Rogue Amoeba | Airfoil: Wireless audio around your house
Stream any audio from your Mac all around your network. Send music services like Spotify or web-based audio like Pandora wirelessly to all sorts of devices, including the Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Bluetooth speakers. You can even send to iOS devices and other computers.

Any audio on your Mac can now be heard throughout your house!
audio  music  software  osx  mac 
2 hours ago
RescueTime : Time management software for staying productive and happy in the modern workplace
Find your ideal work‑life balance.
With so many distractions and possibilities in your digital life, it's easy to get scattered.

RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive.
timetracking  productivity  tools  software 
8 hours ago
Learn CSS Grid - A Guide to Learning CSS Grid | Jonathan Suh
CSS Grid is a powerful tool that allows for two-dimensional layouts to be created on the web. This guide was created as a resource to help you better understand and learn Grid, and was organized in a way I thought made the most sense when learning it.
grid  tutorial  css  resources  learning 
2 days ago
The Complete React Native and Redux Course | Udemy
iOS and Android App Development from scratch - build fully native mobile apps ridiculously fast!
react  javascript  learning  courses  reference 
5 days ago
World's Easiest A/B and Split Testing Software - Visual Website Optimizer.
A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization Platform

Use VWO to tweak, optimize & personalize your website with minimal IT help.
testing  analytics  tools  marketing  A/B-testing 
6 days ago
Apple Pay hardware compatibility

In stores, within apps, and on the web in Safari*
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone SE


Within apps and on the web in Safari
iPad (5th generation)
iPad Pro (12.9-inch)
iPad Pro (9.7-inch)
iPad Air 2
iPad mini 4
iPad mini 3

Apple Watch

In stores and within apps, paired with iPhone 5 and later*
Apple Watch Series 2
Apple Watch Series 1
Apple Watch (1st generation)


On the web in Safari
MacBook Pro with Touch ID
A Mac model introduced in 2012 or later with an Apple Pay-enabled iPhone or Apple Watch
Apple-Pay  hardware  knowledge-base 
8 days ago
Omni Group Automation
OMNI-AUTOMATION.COM is a resource for information about the new automation support in the apps from <a href="https://www.omnigroup.com" target="_blank">The Omni Group</a>.

By default, all of the macOS versions of the Omni applications offer robust integrated AppleScript and JavaScript (JXA)* support for Apple Events scripting on the Mac. These excellent automation tools will continue to be integrated into every macOS version of Omni software.

And in addition, the Omni Group now offers integrated cross-platform JavaScript support for both the iOS and macOS versions of their popular productivity applications. Finally, the power of automation is available regardless of whether you use Omni tools on mobile devices, laptops, or desktops.
applescript  automation  javascript  JXA  macOS  iOS  Omni-Group  resources 
8 days ago
MailStore Home – Free Email Archiving and Backup for Home Users
MailStore Home lets you archive your private email from almost any email source and search through them extremely quickly.
archive  email  backup  software  MailStore 
9 days ago
Gmvault: gmail backup
Backup all your Gmail emails on disk.
Use the full sync mode to backup your entire gmail account in a unique directory. Your email backup repository can then be easily tarred and moved from one machine to the other.
archive  gmail  email  backup 
9 days ago
Logomak - Online free logo maker tool
Logomak is an online tool that brings thousands of color schemes and fonts into one library for quick browsing.
logo  brand  inspiration  tools 
9 days ago
Archetype, Digital Typography Design Tool by Our Own Thing, using Google web fonts
Paragraph: Archetype lets designers like you very quickly and easily create consistent typography styling and spacing live, in the browser. These styles are all underpinned by established typographic best practices meaning less guesswork and more harmonious designs.

Archetype helps you create a design system of consistent, reusable components which can be easily implemented as your finished design is exported as developer-friendly CSS so everyone's happy!
fonts  typography  resources  tools  design 
14 days ago
SourceTree | Free Git and Hg Client for Mac and Windows
SourceTree simplifies how you interact with your Git and Mercurial repositories so you can focus on coding. Visualize and manage your repositories through SourceTree's simple interface.
software  git  gui  windows  mercurial  code  coding  versioning 
19 days ago
Based upon the same engine that twice won Desk the “Best Apps of the Year”, mnml has all the tools you need to begin telling your story on Medium.
editor  Medium  client  John-Saddington 
20 days ago
CoSchedule for Professional Marketing Teams
Create a unified workflow for every project with CoSchedule’s all in one marketing calendar. Proactively plan out your entire roadmap, get real-time visibility, and maximize your resources inside a collaborative, cross-functional calendar for it all!
wordpress  wp-plugins  editorial  marketing 
21 days ago
Tad - A Desktop Viewer App for Tabular Data
Tad is a free (MIT Licensed) desktop application for viewing and analyzing tabular data.
tools  data  mac  tool  csv  macOS 
23 days ago
Vanilla — hide Mac menu bar icons for free
Hide menu bar icons on your Mac.
by Matthew Palmer
Vanilla  app  mac  macOS  menubar 
23 days ago
Restrict Content by Role — WordPress Plugins
if you have a WordPress website with multiple users and several User Roles defined,
and you wish to prevent certain User Roles from accessing certain pieces of content
(and sub-content) both publicly and within wp-admin, then this plugin is for you.
wordpress  wp-plugins  roles  restrictions 
25 days ago
NextScripts: Unique API/Automation Software for Social Networks Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Etc..
Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) is a uniqe technology that gives you an ability to automatically post your messages, posts or announcements to the most popular Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger/Blogspot, etc... SNAP is available as WordPress Plugin or as pure PHP API library.
wordpress  wp-plugins  POSSE  syndication 
25 days ago
Syndication Links — WordPress Plugins
It supports adding rel-syndication/u-syndication links to your posts and pages, indicating where a syndicated copy is. You can do this manually in the post UI, and some plugins support automatically adding their links as well.
wp-plugins  wordpress  POSSE  syndication 
25 days ago
Laravel Valet - Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans
Valet is a Laravel development environment for Mac minimalists. No Vagrant, no /etc/hosts file. You can even share your sites publicly using local tunnels. Yeah, we like it too.
Laravel  development  web-development  mac  macOS  Valet 
27 days ago
Bookmark OS | Unlock the potential of bookmarks
Organize, sort, and browse your bookmarks like files on your desktop and get folder suggestions powered by artificial intelligence.
bookmarking  bookmarks  tools 
27 days ago
Learn Version Control with Git
Learn Version Control with Git
A step-by-step course for the complete beginner
git  reference  resources  course  documentation  tutorials 
27 days ago
Hours - Time Tracking App Online
Sign up for Hours today and start tracking time on any device
timetracking  productivity  software 
28 days ago
Mad Mimi Email Marketing: Create, Send, And Track HTML Email Newsletters
Mad Mimi is the easiest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. Mad Mimi is for people who want email marketing to be simple. Every day, over 40 million emails are sent, shared and tracked using our delightful and powerful service.
email  tools  marketing  newsletter  api 
28 days ago
reCAPTCHA: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots
The new Google's reCAPTCHA (invisible to bots, readable by humans)
developer  tools  web-development  spam  captcha 
4 weeks ago
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