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Transparency is superior to trust | chorasimilarity
Publishing, scientific publishing I mean, is simply irrelevant at this point. The strong part of Open Science, the new, original idea it brings forth is validation.

Sci-Hub acted as the great leveler, as concerns scientific publication. No interested reader cares, at this point, if an article is hostage behind a paywall or if the author of the article paid money for nothing to a Gold OA publisher.

Scientific publishing is finished. You have to be realistic about this thing.


Transparency is superior to trust—as long as some relevant person(s) actually exploit(s) the transparency. Look at how long that ssl flaw hung about in Debian, for example: https://pinboard.in/u:juliusbeezer/t:security/t:opensource/
That was all open code, utterly vital to the security of hordes of crucial servers run by the world's top-most geeks, and therefore, every internet user. But the problem sat there for two years, apparently.
That's an extreme example that did get fixed. Transparency is necessary yes, but unless it's actually backed by readers/critics/reviewers/coders/experts actually looking through the windowpane afforded by it, its value is only rhetorical.
It does mean that the guards can guard the guards and we can watch the guards guarding the guards though. Or maybe McGregor-Maywether.
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august 2017 by juliusbeezer
EMA policy on publication of and access to clinical-trial data»European Ombudsman
I should therefore be grateful if you could inform me, by 31 May 2014, about how EMA proposes to deal with requests for public access, submitted under Regulation 1049/2001, to clinical-trial data in the future. I would also very much appreciate it if you could explain to me the reasons, and the legal basis, for what appears to be an important change in direction as regards EMA's approach to transparency in this area.
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june 2014 by juliusbeezer
Open and Shut?: Let’s be open about Open Access
Richard Poynder goes in search of the shadowy author of a blog hosted at "openscience.com" who seems unnecessarily biased towards a world view that completely excludes discussion of Green OA. I point him to the sourcewatch wiki.

[update 19/4/17: interestingly now only a comment by Harnad remains below that post, with two evident spams. But it looks like Poynder has deleted mine nevertheless]
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october 2013 by juliusbeezer
Schneier on Security: Restoring Trust in Government and the Internet
Since the Snowden documents became public, I have been receiving e-mails from people seeking advice on whom to trust. As a security and privacy expert, I'm expected to know which companies protect their users' privacy and which encryption programs the NSA can't break. The truth is, I have no idea. No one outside the classified government world does. I tell people that they have no choice but to decide whom they trust and to then trust them as a matter of faith. It's a lousy answer, but until our government starts down the path of regaining our trust, it's the only thing we can do.
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august 2013 by juliusbeezer
[Open-access] Fwd: [GOAL] Re: Finding a business model for a growing Open AccessJournal
okfn oa list: on SCOAP3, the scope of biomedical publishing, journal business models, radical transparency
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march 2013 by juliusbeezer
George Monbiot – Registry of Interests
I believe that everyone who steps into public life should be obliged to show on whose behalf they are speaking: in other words who is paying them, and how much. I would like to see journalists, like MPs, become subject to a mandatory register of interests. But until that time I hope to encourage other journalists to declare the sources of their income voluntarily – by declaring mine.
july 2012 by juliusbeezer
George Monbiot – Going Naked
This is why I’ve declared my financial interests, and why I believe other journalists should do the same.
july 2012 by juliusbeezer
YouTube - Julian Assange: Is WikiLeaks Biased?
"the method is transparency, the goal is justice": nice clip of wikileaks founder Julian Assange giving it laldy chez des journalistes américains.
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june 2010 by juliusbeezer
Social Research Conference: Limiting Knowledge in a Democracy
twittered conference link, no clue if it's any good can't be bothered to read, material which I always swore I'd keep off my delicious account if humanly possible. But now it is not. I have cracked and posted this to "read later" (the most depressing tag on delicious i always think).
[update 05/01/12: only the title is interesting, nothing available to read]
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may 2010 by juliusbeezer
I couldn't possibly comment: An open, digital Iraq inquiry
I agree with you that the Chilcot enquiry should be maximally open.

However, I'm not sure you're right that the Hutton enquiry was groundbreaking in its openness. The enquiry into paediatric cardiac surgery in Bristol http://www.bristol-inquiry.org.uk/ led by Prof Ian Kennedy 1998-2001 had daily transcripts and much of the documentation online.
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july 2009 by juliusbeezer

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