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Dieselgate: les eurodéputés estiment que Volkswagen n'est pas le seul à tricher - Challenges.fr
Malgré la diversité de leurs tendances politiques, les eurodéputés membres de la commission EMIS s'accordent en effet à dire que les constructeurs automobiles aussi bien que les États-membres de l'Union européenne contreviennent à la réglementation communautaire. Les premiers parce qu'ils ne respectent pas l'obligation qui leur est faite de produire des véhicules dont les émissions sont inférieures aux seuils légaux en conditions réelles d'utilisation ; les seconds du fait de leur incapacité à faire en sorte que leurs constructeurs nationaux respectent la loi.

Les eurodéputés critiquent ouvertement aussi la Commission européenne sinon pour son laxisme, du moins pour son manque d'empressement à demander un surcroît d'information aux États-membres.
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Six Volkswagen executives charged with fraud over emissions cheating | Business | The Guardian
Six former Volkswagen executives are being charged over their alleged roles in the 2015 emissions scandal, as the company admits liability and is ordered to pay a record $4.3bn (£3.5bn) penalty, US officials have said.

The men are accused of running a near decade-long conspiracy during their time at the firm and are being charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, violations of the Clean Air Act, and wire fraud, the US attorney general Loretta Lynch said on Wednesday.

“These individuals all held positions of significant responsibility at VW, including overseeing the company’s engine development division and serving on the company’s management board,” she said, adding that they had “seriously abused those positions”.
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European commission guilty of 'negligence' over diesel defeat devices, says draft report | Environment | The Guardian
Despite the VW scandal, 27 of the EU’s 28 states have taken neither financial nor legal action against car manufacturers, nor made mandatory recalls or retrofits of vehicles, nor withdrawn type approvals.

Sweden, the sole exception, began running an in-service test programme before it became an EU member in 1995.

France, Italy and Spain were spotlighted by the report for delaying real-world driving emissions standards and pushing for less stringent testing methods.

The dieselgate report condemned what it said was a standard reliance by national regulators on tests provided by car manufacturers’ certified laboratories that created potential conflict of interests.

Gerbrandy said: “Governments disregarded their legal duty to monitor and enforce the ban on defeat devices. There seems to be a blind trust in the good intentions of car manufacturers, especially when they have production plants in the country concerned.
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Scandale du diesel : tout le monde savait... et continuait à polluer - L'Obs
les députés ont constaté que la plupart des pays européens s’étaient lavé les mains depuis des années de tous les contrôles des émissions polluantes. Seuls les pays concernés par les emplois des usines, ou par la pollution avaient été actifs à Bruxelles ce qui explique sans doute aussi la légèreté des règles et des contrôles existants : c’est la Grande-Bretagne, les Pays-Bas, l’Allemagne, la France, le Danemark et l’Espagne, et eux seulement, qui ont fait les règlements européens sur le sujet, et qui ont donné une grande latitude aux constructeurs. Ce sont eux qui ont privilégié les intérêts de l’industrie, et de l’emploi, sur la santé publique. Et pour le moment, rien n’a changé ni à Bruxelles, ni dans aucun des pays concernés.
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As Mayor, I'm calling on VW to reimburse the £2.5 million lost in congestion charge revenue.…
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november 2016 by juliusbeezer
One year on, Dieselgate is a disturbing warning sign about the EU’s house bank – EurActiv.com
EU's bank lent €€€ to help to clean up its act. Now it looks like this cash was used to devise emissions fiddle
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september 2016 by juliusbeezer
VW’s US chief knew of emissions issue for 18 months - FT.com
Volkswagen’s US chief executive knew about a potential problem with the company’s compliance with emissions tests as long as 18 months before the company informed regulators about the issue, he will tell US lawmakers on Thursday.
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october 2015 by juliusbeezer
Energy Outlook: What the Congressional Hearing on VW Missed
Mr. Horn's response to a question about the timeline for attempting to fix the company's non-complying diesel cars from model years 2009-2015.

He explained that the affected models included three generations of engine and emissions treatment technology. The oldest, which he described as "Gen-1" would be the hardest to fix and was clearly not amenable to merely updating the engine management software to remove the "defeat device" code. However, he also indicated that the newest generation might be fixed in exactly that way. That's because they already incorporate the Selective Catalytic Reduction and urea technology used in bigger, more expensive models.
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october 2015 by juliusbeezer
Not just emissions: manufacturers' dirty tricks fake everything about cars / Boing Boing
Worst of all, though, is that once this charade has produced a claim as to the car’s efficiency, no one checks whether it is true or not. In America, too, carmakers are responsible for their own tests. But there the EPA goes on to acquire vehicles at random for testing at a later date, to see if the cars on sale to the public live up to the claims. If the numbers do not match up substantial fines can follow. In 2014 Hyundai-Kia was fined $300m for misstating fuel-economy figures. Europe has no such system for punishing those who transgress. As a result more than half Europe’s claimed gains in efficiency since 2008 have been “purely theoretical”, says T&E. And the industry as a whole has developed a gaming attitude to tests and regulations that it should take seriously. As Drew Kodjak of the ICCT observes, VW’s activities in America are part of a pattern of behaviour that the “European system created”.
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september 2015 by juliusbeezer
VW scandal caused nearly 1m tonnes of extra pollution, analysis shows | Environment | The Guardian
And as European fleet is 50% diesel (cf US=3%) emissions conspiracy will've had ~10x absolute effect in EU:
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september 2015 by juliusbeezer
Everything We Know About the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal - Motor Trend
Volkswagen AG engineers admitted to the deception on September 3, 2015, after the EPA and CARB refused to certify 2016 Volkswagen and Audi four-cylinder diesel models for sale until the issue was resolved. According to the notice, Volkswagen AG engineers wrote two different programs into the engine computer, one for use during emissions testing and one for use at all other times. Additional software would monitor “various inputs including the position of the steering wheel, vehicle speed, the duration of engine operation and barometric pressure” in order to determine when the car was undergoing emissions testing. During a test, it would run the “dyno calibration,” which put emissions controls such as the lean NOx trap (all models) and selective catalyst reduction (AdBlue urea injection, 2012+ Passat only) into full effect. After testing, the computer would revert to the “road calibration,” which turned off the emissions controls resulting in more power and better real-world fuel economy, but at the expense of NOx emissions 10-40 times higher than the legal limit.
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