Review :: Various Artists – Farm Team |
omg potentially a ton of good shit (i like what i've heard so sensae, dead ghosts, the bloggers)
6 hours ago
Help! None of my projects want to be SPAs | Jason Goldstein
My strategy for dealing with the absurd pace of change in web development has been as follows: ignore 99% of it and see if it goes away.
The Magpie Developer
We fail (as an industry) when we try to come up with the all-singing, all-dancing applications framework to end all applications frameworks.
Ditching Medium | JJ's JavaScript Blog
For me this drastically changed what Medium was, it was no longer a medium for communication between independents, as the name implies, but rather yet another large business willing to use a community when it suits them, then throw them to the wayside when it comes to making money and hoping enough stick around for them to turn a profit. This could have been handled so much better.
5 weeks ago
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