Remember Me Easter Egg – Weston Ruter
Here’s a fun little easter egg to add to your WordPress login screen: make it so when you click the “Remember Me” checkbox that the song of the same name from Coco
wordpress  wp-plugins  login 
19 hours ago
Free Genesis Themes - Brian Gardner
I’m Brian Gardner and those are free themes I've created for the Genesis Framework. Feel free to download and use them to build something awesome.
wordpress  wp-themes  Genesis-framework  Genesis 
3 days ago
Aqua Screenshot Library – 512 Pixels
Aqua started life on CRTs and small notebook screens. Today, it spans from 12-inch MacBooks to the 27-inch iMac. It has undergone system font changes and the Retina transition. It has had to adapt, hosting the addition of dozens and dozens of features over the years.
mac  apple  design  wallpapers 
4 days ago
In-Depth Guide on Hosting Local Fonts in WordPress
When it comes to hosting and using fonts on your WordPress site there are a lot of different options. You can host them locally, you can use Google fonts (most themes nowadays have Google fonts integrated), or utilize another 3rd party service like Adobe Typekit. Today we want to dive into a few reasons why hosting local fonts in WordPress can be advantageous. Not only can you have a larger selection of fonts, but there are sometimes performance benefits to this as well. Check out our in-depth tutorial below on how to host your premium fonts locally as well as any font family from Google fonts.
fonts  WordPress  web-typography  web-fonts 
8 days ago
Cool Fonts vs. Best Fonts Fonts That People Actually Use
We’ve analyzed the fonts that the greatest startups from ProductHunt use. Read our story or analyze raw data.
fonts  graphics  typography  resources  showcase 
8 days ago
Space Grotesk font by Florian Karsten
Space Grotesk is released under SIL Open Font License, as modified version of Space Mono (2016, Colophon Foundry & Google Fonts).
fonts  grotesque  typography 
8 days ago
RecuperaBit ~ A tool for forensic file system reconstruction.
A software which attempts to reconstruct file system structures and recover files. Currently it supports only NTFS.

RecuperaBit attempts reconstruction of the directory structure regardless of:

missing partition table
unknown partition boundaries
partially-overwritten metadata
quick format
NTFS  file-system  recovery  tools  forensics 
10 days ago
Collect and prioritize product feedback · Fider
Fider can help you collect and prioritize product feedback so that you can focus on building the right product.
customers  productivity  tools  feedback 
10 days ago
TCM | Twocanoes Software
TCM is the best way to manage your Macs, instantly. Take a screenshot, open an app, open a web page, reboot a computer, send a UNIX command, reboot to Windows — all without leaving your desk. TCM does all of this right from a web browser. No software to install on the administrator computer and accessible from anywhere.
macOS  tools  management 
10 days ago
Youdot | Riscopri il potenziale di un nome a dominio scaduto
Con Youdot, trovare un nome di dominio non è mai stato più facile. La nostra piattaforma è la migliore soluzione per recuperare e sviluppare dei nomi di dominio attrattivi
DNS  domain  registar  marketing  tools 
10 days ago
Rinnovo patente | mit
La patente di guida deve essere rinnovata a scadenze diverse a seconda della categoria posseduta e dell’età del conducente.

Il rinnovo consiste in una visita per l'accertamento dei requisiti fisici e psichici di idoneità alla guida da parte di medici abilitati.
patente  guide  italiano 
15 days ago
Custom Domains service deprecation – Medium Support
Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature. Instead, you can create a publication on Medium that will live on a medium.com/publication-name URL.
Medium  publishing  custom-domain 
16 days ago
Bootstrap Blog - The Bootstrap Themes
Bootstrap Blog is a free WordPress blog theme. It is perfect for lifestyle bloggers, style guides, personal bloggers, feminine, traveller, journal, photographers and is very easy to use and customize with live preview. It supports Woocommerce plugin and is SEO optimized.
wp-themes  wordpress  templates  lifestyle  magazine 
17 days ago
Two-Bit History
This is a blog about computer history intended primarily for computer people. While there is a lot of writing out there about the history of computing for a general audience, there is much less for a technical audience—which I think is a shame, because there are so many interesting historical questions that might only occur to somebody who designs and builds software every day,
computing  history 
18 days ago
Atomic Blocks – Collezione di Blocchi Gutenberg | WordPress.org

