Notebooks & Ultrabooks - ASUS ZENBOOK UX305 - ASUS
a beautiful Windows-clone of Apple's MacBook Air
asus  laptop  hardware 
9 days ago
ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost
“I want to securely expose a local web server to the internet and capture all traffic for detailed inspection and replay.”
networking  development  tools  proxy  ssh  tunneling 
12 days ago
Skala Color, a Mac color picker by Bjango
Skala Color is a compact and feature-rich OS X color picker that works with a huge variety of formats, covering everything you’re likely to need for web, iOS, Android, and OS X development — Hex, CSS RGBA, CSS HSLA, UIColor, NSColor and more.
tools  software  mac  design  color 
15 days ago
Dev-ops tools by Richard Kraaijenhagen | ZEEF
Here is a collection of the greatest Dev-ops tools out there. Also very useful for normal development and debugging. Feel free to add your tools.
development  tools  devops  resources 
15 days ago
GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer
GoAccess is an open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems. It provides fast and valuable HTTP statistics for system administrators that require a visual server report on the fly.
tools  analytics  sysadmin  logs 
16 days ago
WordPress: Passare a Prettify per evidenziare il codice | Gioxx's Wall
l progetto “Prettify” che è disponibile pubblicamente su Google Code: code.google.com/p/google-code-prettify. Script più leggero, personalizzabile facilmente tramite CSS (anche se il default va già più che bene) e disponibile già in versione plugin per WordPress: wordpress.org/plugins/wp-code-prettify. Si utilizza tramite il tag “<pre>” al quale basterà aggiungere la classe “prettyprint”
wordpress  wp-plugins  code  CSS  tips 
16 days ago
Inoreader - Read the Internet in a single place.
An alternative to Google Reader and its clones…
reader  rss  feedreader 
26 days ago
Power Manager - Energy Saving and Automation for Mac OS X
Power Manager is Mac software that reduces a computer's energy costs. Power Manager lets you automate sophisticated tasks and improve your Mac's power management.
energy  software  mac  osx  utility 
5 weeks ago
automatically put in sleep, poweroff or trigger an event on your Mac
app  osx  mac  utility 
5 weeks ago
Just Write
Apps, extensions, books and other resources to help you write better and encourage you to write more.
by Evan Sims
writing  tools  software  showcase  resources 
5 weeks ago
The Mac app for Homebrew

Afraid to use the terminal but need that small program or tool? Cakebrew is for you too!
software  mac  homebrew  osx 
6 weeks ago
Pictura – Search Flickr inside Photoshop.
Locate and instantly use any image on Flickr, all without leaving your design environment. Need an image for your next commercial? Use our search options and find the one image you need.
flickr  design  plugin  photoshop 
6 weeks ago
Two-Factor Authentication | Authy
Authy protects people and the enterprise against malicious attack. Our Two-Factor Authentication security solution enables organizations to minimize risk while enhancing the user experience.
webdev  authentication  security  api 
6 weeks ago
Risoluzione & Dimesioni di un'immagine digitale. - ZMPHOTO
In questo articolo cercheremo di capire, prima di tutto, la terminologia adottata per definire le dimensioni e le caratteristiche principale di un'immagine e in secondo luogo vedremo cosa hanno a che fare sigle come dpi, ppi, o megapixel con una fotografia stampata.
grafica  fotografia  risorse  guide  italiano 
7 weeks ago
Trello + Pomodoro = Personal Kanban Bliss
Trello  Pomodoro  Kanban  GTD  productivity 
7 weeks ago
360 Total Security | Download Free Antivirus For Pc
More than Security, Lightening your PC
For Free, For Ever
antivirus  Windows  software  downloads 
8 weeks ago
Phabricator is a collection of open source web applications that help software companies build better software.
code  development  tools  programming 
8 weeks ago
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