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github  designsystem  styleguide 
1 hour ago
Strong community.
Powerful API.
A social network with
cookies, dance parties, and badges.
social  api  community 
5 days ago
Sass Guidelines
An opinionated styleguide for writing sane, maintainable and scalable Sass.
sass  styleguide  css 
5 days ago
The Open Source platform for Real Time Transit Info
opensource  api  transit 
5 days ago
Make Sales & Product meetings a win-win - Inside Intercom
The fortnightly sync has elevated the bond between Sales and Product to new heights at Intercom.

Not only are PM’s choosing to play a more active role in various sales cycles, but our senior Sales reps are also collecting more data-based product feedback than ever before. Additionally, we’re getting better at setting the right expectations with customers, and building things that strengthen our products’ ability to deliver on the jobs-to-be-done.
product  meetings  team  @4 
9 days ago
Probot | GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow
GitHub Apps to automate
and improve your workflow
Use pre-built apps to extend GitHub,
and easily build and share your own.
github  bot  javascript 
9 days ago
cuid | Cuid
Collision-resistant ids optimized for horizontal scaling and binary search lookup performance.

Currently available for Node, browsers, Ruby, .Net, Go, PHP and Elixir (see ports below – more ports are welcome).
javascript  web  architecture 
22 days ago
MIT licensed illustrations for every project you can imagine and create.
illustration  svg  icons 
27 days ago
Linqes - Manage and share your collection of bookmarks
Create an own Groups of your favourite content
and share with your friends or colleagues
service  social 
28 days ago
How I Got Hired by GitHub
I’ve been at GitHub for about half a year now, and I figured I’d make this a tradition. GitHub’s assignment was slightly different in scope. DigitalOcean asked for an actual redesign of a module, and I decided to take it the extra mile to impress them. GitHub, on the other hand, asked for a quick critique. It took considerably less time and the output wasn’t as impressive, but I think it spoke to my current priorities as a designer. GitHub’s hiring process has since changed.
github  design  hiring  @4 
28 days ago
Clarity Design System by VMware
UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components working together to craft exceptional experiences
design  styleguide 
4 weeks ago
hooks:data – Real World Data in Real Time API
Get updates as webhooks when something important happens about thousands of topics, like weather, sports, events, news... in a single API
api  service  webhook  idea  @4 
4 weeks ago
Tiny Wins
Low effort, high impact.
github  ui 
6 weeks ago
Citus Cloud Retrospective for 12/14/2017
On Thursday December 14th we experienced a service outage across all of Citus Cloud, our fully managed database as a service. This was our first system wide outage since we launched the service in April of 2016.
postgresql  saas  postmortem 
6 weeks ago
PostgreSQL Deep Dive: [翻訳] たった一つの設定変更が如何にしてクエリのパフォーマンスを50倍も改善したか (How a single PostgreSQL config change improved slow query performance by 50x)
このことから、私は random_page_cost と seq_page_cost の設定について考え始めました。PostgreSQLのデフォルトでは random_page_cost には 4 、seq_page_cost には 1 が設定されています。これはランダムアクセスの方がシーケンシャルアクセスよりもコストが高いハードディスクに合わせてチューニングされています。しかし、これらのコストは、我々がデプロイしている(AWSの)gp2 EBS ボリューム(SSDです)においては正確ではありません。我々のデプロイメント環境では、ランダムアクセスとシーケンシャルアクセスの性能はほぼ同じです。
postgresql  performance  tips 
7 weeks ago
service  visualization  bigdata 
7 weeks ago
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