Atomic Blocks é una collezione di blocchi per Gutenberg, il nuovo editor di testo di WordPress. I blocchi sono parti di contenuto come paragrafi, immagini, gallerie, colonne ed altro: utilizzare blocchi ti dona piú controllo per creare e lanciare rapidamente qualsiasi sito tu voglia!
wp-plugins  wordpress  Gutenberg 
23 days ago
[MU]table: The Multi-Functional Children's Play Table by Martina and Elisa Mukako — Kickstarter
MUtable conveniently transforms from a beautifully-designed table into an all-in-one play table for children ages 1 through 8!
kids  table  furniture 
4 weeks ago
EUD Security Guidance: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - NCSC Site
This guidance was developed following testing on devices running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

It's important to remember that this guidance has been conceived as a way to satisfy the 12 End User Device Security Principles. As such, it consists of recommendations and should not be seen as a set of mandatory instructions requiring no further thought.

Risk owners and administrators should agree a configuration which balances business requirements, usability and security.
government  security  ubuntu 
6 weeks ago
Omni Calculator
Your world in 541 free calculators
business  tools  calculator 
9 weeks ago
From OSX to Linux · Fabrice Aneche
tips using (Arch) Linux as default desktop instead of macOS
migration  linux  osx  Arch-Linux  tips 
10 weeks ago
Reggio Emilia Approach - Wikipedia
Il Reggio Emilia Approach è un tipo di approccio pedagogico per la scuola dell’infanzia, nato e sviluppato in Italia grazie a Loris Malaguzzi (1920 – 1994), negli anni successivi alla Seconda guerra mondiale.

Gli assunti principali sono che il bambino è un “soggetto di diritti” e produttore di conoscenza e che il processo di apprendimento avviene autonomamente, all'interno di una rete di relazioni sociali tra il bambino, gli educatori e la famiglia.

I principi su cui si basa l'approccio sono:

I bambini sono costruttori attivi delle proprie conoscenze, guidati dai propri interessi;
La conoscenza di sé e del mondo avviene e passa attraverso le relazioni con gli altri;
I bambini sono comunicatori: posseggono “100 linguaggi”;
Gli adulti sono aiutanti e guide nel processo di apprendimento.
education  italiano  school  guide 
10 weeks ago
Designer Resources Archive - Designers Insights
We have gathered in one complete collection, all the essential technical knowledge professional graphic designers need and use on a daily basis to work, thrive and succeed.
print  book  resources  design 
10 weeks ago
No More MacBook
Looking to replace my own 2012 macbook pro I decided to compile a list of suitable alternatives for my next computer.

This is not an exaustive list but only a small research I did in a weekend, feel free to contact me if some info is outdated or if you want something added.
hardware  notebook  MacBook-Pro  XPS  Yoga-920  Lenovo 
11 weeks ago
Lista APP utili per smartphone : italy
Vorrei creare insieme a voi una lista "collaborativa" di APP che secondo gli utenti di r/italy ogni persona dovrebbe avere nel proprio telefono per migliorare i più disparati ambiti della vita di tutti i giorni. Ovviamente trattandosi di app utili vi chiedo di evitare giochini, app sulle barzellette e cose simili.
app  ios  android  showcase  resources  guide  italiano 
11 weeks ago
Image SEO: Optimizing images for search engines • Yoast
If you are, for instance, a blogger or you write articles for an online magazine or newspaper, you might encounter this question on a daily basis: should I add an image to my article? The answer is “Yes”. Images make an article more vivid and can contribute to the SEO of your article. In this post, I’d like to explain the steps that you should take to fully optimize an image for SEO.
images  google  seo  tips  resources 
june 2018
Brand identity style guide documents | Logo Design Love
A collection of identity style guides from around the world
It can be helpful to see the various grids, layouts, and details included in the style guides designers prepare for clients. Here are some for reference.
brand  design  guidelines 
june 2018
NeXT logo presentation, by Paul Rand, for Steve Jobs | Logo Design Love
In 1986, Steve Jobs paid renowned graphic designer Paul Rand $100,000 to create a visual identity for his computer company. Rand developed a unique 100-page proposal book for the NeXT logo that walked the reader step-by-step through the conceptual process to the final outcome.
history  design  culture  apple  NeXT  Paul-Rand 
june 2018
CSS Units
CSS has several different units for expressing a length.

