Quantum Diaries
nice overview of standard model
january 2019
Intentionally shaping your thinking – John Backus – Medium
nothing too insightful, just apparently there are more people who use annotations to remember stuff
january 2019
Octonion - Wikipedia
huh? octonions are non-associative!
january 2019
Google at 20: how a search engine became a literal extension of our mind
We're now so reliant on Google's services they are now a part of us, raising some deeply troubling questions.
january 2019
You Might Not Need jQuery
Examples of how to do common event, element, ajax and utility operations with plain javascript.
january 2019
QuantifiedSelf, Sleep, and a Questionable set of Tools
A while back, I went pretty far down the Quantified Self rabbit hole: I was measuring a pile of things, downloading apps to track things, wearing things that tracked other things, and generally…
quantifiedself  sleep 
january 2019
that's a bit disturbing...
january 2019
Electroweak interaction - Wikipedia
ok, pretty interesting, is that really simplest example of symmetry breaking?
physics  reprtheory 
january 2019
Frontier of Physics: Interactive Map | Quanta Magazine
Explore the deepest mysteries at the frontier of fundamental physics, and the most promising ideas put forth to solve them.
quantum-gravity  physics 
january 2019
Recent 1.4 billion password breach compilation
privacy  password 
january 2019
Mnemosyne (software) - Wikipedia
dunno, I guess org-drill is enough for me
december 2018
Overtones: Every note is a chord– Dale McGowan
It's a hidden key to music's emotional communication. And it's not all that hidden.
musictheory  physics 
december 2018
Woit’s Way | Articles | Inference: International Review of Science
Andrew Jordan reviews Peter Woit's Quantum Theory, Groups and Representations and finds much to admire.
november 2018
The Library of Scott Alexandria
<p>I&#39;ve put together a list of what I think are the best Yvain (Scott Alexander) posts for new readers, drawing from <em><a href="/slatestarcodex.com">SlateStarCodex</a></em>, <em><a href="/user/Yvain/submitted/">LessWrong</a></em>, and Scott&#39;s ... <span class="post-excerpt-read-more">(Read More)</span></p>
august 2018
Melatonin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
<p><em>[I am not a sleep specialist. Please consult with one before making any drastic changes or trying to treat anything serious.]</em></p>
<p>... <span class="post-excerpt-read-more">(Read More)</span></p>
july 2018
Recursive Recipes | Make food from scratch
Each recipe has ingredients which is also a recipe, follow them to make your food from scratch!
fun  cooking 
may 2018
OpenRailwayMap - An OpenStreetMap-based project for creating a map of the world's railway infrastructure.
map  rail 
april 2018
Instagram/MonkeyType: A system for Python that generates static type annotations by collecting runtime types
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
python  typing 
march 2018
A simple and distraction-free text editor
march 2018
salsita/chrome-extension-skeleton: Minimal skeleton for Chrome extension
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
march 2018
serokell/universum: Prelude used in @Serokell
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 79 million projects.
march 2018
Home | Square Mile Coffee Roasters
Square Mile Coffee Roasters is a multi award winning coffee roasting company based in East London.
coffee  shopping 
march 2018
GoogleChrome/rendertron: A dockerized, headless Chrome rendering solution
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 79 million projects.
chrome  docker 
march 2018
Coffee Processing: How Do You Get from Cherry to Bean? | Serious Eats
What makes coffee taste like coffee? That's a more complicated question than you might think. At every step of a coffee bean's life, something intervenes that could drastically alter its flavor: Plant variety, agricultural approach, terroir, processing, roasting, storage, and, of course, brewing all play a huge part in how your morning cup tastes. Today, let's explore one of these influences: processing.
coffee  in-org 
february 2018
Pay your rent on time to boost your credit score
Do you pay your rent on time? If so, there's a new free scheme which millions of private renters can use to make paying rent boost their credit rating.
february 2018
Intentional and multifunctional: How I got rid of most of my belongings
I have a background as a hoarder. I lived my childhood in a big suburban home and we threw away almost nothing. As I moved to smaller and smaller apartments, I started seeing the problems with the…
february 2018
Touch Typing Tutor - Learn To Type - The Typing Cat
Online keyboard touch typing tutor designed for beginers and advanced typists. Learn touch typing, improve your typing speed and accuracy, be more productive.
january 2018
GotW #91 Solution: Smart Pointer Parameters | Sutter’s Mill
NOTE: Last year, I posted three new GotWs numbered #103-105. I decided leaving a gap in the numbers wasn't best after all, so I am renumbering them to #89-91 to continue the sequence. Here is the updated version of what was GotW #105. How should you prefer to pass smart pointers, and why? Problem JG…
january 2018
duckie/named_types: A C++14/17 implementation of named tuples
named_types - A C++14/17 implementation of named tuples
january 2018
The ultimate guide to sleep tracking | Features | Sleep Junkies
A comprehensive at the science and technology of sleep tracking works, plus a roundup of the best sleep trackers in 2017.
sleep  quantified-self 
january 2018
PERF | Sand, software and sound
Performance Events for Linux, called "PERF," is the standard profiling infrastructure on Linux. PERF consists of a kernel SYSCALL to collect performance data
profiling  benchmarking 
december 2017
tenex/opensourcecontributors: Find all contributions for a user through the GitHub Archive
opensourcecontributors - Find all contributions for a user through the GitHub Archive
github  logging 
december 2017
How to make a small change to a Debian tool and repackage it?

How to make a small change to a Debian tool and repackage it?
This mini-tutorial shows how to modify a small option of a standard Debian/Ubuntu pac...
december 2017
Spaced-repetition - Gwern.net
Efficient memorization using the spacing effect: literature review of widespread applicability, tips on use & what it's good for.
brain  memory  gwern 
december 2017
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