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Blackout: the sequel | Energy Matters
Scotland has become a serial electricity importer as was to be expected. In Jan-Feb imports were 2,733 MWh. This has risen to 227,002 MWh in Oct-Nov (to date), an increase by a factor of 83.
Imports of 1000 MW or more are commonplace peaking at 2552 MW on 23 November following the reactor trip at Torness.
Oct-Nov was less windy than Jan-Feb, which was particularly stormy and wind never got close to the presumed 3500 MW curtailment level (dashed line lower panel). However, exports seem to be curtailed at a lower level of 2600 MW. This is difficult to explain other than wind did not get above this level.
Exports and wind output are still correlated but with one notable exception. From 11 to 17 Nov there was a block of exports not correlated with windy conditions. We can speculate that it was windy in Scotland but not in England at this time.
The reactor trip at Torness was followed by a sudden fall in wind, which just goes to show how events can conspire against grid integrity.
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november 2016 by juliusbeezer
Downing St dressing-down shows Barwell’s out of his depth | Inside Croydon
the majority of his constituents, a growing number of whom are homeless and unable even to get a council home to rent because of the Thatcherite housing policies of the past 35 years.

Barwell has described the homelessness crisis as “a moral shame on us”. But he has yet to show any willingness to address the fundamental issue: the need to build many more homes, and that these homes should be available to be lived in by people who are not fortunate through accidents of birth to be heirs to small fortunes.
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(59) Débat houleux aux Communes sur les frappes en Syrie - Libération
Reste le parti du Labour, profondément divisé sur la question. Son dirigeant, le très pacifiste Jeremy Corbyn, qui a demandé à David Cameron d’assurer qu’une intervention aérienne ne sera pas suivie par une intervention au sol - ce que ce dernier a confirmé - votera sans aucun doute contre les frappes.
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