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The Bad News and Good News, if you want to be Holland.
The bad news is that, short of a zombie apocalypse changing the planet’s demographics in ways we can’t even imagine, your country will never have a 25% bike modal share, or rates above 60% in city centres, as the Netherlands does. Our countries were already quite different (ours having hills) but really parted ways in the wake of the war...

Like a lot of countries in Europe, the Dutch were left broke. So while we were pouring the boom-time surplus into freestanding houses outside of our cities, they were patching holes in city centres.

Suburban development was further resisted in the Netherlands due to their unique shortage of farmland. So where the Sydney region, for example, has housing on land without any rail service (all the land coloured black on the following map)…
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november 2017 by juliusbeezer
Reverse Pedalling « LRB blog
Like any aggressive raptor species, cyclists colonise the surrounding space. Unlike cars or scooters (which are also allowed to use the cycle lanes), they bring pedestrians a whispering death whose advent is heralded only by the shriek of their back-pedalling brakes. One night in Rotterdam I was nearly chopped in two, vertically, by a speeding, lightless roadster; he seemed to think it was my fault. It’s a mentality thing. The Dutch media harp on constantly about cyclists’ rights, as though they’re downtrodden rather than top dogs.
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november 2014 by juliusbeezer
More Thoughts from the Netherlands | Town Mouse
It’s actually quite stressful to cycle in Amsterdam, due to all the bikes. We’re not really used to sharing our cycle paths with anything other than the odd dog walker and maybe another cyclist coming the other way.
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july 2014 by juliusbeezer

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