Many CSS properties take "length" values, such as width, margin, padding, font-size, border-width, etc.

Length is a number followed by a length unit, such as 10px, 2em, etc.

A whitespace cannot appear between the number and the unit. However, if the value is 0, the unit can be omitted.

For some CSS properties, negative lengths are allowed.

There are two types of length units: absolute and relative.
html  css 
june 2018
Work Guides — Quartz at Work
We've read the research, talked to the experts, and digested their advice into these guides to common career concerns.
career  tips  work  reference  inspiration 
june 2018
How To Add Font Awesome Icons To WordPress: 3 Easy Methods
Font Awesome icons are awesome (sic!) because, unlike regular images:

You can resize them with no quality loss because they’re vectors.
They’re super easy to customize – you can change sizes, add animation, throw on a border, and lots more.

Right this moment, Font Awesome includes over 2,986 different icons. And I’m going to show you 3 ways that you can start using them on your WordPress site.

First, you’ll learn a simple manual method that you can use to add Font Awesome.

Then, you’ll learn how you can use 2 different plugins to accomplish much the same thing.

If you absolutely know that you want to use a plugin, click here to skip straight to that section. Otherwise, let’s get started with the manual method!
wordpress  font-awesome  web-development  tips 
june 2018
Art Of Community Online | The Book On Community Management, by Jono Bacon
The critically acclaimed The Art of Community by Jono Bacon and published by O’Reilly brings together over a decade of experience in growing, empowering, and leading communities to success.
opensource  social  community  book 
june 2018
uSQL ~ universal command-line interface for SQL databases
usql provides a simple way of working with SQL and NoSQL databases via a command-line inspired by PostgreSQL's psql. usql has a few additional features that psql does not, such as syntax highlighting and context-based completion.

Database administrators and developers that would prefer to work with non-PostgreSQL databases with a tool like psql, will find usql intuitive, easy-to-use, and a great replacement for the command-line clients/tools available for other databases.
SQL  cli  client  noSQL 
june 2018
Top 19 Headless CMS for Modern Publishers - 2018 | LinkedIn
A Headless CMS is a back-end only content management system (CMS) built from the ground up as a content repository that makes content accessible via a RESTful API for display on any device.
CMS  web-development  publishing  headless-CMS  showcase 
june 2018
lost infrastructure - IndieWeb
lost infrastructure is The Lost Infrastructure of Social Media a silo post by Anil Dash calling for indieweb-like tech.

This follows on from Paul Ford's article calling for more AMP infrastructure.
social-media  indieweb  reference 
june 2018
Jetpack's Privacy Policy Helper
If you are constructing a custom privacy policy for your WordPress-powered site that is running the Jetpack plugin, you can include the following feature-specific privacy information to better explain to your valued visitors how Jetpack may use their data and track activity.

You can toggle any of the features using the menu below so that you can customize the privacy information according to which features you currently have enabled.
policy  privacy  jetpack  GDPR  cookie-law  resources 
june 2018
16 Places To Buy A Laptop With Linux Preloaded - nixCraft
Here are sixteen places to buy a preinstalled Linux Desktop and Laptop.
linux  laptop  hardware  resources 
june 2018
HeidiSQL - MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL made easy
HeidiSQL is a useful and reliable tool designed for web developers using the popular MySQL server, Microsoft SQL databases and PostgreSQL. It enables you to browse and edit data, create and edit tables, views, procedures, triggers and scheduled events. Also, you can export structure and data either to SQL file, clipboard or to other servers.
database  software  windows  client  HeidiSQL 
june 2018
Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka® is a distributed streaming platform.
monitoring  apache  logging 
june 2018
How High Sierra checks your EFI firmware – The Eclectic Light Company
One of the better-hidden changes in High Sierra is its ability to check the integrity of the EFI firmware in your Mac. It is well-hidden, because it has been running quietly in every Mac which has been upgraded to High Sierra, yet very few users are aware of it, nor of its importance.
eficheck  EFI  firmware  Apple  mh  knowledge-base  High-Sierra 
june 2018
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