berlin need a cycling policy referendum? – Jon Worth
Yesterday one of the initiators of the “Volksentscheid Fahrrad” in Berlin came to make a presentation at my local Grüne party meeting. The campaign initiators want to use Berlin’s direct democracy systems to put 10 major changes to Berlin cycle infrastructure into law – these include some pretty major infrastructure demands such as 200km extra cycle paths, each 5m wide, by 2020. As I have previously argued (see the case, and videos 1 and 2), Berlin cycle infrastructure is in need of improvement – so demanding things like this make sense.

My issue is with the means being used to make the demand.
democracy  berlin  environment  referendum  cycling  politics  jonworth 
january 2016
Yanis Varoufakis: Capitalism will eat democracy -- unless we speak up | TED Talk | TED.com
one can be in government today and not in power, because power has migrated from the political to the economic sphere, which is separate.
democracy  politics  capitalism  power  economics  economy  YanisVaroufakis  TED 
january 2016
Interview: Zygmunt Bauman: “Social media are a trap” | In English | EL PAÍS
marriage between power and politics in the hands of the nation state has ended. Power has been globalized, but politics is as local as before. Politics has had its hands cut off. People no longer believe in the democratic system because it doesn’t keep its promises.
government  democracy  politics  society  future  globalisation  power 
january 2016
How Bitcoin’s Blockchain Could Power an Alternate Internet — Backchannel — Medium
The code that secures Bitcoin could also power an alternate Internet. First, though, it has to work.
bitcoins  blockchain  technology  currency  finance  innovation  internet 
january 2016
What is Facebook doing with my data? - BBC News
Facebook is in trouble again - this time from the Belgian privacy commission, which is cross about the fact that it tracks internet users who are not members of the social network.

A court has ruled that it is unacceptable that every time someone clicks a "like" button on a website, their browsing activity is collected, regardless of whether they are Facebook users or not.
CDR  facebook  privacy  cookies  personaldata 
november 2015
Facebook Is Blocking an Upstart Rival---But It's Complicated | WIRED
Tsu is a new social network that promises to pay its users for posting content to its site. But if want to share your Tsu profile with your Facebook friends, too bad. Facebook is blocking all mentions of “Tsu.co,” the company’s web address. You can’t share a post to a Facebook feed, leave an Instagram comment or send a Facebook Messenger message containing the URL. Tsu’s CEO claims Facebook went so far as to retroactively remove any mention of the site from its archives.
facebook  licensing  startups  blocking 
november 2015
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