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I define my usage of the internet into two epochs: before and after Google, so I am a fan.

BUT: when I search Google I expect to find content that is freely and fully downloadable as is the norm on the web.

Increasingly I have found the top links on some searches are unsatisfactory because they require subscription or registration, neither of which I desire.

If I do subscribe to online content, it will be because I decide a resource is valuable to me on a long term basis, and not because I lighted there once after a Google search.

I do NOT want pay-for content in my top search results on a routine Google search. I want, for philosophical and political reasons, to find only content that is world-readable, because that is the only content I want to cite. To put it another way, I want to be as ignorant as everyone else.

If too much pay-for content arrives in the top-ranked links following a Google search (and this seems to happening increasingly) I will use one of the many other search engines available.

I think you know this, and it keeps you straight, but I am concerned fiduciary pressures will corrupt you one day, and I assure you I follow the issue closely.
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december 2009 by juliusbeezer

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